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Pop Quiz– What home decor accent do you see in more design mags and real life homes than any other?  I’d put money on the fact that it’s the sheepskin throw / rug.  It’s generally a neutral hue, it’s gloriously cozy and most important of all, it’s incredibly versatile.  The sheepskin throw can appear in any room of any home of any aesthetic — hence its ubiquity in interior design.  Some of you have requested design tips for styling and purchasing your sheepskin throws, and though you really can’t go wrong, we’re here to help!  Below we’ve highlighted 3 ways to utilize and style the sheepskin throw in your home…

#1: On seating of any kind – accent chair, bench, stool, sofa, you name it.

Hard wooden bench in your breakfast nook?  Accent chairs a little more form than function?   Throw a sheepskin on it, and you’ll never complain again (at least not about the seat!).  Yes, a seat cushion could get the same job done, but there’s something about the amorphous sheepskin that keeps the vibe casual and effortless.

Untitled design (8)

Image via Owens + Davis

Now, let’s talk about seating that is already comfortable…..your sofa or any item with an existing seat cushion.  Many an upholstered sofa has been saved from dirt, denim dye and debris via a sheepskin throw (or two) strewn across the seat.  The fur on sheepskin is incredibly durable and more resistant to wear and tear than most upholstery.  If your throw starts to look a little tired or dingy, fluff it with a comb– good as new.

Pet Lover’s Note: Don’t have the heart to dismiss Fido from the sofa?  He’ll love a fluffy sheepskin even more than your upholstery (and you’ll save hundreds in upholstery cleaning fees).

#2: On the foot of a bed…

Love the crisp, clean look of all white bedding?  Go for it– but layer in a texture of some kind to keep things from feeling too one dimensional.  We love the idea of a longer, narrower sheepskin at the foot of the bed.

Untitled design (8) copy

Image via The Tao of Dana

This last one might be another kind of animal hide…but you get the picture!

#3: On the floor…

Can you think of a nicer greeting for your poor, cold, tired feed when you get out of bed in the morning?  Warm up hardwood or tile floors with a sheepskin throw/ rug– large or small.  They have such a unique, wispy texture that they also layer very nicely atop flat, coarse/fibrous materials (like a flat weave or sisal rug).  Sheepskin throws have this wonderful organic shape and fluffy, cloud-like pile.  They add a lovely downiness to interiors that otherwise might feel a little cold (ie. in more modern/ stark interiors or those devoid of color, etc).

Untitled design (8) copy 2

Image via Style Me Pretty Living

Our favorite sources for sheepskin rugs?  Pottery Barn has a lovely high quality option.  There are also a number of individual resellers on Etsy (including those selling the longer-haired Icelandic sheep variety).

Where will you incorporate a sheepskin throw in your home?

xx, Alana

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