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Published on October 2, 2019

At the Havenly HQ, we’re lucky to have a team of in-house designers who are ready to answer all of our fall interior design questions. This week Kelsey Fischer and Vivian Torres share tips for easy seasonal styling and how to reflect nature indoors. 

Vivian:  Everything! Fall is my favorite season. I love that fall prompts us to pay attention to the areas of our home that we tend to forget about, like the dining room table or front porch. It’s always fun to dress these up when preparing for guests. 

Kelsey:  Autumn hues get me excited about decorating for fall. Apart from swapping in new pillows and accessories, my favorite way to incorporate autumn hues is through floral arrangements. I especially love those dark purple and deep navy because provide extra warmth.  

Vivian:  The first thing that I’m going to do is turn on the fireplace. Next, I’m going to play with the shades in my color palette. For instance, I love the color blue. In the summer, I tend to incorporate brighter, sometimes pastel, blues. Once the fall comes around, I like to exchange those for a midnight blue or navy. I can do this really effortlessly with pillows, throw blankets, candles, or small decor items, like this vase. Decorating for the fall is all about transitioning the colors in your space to a darker, moodier hue. 

Kelsey:  I rely on scents because they set the tone for my design. Voluspa candles come in cute decorative jars that I feel add some extra appeal.  

Voluspa Baltic Amber Candle from Anthropologie

Vivian:  One of the things I like to do is to get outdoors and see some of the natural foliage. This inspires me in terms of bringing the outdoors in and creating beautiful tablescapes.

Kelsey:  If you live in a warm climate, decorating for the fall can be tricky. I understand this being from the desert myself. I suggest including natural textures like grasses and wheat–or anything seasonal foliage that grows where you live–in your design. This gives you additional texture and creates warmer hues in your home that you can’t necessarily get with maple leaves.

Vivian:  You can also incorporate rich fall tones. Work with burgundies, plums, mustards because they look good no matter where you are. 

Kelsey:  I really enjoy creating cozy spaces that people love coming into. There’s nothing better than making friends feel welcome and warm. 

Vivian:  Because I don’t have to worry about getting too hot, I have the freedom to add my favorite textures in bulk. Bring on the chunky knit throw blankets and velvet pillows. 

Kelsey:  There are really no fall design no-nos because it’s your space. So you should create it how you want it to feel. However, my preference is to stay away from fake-looking faux leaves–anything with neon yellows or oranges. These have a tendency to look a little bit cartoon-ish and obviously less natural. If you’re looking to embrace natural tones, focus on colors that actually occur in nature. 

Vivian:  Yes! The most prominent is the idea of using different types of pumpkins in design. Not just the traditional orange ones, but also white, black, gray, and red pumpkins. It’s a great way to add style to your dining room table or front porch.   

Kelsey:  I’ve seen a lot of dark fall colors—dark plums, rich burgundies. Usually, these colors appear as accents, but they’re now a focal point. For example, more substantial pieces and floral arrangements. I really enjoy seeing those dark, moody tones in fall because it transitions you from Halloween to the holiday season. 

Vivian:  Everything doesn’t need to be perfect. I think it’s easy, especially this time of year, to get caught up in the idea that you need to do everything “right” or be Martha Stewart. Instead, focus on being comfortable and making your guests feel welcome. If you do those things, you’ll inevitably be a great host. 

Kelsey:  One of my favorite fall hosting tips is always to have a hot beverage ready. Ciders, hot toddy, buttered rum–that in particular has been my favorite drink for a long time. And you can always accessorize with a spring of rosemary and cranberries to add that extra designer touch.

Kelsey:  One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update your home for the fall is to repurpose items you already have. Try hanging wreaths from last year and creating centerpieces from your favorite decor items. I also love to plant seasonal flowers outside. And visiting the bargain section of your local craft store is never the wrong way to go. 

Vivian:  The two things that make Havenly the best way to design your space are customization and the fact that you have access to your own personal designer. We work with all types of spaces, budgets, square-footages, and tackle all kinds of design challenges. Whatever project you’re working on, we’ll help you make everything come together wonderfully. 

You can talk about your space with your designer, ask questions, and run ideas by them. And they can help you think about your space in ways you wouldn’t have thought about before. 

Kelsey:  I also love customizable Havenly is, Vivian. You get to work with a real person who cares about what your design looks like. We’re dedicated to making sure your space looks and feels like you want it to feel. Best of all, you can do it on your own budget. 

Vivian:  We will work with you until you love your space. No matter how long it takes, we’ll be there until you’re happy with your design. 

Kelsey:  The Havenly Happiness Guarantee ensures that no matter what you’re happy. We design based on what you need, no matter how much time or effort it requires. 

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Words by Erika Torvik