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Emma is a world traveler, but no matter how much time she spent overseas, she wanted her home in Brooklyn to be a welcoming and relaxing space to return to. So, she asked Havenly designer Sarah to create a bedroom that reflected her adventures abroad but still felt like home.

Mood Boards


Emma’s taste was fittingly eclectic, and she freely admitted that her Pinterest boards were “a bit overwhelming”. Luckily, Sarah is a pro at distilling a cohesive design direction. Sarah’s initial mood boards both incorporated bohemian elements through fabrics and textiles, along with a modern design sensibility through industrial-inspired storage. Emma liked the contrast of the modern lighting in concept two, but asked Sarah to find lighter nightstands to make accessing below-bed storage easier. Emma also asked that Sarah incorporate some of her travel souvenirs into the design: a Moroccan travel blanket and a heron print, both picked up abroad. Emma loved Sarah’s choice of colorful rug that contrasted nicely with the lighter furniture picked for the room.


Sarah’s final rendering combined the bedding and lighting Emma loved from the second concept, with several of the bolder accessories from the first concept. Emma also was able to find a cheaper alternative to the expensive pink lumbar pillow she originally included in the design. Additionally, Sarah added in the beautiful wedding blanket as a statement making wall decoration, which really brought together the bohemian feel of the room.

Finished Room

Paired with Sarah’s well-chosen furniture, Emma’s travel souvenirs found the perfect home in this bold room makeover. By pairing neutral furniture and walls with colorful bohemian accents, Sarah was able to create the perfect home base for Emma that showcased all of her foreign treasures. Altogether, it’s inspiring us to spend more time searching for beautiful home decor on our next trip, so we can create a space that feels as organic and layered as Emma’s Brooklyn bedroom.

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Words by Kate Connors