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Published on February 27, 2016

Life is like a box of… everything. And you know what? We want to experience all of it. Seriously, if anyone thought that we were going to pick one style and be content with it, they’ve got a lot to learn! So if you’re like us in your inability to stick to one particular style, consider going eclectic with a blend of accents, inspirations and styles from across the home design board. This comfortably eclectic living room design should hold you over until your next style craving.

Satisfy Your Style Craving With An Eclectic Living Room Design

Shop The Look: Comfortably Eclectic

Above: There’s no style quite like an eclectic style, and that’s because the eclectic style draws on a range of influences. This particular eclectic living room embraces variety by working a few alluring styles into one design:

[df_row][col-md-4] 1. Modern design makes its mark in this living room through the clean lines and sparse aesthetic seen in the couch, coffee table and end table. [/col-md-4][col-md-4] 2. Nuances of a bohemian pad are echoed in this room’s Oriental rug-upholstered bench [/col-md-4][col-md-4_last] 3. Tangerine tones and geometric patterns make these throw pillows the perfect glam acecent for this eclectic space. [/col-md-4_last][/df_row]

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