From Drawer Dividers to Cord Boxes: 16 Genius Organization Products We Love

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on February 1, 2022

Whether you’re type A to your core or a classic free-flowing type B, there’s something universally satisfying about an immaculate home. Not only does a clean, organized space aid in productivity (particularly if you work from home), there’s psychological evidence that de-cluttering your surroundings can actually improve your mental health.

“We always take organization into consideration when designing a space,” says Havenly lead designer Heather Goerzen. “Having an organizational system in place makes a home feel calm, relaxed, and most importantly, functional.”

organizational hacks

True to form, our designers have a hit list of home organization products they swear by (more on that below). Before you sprint to the Container Store or hit up California Closets, it’s incredibly important to do a deep edit of your current home inventory.

“A good, deep clean will set the stage for success and ensure that your organizational updates actually last,” adds Goerzen. “Identify pain points in your home where clutter abounds, sell or donate items you no longer need or use, and de-clutter closets, pantries, cupboards, and the like.”

Now for the fun part: optimizing and improving your existing storage with aesthetically-pleasing, life-altering products (it sounds dramatic, but it’s true). Shop our designer favorites below. Our homes would be chaos without them.

1. Organize your drawers with dividers

You have our word: drawer organizers will change your life. Rather than hunting through a cluttered drawer in search of that specific kitchen utensil or matching sock, inexpensive drawer dividers and baskets create some much-needed order and flow.

2. Don't sleep on stackable shelves

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Tower Stackable Kitchen Rack, Set of 2 ($56)

Fortunately, the same principal applies to your shelving. Budget-friendly products like these stackable racks are perfect for linens, blankets, clothing, spices, canned goods, pantry essentials, and more.

3. Use decorative bowls as catch-alls

organizational hacksDecorative Metal Footed Bowl ($72)

To keep clutter from collecting on your countertops, stage some aesthetically-pleasing bowls around your home to catch little odds and ends like mail, glasses, masks, keys, and the like. This is an especially important add-on in an entryway, home office, or kitchen.

4. Invest in a few cord boxes

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Yamazaki Home Cable Box ($38)

Nothing makes a space feel disorderly and chaotic quite like a bundle of exposed cords. Pick up one of these sleek cable boxes to create a designated home for TV cords, extension cords, phone chargers, and the like. Tuck it away in a TV stand or side table or even stash inside a decorative woven basket.

5. Clear your closet with storage caddies

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Acrylic & Metallic Diaper Caddy ($55)

Versatile. aesthetically-pleasing, and see-through, these acrylic caddies are a great organizational tool for closets, pantries, or open shelving. Organize by product function, or even family member – assign each kid a personal caddy for their toys, art supplies, bathroom essentials, and the like.

6. Pretty up your pantry with canisters

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Glass Canisters, Set of 5 ($131)

It may seem a little extra, but investing in glass jars for pantry essentials like nuts, oats, sugar, flour, and snacks makes such a dramatic visual impact. Not only are they sustainable and aesthetically-pleasing (goodbye, mismatched packaging), the see-through glass makes it easy to find ingredients and survey your inventory before grocery shopping. 

7. Stock up on roll-out carts

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We love an acrylic roll-out cart! Not only are they easy to stash in nearby closets or pantries for easy access sliding storage, they’re great for kids — your little ones can roll their toys or art supplies from room to room while playing. 

8. Optimize your closet

organizational hacks

organizational hacks

Two Tier Bag Organizer Stand, Set of 2 ($70)

You don’t have to shell out for California Closets to create a hyper-functional space — handy products like handbag organizers and over-the-door hooks will give your standard closet a far more affordable glow-up.  Other notable products include shoe hangers, stackable shelves (see number two), layered hangers, and more.

9. Make the most of bare walls

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Andrée Jardin Dustpan + Natural Brush with Wall Hooks ($110)

organizational hacks

Trenton Laundry Drying Rack ($200)

Never underestimate the power of a blank wall. You can always add hooks, hook racks, and shelving to increase the storage capacity in your home. There are endless stylish options for spices, coffee mugs, cleaning supplies, plants and magazines, mail and keys, jackets and linens — the list goes on. This is an especially relevant tip if you live in a small home or apartment!

10. Beautify your practical items

organizational hacks

organizational hacks

organizational hacks

Black Broom and Dustpan Set ($149)

From toilet brushes to brooms, there is now a cute, aesthetically-pleasing version of nearly every cleaning product and household basic. You can now shop pretty glass spray bottles, dusters, wooden scrubbing brushes, designer broom sets, beautiful dish and hand soaps, wooden salt and pepper mills, and more. You won’t even want to stash them in a cabinet or laundry room!

11. Create a tech station

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Courant Catch 3 ($175)

From FitBits and smart watches to phones, iPads, monitors, and all of the corresponding chargers, tech is an oft-overlooked source of clutter. We love an organized charging station, like this Courant catch, to collect and recharge your essential tech at the end of each day. 

12. When in doubt, style it up.

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Hear us out: styling is an undercover organizational tool. By styling spaces that are natural catch-alls for clutter, like entryway tables and home offices, you give these little nooks a clear purpose. So go ahead — create a little vignette with a tray, diffuser, and pretty faux plant to your newly-organized linen closet. This touch not only sparks joy, it can serve as a reminder to cap your clutter.

Would you rather have a professional designer organize your home? We’re standing by — start with our style quiz!

Words by Kelsey Clark