5 Bedroom Organization Ideas You Absolutely Need In Your Life

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WORDS BY Sara Watson

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Published on September 21, 2021

The bedroom is your retreat. A place of respite at the end of a long day. Or at least it should be. But when real life invariably gets in the way, even the most peaceful bedroom can become anything, well, but. Piles of laundry, empty cups (or maybe half-full ones), papers, purses… sound familiar? If your once-tranquil bedroom is feeling overcrowded, consider adding one — or all five — of these interior designer-approved bedroom organization ideas.

Invest in a Bed Frame with Storage

If you’re tight on space, a storage bed frame is one of the best investments you can make. They often feature several drawers (usually four or six) to give you extra space when you don’t have a large closet or room for a dresser. They’re also great for guest rooms: a storage bed is perfect for storing extra pillows, bedding, or seasonal odds and ends.

storage bed

Style with Bins and Baskets

We love a two-for-one when it comes to bedroom organization ideas. Storage bins or baskets are not only stylish additions to any space but they add functional storage. They’re also a wonderful option if you’re not able to hide your laundry bin in a closet — a lidded basket can easily be styled in your bedroom as a functional object d’art. Baskets and bins are also excellent for kids’ rooms to help keep things clean and tidy. Discover the best baskets, as voted on by 800+ designers in our Havenly Design Awards, here.

lidded basket

Try a Sneaky Storage Ottoman or Bench

Ottomans and benches are classic bedroom staples that look gorgeous at the foot of the bed or in that odd, empty corner. These pieces offer a place to set out your outfit for the next day or a spot to sit and tie your shoes. Even better? An ottoman or bench that pulls double-duty as storage, too. Usually designed with a hidden hinge at the back, these pieces for bedroom organization are a perfect place to store shoes, extra linens, or seasonal items like that bulky, cable knit sweater you’re never getting rid of.

storage bench

Don't Underestimate Under the Bed

Pro tip: You don’t need a special storage bed frame to store items under the bed. Your bed is probably taking up the largest footprint in the bedroom, and there’s a lot of space underneath to slide long, low storage bins. Clear plastic bins are affordable, air-tight and allow you to easily spot your items when you need them. If you’re not into the idea of visible bins or boxes, opt for a tailored, streamlined bedskirt (no ruffles, please!) to keep items tastefully out of sight.

under the bed storage

Upgrade Your Nightstands

Depending on the size of your bedroom, a larger nightstand or two could make all the difference. If space allows, opt for a small, three-drawer dresser or bachelor’s chest instead of the usual nightstand. Best paired with a queen or king bed for appropriate scale, these oversized nightstands can provide tons of extra storage — and a place to set your latest Reese’s Book Club page-turner while you sleep. If you’re in the market for a new nightstand with storage, consider some of these award-winning faves.

storage nightstands

We all deserve a beautiful, functional bedroom. Start with our style quiz to see what bedroom simply speaks to you.

Words by Sara Watson