Benjamin Moore White Dove: Why Our Designers Love This Shade

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on March 7, 2023

There are a million white paints out there (or at least, that’s what feels like). So when it comes time to choose the one that’s right for your project, it can feel downright impossible. But our designers are here to share the secrets of the trade: The neutral white they turn to again and again is Benjamin Moore White Dove.

When it comes to choosing the perfect white, there are a few things to consider: are you looking for something soft and warm, or crisp and cool? Are you using it for an entire room, or to emphasize trim? What other colors and textures will exist in the space?

Benjamin Moore White Dove can be the perfect shade for any of the above uses, plus a whole lot more. 

Why is Benjamin Moore White Dove a designer favorite?

Benjamin Moore White Dove

This contemporary neutral lends itself to every need for a slightly softer white. Thanks to its versatility, our designers reach for it again and again. “You can use it in the kitchen or laundry room for cabinetry, on walls, or trim,” says Havenly designer Toussaint Derby. “It truly looks great on just about any surface of your home.”

Havenly designer Heather Goerzen particularly likes White Dove for a cozy, transitional bedroom vibe. “I’m drawn most to White Dove as it’s a soft and classic white with warm undertones,” she says. She recommends offseting the warmth of Benjamin Moore White Dove with crisp, white linens and cooler-toned accents to create a ton of dimension all within the same color palette.

Is Benjamin Moore White Dove warm or cool?

Benjamin Moore White Dove

White Dove is a rare “Goldilocks” hue — it’s a white paint that is equally warm and cool. That’s what makes it so versatile! It doesn’t read yellow, and while it does have a soft, creamy undertone, it never feels dingy.

Which colors go well with Benjamin Moore White Dove?

Benjamin Moore White Dove

This paint color can go well with just about any hue, but it’s especially well-suited to sophisticated “new neutrals” like deep blues, gray-blues, charcoal (like one of our other favorites, Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal), greiges, and olive tones.

Benjamin Moore White Dove in the Living Room

Benjamin Moore White Dove

White Dove is the perfect color for your living room whether you want a monochromatic beige wonderland, or if like this homeowner, you want to bring some color in. The neutral wall color sets the tone for the furnishings to shine bright — yet the white walls don’t feel neglected or “unfinished.” Rather, they make the space feel sunny and open.

Benjamin Moore White Dove in the Dining Room

Benjamin Moore White Dove

A mostly white palette can create a surprisingly intimate space. In this dining room, Benjamin Moore White Dove looks luxe on wainscoting and trim — which can help create a calming and elevated setting for your next dinner party.

Benjamin Moore White Dove in the Bedroom

Benjamin Moore White Dove

We love how chic this space is with its olive, black, and ivory color palette. White Dove is a great foundation for a light and airy bedroom — the neutral tone pairs perfectly well with warmer toned creams and ivories. Perfect for creating a relaxing environment!

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski