Designer Trend: Quick Room Refreshes With Distinctive Hardware

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Published on November 17, 2016

When you’re craving a room refresh, switching up the hardware on your cabinetry and casegoods is an easy way to shift the tone of your space. It’s the best kind of DIY project because it doesn’t even require a YouTube tutorial!

We’ve gathered up some of our favorite hardware collections on the market and the trends you’re bound to start noticing (and loving). Is your screwdriver handy?

Distinctive Hardware To Refresh Your Space

1. For the classic type


West Elm

In recent years, brass hardware has made a comeback that’s hard to ignore. Chances are you’ve seen it everywhere… twice. For those that avoid anything too trendy and lean classical: good news! Polished nickel is one of our favorite new metallics when it comes to hardware. Polished nickel has warmer undertones than chrome, helping to fight off that sterile, clinical look that can accompany silver hardware. Whether a cabinet knob or drawer pull, there are options in sleek or decorative styles.

2. For the eclectic

If you categorize your style as eclectic, you have endless options when it comes to most design decisions, especially hardware. Furniture from big-box stores often come with generic hardware, usually in a brushed nickel. Simply changing the knobs on your dresser or desk drawer can change the look, feel and will make almost anything look more expensive. To play up an eclectic style, look for something that’s inherently different than the material and color of the piece. If your dresser is walnut, consider brass hardware in a unique shape. If your desk is white, black and Ikea all over, consider leather or cement knobs to add a contrasting texture.

3. For the Modern

Dwell Studio

Mid-century modern style came, went and came back again, going on years. If you like an updated, modern feel in your home, there have never been more options for hardware to feels and looks new, but hints at the past. Regardless of the furniture piece, look for hardware that has simple lines and shapes.

Options at your local hardware store can be limiting, our favorite retailers for beautiful and unique hardware collections are Rejuvenation and Schoolhouse Electric, both available online. If you need a designer’s eye in choosing new hardware for a piece, download the Havenly mobile app and chat with a designer for free, available in the Apple Store.

Eye-Catching Hardware Roundup


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