*This* Is the Most Popular Bedroom Color of 2023, Per a New Report

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Published on September 19, 2023

When it comes to curating a color palette for a space, we can’t help but take the current design trends into account. From retro shades of brown to warm color schemes, we always consider what’s fresh and new, whether we’re designing a living room or a half bath.

So, when we came across a new design report from Living Spaces on the most popular bedroom colors of 2023, we were intrigued. The report, which analyzed state-by-state data from Google Trends, found that green is the most popular color for bedrooms this year.

Best color for bedrooms

“When we think of bedroom color schemes, we tend to deck our retreats with peaceful pastel hues or calming cool colors that make us feel tranquil,” reads the report. “Taking that into consideration, it comes as a shock that green is the popular choice. As we previously mentioned, there are many positive associations with green, since it is an energizing and revitalizing color.”

The earthy hue claimed the top spot with 13 total states searching for green bedrooms, followed closely by white in second place with ten states and brown in third place. To clarify, the report refers to green furniture, decor, textiles, and beyond — not just paint.

Best color for bedrooms

If our recent story on all things olive green is any indication, we’re fully on board with the green color trend. We love the range that this color offers — you can go with jade or kelly green for a more vibrant color pop, or stick with evergreen, hunter green, and olive for a more earth-toned palette.

What’s more, shades of green pair beautifully with brass and gold hardware as well as warm wood tones — two design elements we’re also loving at the moment (per our fall 2023 trend report).

Best color for bedrooms

Of course, green is the ultimate choice when looking to create a calming, serene bedroom, whether you opt for green paint or green upholstery, throw pillows, rugs, and beyond. Ahead, see how we’d use green in our own 2023 bedroom designs:

Get the look:

Green velvet bed

Green patterned ottoman

Light green traditional rug

Green velvet throw pillow

Green patterned bed

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Words by Kelsey Clark