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Your room should be as attractive as you are.

Let us help you decorate your place. One very low flat fee. No minimums or commitments.


One flat fee gets you your very own interior designer.

  • Hand picked decorating suggestions by one of our vetted interior designers.
  • 2 rounds of concept revisions to allow you to get your perfect room.
  • 1 custom full room rendering to help you visualize your room.
  • Purchasing and coordination of delivery for all the online items you like.


The price of the items we recommend for you depend on your budget and needs. Here's a sampling.


Sofas usually cost between $1,500-7,000+


Coffee tables can run you $200-2,000


Large rugs usually go from $300-3000


Lighting ranges from $30-500+

We work with nearly all major retailers, as well as brands that are exclusive to designers to find you exactly what you need.


Whether you stare longingly at your ever-growing pinterest page, or you just want someone to take care of decorating for you - we get it.

Meet the team.

Lee Mayer

Lee Mayer

Co-Founder/Doer of Stuff

Lee is a Denver resident who misses the East Coast (more specifically, NYC). She was formerly a VP at Bankrate, a consultant at Bain, and worked in strategy and corporate dev. at Canon. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School and graduated from Columbia University.

Lee is the shortest member of the Havenly team (clocking in at an impressive five feet-and-three-quarters-inches) but has more parking tickets than the rest of the team combined. She loves wine, fatty meats, and karaoke (not always together), finds inordinate joy in setting people up, and is most often found wearing tween friendly clothing.

Emily Motayed

Emily Motayed


Emily grew up in the suburbs of DC (with Lee!), but is currently a nomad hauling her large collection of 4.5" heels between Denver and NYC. She was formerly at American Express and Huron Consulting Group. Emily has a B.A. from Vanderbilt University.

She seems very smiley but hates lots of things including: camping, ketchup, Toyota Priuses, those green kale juices, eggs, and everything else. Things she likes include: mini bottles of flavored vodka, the Domino's pizza tracker app, and free soft t-shirts.

Shelby Girard

Shelby Girard

Director of Design Operations/Finder of Pretty Things

Shelby lives in Chicago by way of St. Louis and NYC. She worked in residential interior design before joining Havenly. She has a BA from NYU and her Masters in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design.

She enjoys antique shopping and fancy cocktails with equally fancy names. Shelby has redecorated her apartment approximately 23.35 times in the past year- her boyfriend got in the way of #24, but she continues to plan out her next two revisions.

Alana Highberger

Alana Highberger

Creative Director/Blogger Extraordinaire

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Alana currently resides in her hometown of Houston, Texas. She served as the Founding Director of education nonprofit,, for the past five years and maintains a position on their Board of Advisors.

Alana has an unhealthy yet happy addiction to design blogs, Pinterest, Kirby (her Norwich Terrier), and Mindy Kaling. Her humidity defying hair is also the most valued member of the Havenly team - it has had many sonnets written about its luxuriance. Get to know her on Twitter (@thehavenly), Facebook (, and the Havenly Blog (
(888)978-3152. M-F 8a-5p EST.

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