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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on August 22, 2022

Finding the perfect white paint for your space can be an incredibly tedious process. Not only should the ideal shade work with the natural light in your home, it should elevate your selected wall art, furniture, and decor, too. And most importantly, you want to make sure that your chosen white paint doesn’t feel cold and sterile. Luckily, there’s a warm white paint color that our designers always come back to: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee is a creamy white with “just the right amount of warmth,” according to Benjamin Moore. Havenly designer Toussaint Derby recommends using this neutral off-white paint color when designing a space with warm accent colors or neutrals. “It’s classic, elegant, and inviting,” she notes. “Just be careful pairing it with cool tones, which might highlight its yellow undertone more than you’d like.”

Whether you’re embracing the monochrome paint trend or looking for a warm white paint to add welcoming coziness in your home, your search ends with Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. Discover how it looks in four distinct spaces, and get your paintbrushes ready to swatch:

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee In the Bedroom

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

“Neutral bedroom palettes like this one are the perfect place for Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee,” Derby says. The warmth in this paint color helps to make a mostly white interior feel a bit cozier, while still maintaining a clean, bright look.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee In the Kitchen

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

There’s nothing like a pristine white kitchen, and Swiss Coffee sets the tone in this gorgeous dine-in space. “It provides the best backdrop for the gold tones at the base of the table and the black accents in the dining space,” Derby says. Plus, the green bench really pops against the warm white.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee In the Bathroom

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

No matter what your hardware preference may be—black, gold or silver hardware—Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee is a great match. In this small bathroom, a warm-toned white gives the space a “charming vibe,” Derby says. The mini gallery wall is a nice touch, too.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee In the Living Room

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

The bright white sofa in this living room pops against the Swiss Coffee walls. It also pairs well with the more warmed toned accents, like the rug and natural wood sideboard. “It helps make the space feel perfectly balanced,” Derby says. 

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski