Designer-Curated Poolside Picks in 4 Styles for Your Best Summer Yet

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WORDS BY Payton Odom

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Published on June 28, 2021

We’ve heard it from multiple sources, and are all too happy to keep the rumor mill running: this summer isn’t simply another dog-days stretch between spring and fall, but something truly special. As postponed gatherings make their way back onto the calendar and the thermometer continues to climb, we’re ready to break out the linen, grab a spritz and test the limits of our SPF. That’s right–school’s out, pool’s out. (Trust us: this saying will always be valid, no matter how long ago you graduated!)

After nearly a year and a half of high season at home, we’ve had client after client want a more cohesive flow between their indoor and outdoor areas, blending comfy, lounge-worthy pieces with serious style cred. While we’re firm believers that nothing finishes off a space like close friends, easy conversation, and your libation-of-choice, the right poolside furniture and accessories can take a lingering day by the water from everyday to elevated in a snap. 

Oh, and you’re in luck, because a few of our lead designers went for extra credit and pulled their favorite outdoor furniture and decor accents in four distinct styles to help you make a splash at the next gathering. Whether you’re going for that Pacific natural vibe, or are more of the boho-or-bust mentality, we’ve got the look for you, and your pool (or your patio — these water-optional concepts are versatile like that).

relaxed Cali Cool, coastal inspired poolside and patio furniture and decor

1. Large Planters // 2. Low Planter // 3. Globe Lights // 4. Umbrella // 5. Chaise Lounge Chair // 6. Cooler Glasses // 7. Woven Tray // 8. Blush Stripe Pillow // 9. Floral Pillow // 10. Stripe Lumbar Pillow // 11. Side Table // 12. Tall Lantern // 13. Short Lantern

Cali-Cool Pool

Whether you’re posted up in Palm Springs or just California dreamin’, the ease, comfort and laid-back chic of California-inspired outdoor style is a perfect inspo point for your poolside (or patio!) refresh. Havenly designer, Melissa Wagner, shares her picks for a relaxed, yet refined, (West) coastal aesthetic that she calls “undeniably Cali.”

Start with lounge-all-day chairs in a warm wood tone with off-white upholstery, and keep the tonal vibe going with a light-and-bright umbrella overhead, alongside oversized, textured planters. As Melissa shares, “Cali-Cool style always begins with a crisp, neutral base – then, add in relaxed blue hues and terra cotta accessories to round out the palette.” Rattan lanterns and Edison-bulb string lights take your lounging through the golden hour and beyond. And finally, complete the moment with a woven tray for refreshing poolside sips.

colorful boho poolside and patio furniture and decor

1. Rattan Rocking Chair //  2. Ceramic Stool //  3. Poppy Glass //  4. Blue Tumbler //  5. Brass Tray //  6. Floor Pouf //  7. Terra Cotta Planter //  8. Daybed & Cushion //  9. Teal Pillow //  10. Striped Pillow //  11. Jute Pillow //  12. Pot //  13. Lanterns //  14. Umbrella

Boho Cabana

Already embraced that free-spirited bohemian style indoors? Havenly designer, Heather Goerzen, shows us how to continue things outside with an eclectic mix of color, pattern, and texture that’s both considered and effortless. As she puts it, “all the best homes have that ‘oh, we just casually arranged these pieces together and it happens to look amazing’ vibe going on.”

Swap out the chaise for a rattan settee in a whimsical floral pattern, and pair with a wicker rocker to create an ambiance worthy of a hidden bungalow, just in earshot of the waves. “The key to boho is a little bit of everything. Work in a fun ensemble of tassels, fringe and woven materials, alongside plenty of cushions for endless seating configurations,” says Heather. Hammered brass, terra cotta planters and an umbrella reminiscent of the French Riviera bring a finishing touch to a lived-in style that’s sure to make your space a top-pick for the next Sunday Funday. 

sophisticated and chic poolside and patio decor for a luxe look

1. Black + White Pillow // 2. Tassel Pillow // 3. Blush Dotted Pillow // 4. Cooler Glasses // 5. Brass Tray // 6. Beach Bats // 7. Sheer White Drapery // 8. Chaise Lounge Chairs // 9. Small Sphere Planter // 10. Large Sphere Planter // 11. White Tapered Planter // 12. Small Amber Glass Hurricane // 13. Large Amber Glass Hurricane // 14. Outdoor Rug // 15. Side Table

Luxe Lounging

Ready for a coastal *scene* but need a warm-up poolside fete before grabbing that passport? Melissa shows us how to bring St. Tropez style home by drawing on eye-catching pieces and bold patterns for a sophisticated set-up that’s bound to impress your pool pals. 

Set the stage with a classically chic black and white palette, beginning with a geometric-patterned, outdoor-ready rug, paired alongside contemporary all-white chaise lounge chairs. In case you hadn’t noticed, outdoor upholstery options have gotten seriously good over the past decade, and we encourage you to lean into pattern mixing and playful combos (we’ll always say ‘yes’ to a cabana stripe) to keep things feeling fresh and original. Melissa adds, “Brass and blush accessories raise the stakes, with smoked glass and matte black bringing in quieter tones that still read upscale.”

Don’t forget a cheeky paddle set or poolside game for your life of leisure (watches Succession once…).

Scandinavian mid-century inspired outdoor furniture and decor for your backyard pool or patio

1. Porto Sofa // 2. White Planter // 3. Tambor Table – Large // 4. Tambor Table // 5. Black planter // 6. Wood Lanterns // 7. Beige Pillow // 8/ Blue Lumbar Pillow // 9. Blue Striped Pouf // 10. Accent Chair // 11. Bench // 12. Side Table

Scandi Lagoon

Who said hygge and heat can’t make it work? Not us! While Scandi style might bring to mind oversized sweaters, dimly lit tables and cozy-on-cozy ambiance, these same style cues need their moment in the sun, too. Havenly designer, Brady Burke, is a master of what we call Scandi Mid Mod, and shows us the Swedish art of ‘lagom’ (aka ‘moderation’) in poolside living.

As always with this genre, Brady suggests “starting things off with simple and sincere neutrals paired with black and white accessories and natural wood textures.” Like the bohemian style, Scandi Mid Mod takes a relaxed approach to mixing tones, with a warm oak outdoor sofa and teak bench getting along just fine with earthy tambor side tables and blond wood side chairs. Succulents and statement trees in simple pots pay homage to nature, while clean-lines and textured upholstery invite an extended stay for endless summer afternoons. Yes, please!

Whatever your style, we hope you find plenty of jumping-off points with these designer-approved picks. If you’d like to keep the ideas flowing, our poolside wi-fi is *excellent* and we’d love to connect — tiny-umbrella-drinks not required, but strongly encouraged.

Collaborate with a Havenly designer to transform your blank canvas or redesign your current space, beginning with our style quiz.

Words by Payton Odom