Transform Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on December 10, 2020

Our bedrooms are arguably one of the most important rooms in the house. We spend nearly one third of our life sleeping, and these days, probably more time in bed than ever between Netflix marathons and book binges instead of going out on the town. But the bedroom is so much more than a place to lay our heads. It holds all the power to change our moods, grant us rest and peace, and leave us refreshed and ready for the day ahead. 

As the world around us seems to dissolve into disarray, we are gravitating toward cozy, calm spaces now more than ever. Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of solace with these design tips.

Seek Simplicity

Step one to creating the bedroom of your (sweet) dreams is ridding it of all clutter so you can focus on its purpose: relaxation and rejuvenation. Purge bookshelves, dresser tops, and drawers of anything and everything unnecessary—old clothes, needless knick knacks, untouched novels, and your old coin collection. While you’re at it, organize your closet. Keeping your space neat and clean results in a clearer, more relaxed mind.  

When considering art and accessories to outfit the room, think minimalistic. In this case, less is certainly more. Keep wall adornments to a few cherished photographs or pieces of art that evoke a sense of calm or hang strategically placed mirrors to refract light around the room for a brighter, more spacious looking space. And, when deciding upon bedding, rugs, or wallpaper, use patterns strategically—we recommend opting for contrasting textures over multiple patterns to keep busyness at bay.

Go for Better Bedding

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway)—the bed is the most important feature of any blissful bedroom. And, since quality sleep is so crucial to our health and well-being, investing in a comfortable mattress is one of the best purchases you’ll make. Supportive pillows designed for your sleep style are also a worthy buy so you can bid achy backs goodbye. 

Further the cozy vibes by topping your bed with plush accent pillows and draping a throw blanket over the end to ward off chilly nights. Select a soft duvet and smooth sheets to slide under at the end of a long day. For studios or if you’re going for a more boho look, a canopy draped dreamily over the bed creates a cocoon over your sacred sleep space. 

Kill the Lights

When it comes to setting the mood, nothing holds a candle to lighting. A soft, warm glow creates a relaxing environment better suited for de-stressing and sleep. Try table and floor lamps placed by the nightstand or over a chair and keep from flicking on the harsher overhead light. If you want a bit more control over brightness, install a dimmer switch. For smaller spaces, wall sconces placed bedside illuminate your reading material while leaving more table space on your nightstands.

While in your sanctuary, a gentle candlelight flicker can melt your cares away. To avoid the risk of fire, LED candles with a remote control sets a sultry mood with just the click of a button. Salt rock lamps and strings of fairy lights also cast a warming glow.

Calm Through Colors

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to change the tone of your space is through paint. Your walls hold the power to evoke a sense of calm through the palette you pick. Blue is said to be a peaceful color, and neutrals are also a safe bet. Avoid overly vibrant or darkened colors which may make the space feel smaller and more closed in, instead selecting more subdued shades like dove gray, cream, and off-white. Keep in mind stark white may appear too harsh.

When it comes to picking color, it really is about personal preference. A deep forest green may make you feel all the feels while gray speaks softly to someone else.


Feed your senses with a variety of textures scattered about your bedroom. Burying your feet in a plush rug is a welcoming feeling—especially when stepping out of bed on winter mornings—and soft bedding establishes a welcoming place to land at the end of the day.

Organic elements such as wood and woven mats or rattan chairs conjure up the peacefulness of nature while contrasting beautifully with fur blankets and cotton linens.

Down to the Details

The final touch for turning your bedroom into a tranquil retreat comes down to the details and décor. Potted plants and nature-inspired imagery in your wall art breathes life into your space. And as we’ve mentioned before, plants have been known to purify the air and improve your mood—perfect for those less-than-ideal days. Try a potted palm in the corner for beachy vibes. Snake plants and succulents are great options for those of us who lack a green thumb, and a simple vine clipping placed in a glass bottle or jar is an easy way to bring a bit of the outside in. 

Details and decorating also include what not to bring back into your sanctuary. There seems to be two camps when it comes to television sets in the bedroom—those firmly against it, and those for it. We dare you to try going tech-free in your bedroom for a few weeks, especially if you’ve struggled with sleep lately. Keep phones plugged in in the kitchen and relegate laptops to the home office (which may be your kitchen table). This sets the precedent that your bed is for sleeping—and take back hours lost to social media scrolling and Netflix binging. 

Words by Avery Johnson