Benjamin Moore White Dove: Why Our Designers Love This Shade

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WORDS BY Erica Buehler

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Published on September 22, 2020

White may be the most interesting color because of all it can offer. A multipurpose color whose possibilities in the home are utterly endless. Where you see a “bunch of whites,” we see an entire range of hues and undertones, with no two shades the same. Like every other white that Benjamin Moore produces, Benjamin Moore White Dove is its own unique combination of lights and darks, warmth and coolness. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect white, there are a few things to consider: are you looking for something soft and warm, or crisp and cool? Are you using it for an entire room, or to emphasize trim? What other colors and textures will exist in the space?

Luckily, Benjamin Moore White Dove can be the perfect shade for any of the above uses, plus a whole lot more. This contemporary neutral lends itself to every need for a slightly softer white—whether it be incorporating a classic shade into your farmhouse aesthetic or balancing a space with some light color. Its versatility makes it an ideal shade for whatever use you’re looking for.

Havenly designer Heather Goerzen particularly likes White Dove for a cozy, transitional bedroom vibe. “I’m drawn most to White Dove as it’s a soft and classic white with warm undertones,” she explains.

Offset the warmth of Benjamin Moore White Dove with some really crisp, white linens and cooler-toned accents to create a ton of dimension all within the same color palette. Note Georzen’s use here of not only crisp whites, but also more warm tones in wood, fabric, and decor to achieve that cozy look. 

For those looking for a softer white for moldings or trim, Benjamin Moore White Dove is also a great choice. As an example, consider these uses of the soft white shade for fireplace trim and kitchen accents, creating a space that’s “light and luminous,” as Benjamin Moore puts it (and we 100% agree).

If you’re looking for some other spectacular neutrals to complement this all-time, multifaceted white, check out Our Top 10 Benjamin Moore Neutral Paint Colors for some color and design inspiration—there’s even a few other white shades listed that we love, if you’re going for a look similar to Goerzen’s light-and-airy bedroom.

Words by Erica Buehler