3 Places in Your Home to Organize Right Now

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WORDS BY The Havenly Team

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Published on January 16, 2019

junk drawer

Okay, we know this is a classic. But it’s a classic for a reason! The junk drawer is the perfect *small task* to get your organization spree started. Hopefully it will inspire you to do more! Here’s what to concentrate on:

  • Truthfully evaluate what you use and need. If you haven’t found a use for that free coozie in a year, pitch it.
  • Smaller compartments are your friend. A silverware divider is a great way to contain pens/paper clips/all that other stuff you just can’t get rid of.
  • Consider getting rid of your junk drawer altogether! A radical proposition, we know. But if you find a place for everything you want to keep, you have a whole new drawer to use for something you actually need.
organized medicine cabinet

If there’s one disorganized place you encounter every day, it’s likely your medicine cabinet. Time to get that small (but impactful) space looking good for all of your #shelfies! Here’s what we advise:

  • First, throw away all of the old makeup/facewash/body wash/ perfume samples that you don’t use. Old and crusty = not in your newly organized cabinet. Seriously, it’s a health hazard anyway.
  • Organize by type: group skincare, makeup, and oral care separately. Take things out of bulky containers where possible— consolidate your Q-tips and floss into a small, reusable container. Same for hair clips and makeup brushes. Contain the clutter!
  • Add a fun touch! Whether you tape up a few photos on the inside of the mirror, or add a fun wallpaper backing, create a moment of  delight for yourself. Your mornings will be just a bit brighter if you can make yourself smile during your usual routine!
organized shoes

Our final low-hanging organizational spot is, well, the shoe spot. It could be a closet, a hallway, or a cubby. Whatever it is, we all have one and it probably needs some help. Clean it up by:

  • You know where this is going. Get rid of the shoes you don’t wear! Donate them, just get them out of your space. If it’s been a year, your probably won’t wear them next year either.
  • Again, you know what’s coming next. Group like with like! Boots with boots, sneakers with sneakers, etc. etc. Do your grouping in a different space to get a feel for how many pairs of kicks you’ll need to fit in your designated space.
  • Create a space for less-worn shoes (your fancy heels or winter boots) that is less accessible than your everyday wears. That way, you’ll never have to dig in the back of your closet for your running sneaks!

Once you’ve tackled these three basic spaces, you might just be ready for more! Remember that organization is a process and no one is perfect. But with a little sorting, containing, and thought about the way you actually use your space, you’ll be feeling fresh and new for 2019.

Words by Kate Connors