The 10 Best Brown Paint Colors for a Warm, Welcoming Interior

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on November 15, 2023

The color brown doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Sure, it may not be the most exciting color option, but it is one of the most versatile. In fact, we like to think of brown as a bit of an unsung hero when it comes to wall colors — it’s an easy way to bring warmth, depth, and a touch of coziness to your space, no matter what your style may be. 

If you’re more of a minimalist, for example, the right taupe can be one of the best brown paint colors to help ground your space just a bit more. Or if you love the look of a darker, moodier room, a deep chestnut can be the perfect choice for your home. The hard part is narrowing down the right brown for you amid the countless options available.

Luckily, Havenly lead designer Kelsey Fischer is here to help. Among her picks for the 10 best brown paint colors, you’re bound to find the right hue for you and your space.

Farrow & Ball Mouse’s Back 

Brown paint colors | Brown paint

Image credit: @our.oastbarnfarm

This light, cappuccino-colored brown paint color from Farrow & Ball has a sweet vintage appeal that makes it a great choice for a kitchen or bathroom. A slight grey tint gives it a softness that can help it complement a wide array of darker hues, like green and navy.

Benjamin Moore Pashmina

Brown paint colors | Brown paint

Another light option for the neutral-lovers, Benjamin Moore’s Pashmina might be the best brown paint color for the more color-adverse. It’s a sophisticated hue that doesn’t read too dark or too light; we love it in a den or dining room.

Clare Paint Coffee Date

Brown paint colors | Brown paint

Image credit: @rustandtrust

Fancy something a touch bolder? Look no further than Clare Paint’s Coffee Date: A rich mocha brown that’s an absolute show-stopper. This warm, deep hue is like a good cup of black coffee — not for the faint of heart. Use it to make a bedroom feel intimate and moody.

Farrow & Ball Stirabout

Brown paint colors | Brown paint

If you’re in search of the right earthy paint color to make your space feel a bit more welcoming, consider Farrow & Ball’s Stirabout. The light hue is a perfect mix of brown, white, and grey — resulting in an oatmeal color that’s great for both traditional and organic modern spaces alike.

Benjamin Moore North Creek Brown

Brown paint colors | Brown paint

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

This milk chocolate hue by Benjamin Moore is rich and warm, with a slight mossy undertone that gives it more of a historic feel. We especially love how this dark paint color brings depth to kitchen cabinets.

Clare Paint Dirty Chai

Clare Paint’s taupe-leaning Dirty Chai can work well in just about any room of your home, thanks to its balanced feel: It’s the perfect blend of warm and cool, light and dark. So, you can rest assured this paint job will be timeless.

Benjamin Moore Hearthstone Brown

Brown paint colors | Brown paint

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

On the warmer side of the spectrum is Benjamin Moore’s Hearthstone Brown: a true, earthy brown that looks positively decadent when paired with hues like maroon and orange, and dark wood accents. Consider this one of the best brown paint colors to give your home a more historic appeal — even if it’s a new build.

Benjamin Moore Silhouette

Brown paint colors | Brown paint

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

More contemporary tastes are likely to resonate with Benjamin Moore’s Silhouette AF-655. The grey-brown color is a chic neutral option that can make a statement, rather than just blending into the rest of your space. When you want your walls to pop — without turning to an accent hue — consider this option.

Benjamin Moore Barista

Brown paint colors | Brown paint

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

There’s something so luxurious about Benjamin Moore’s Barista — the visual equivalent of the perfect cup of hot cocoa. This sumptuous brown paint color is ideal for traditional spaces, but we can see it working just as well in modern interiors, especially when used all over.

Backdrop Paint Sentimental Reasons

Brown paint colors | Brown paint

Image credit: @divineeyedesign

Take a deep breath, and then slowly exhale — that’s the kind of feeling that Backdrop Paint’s Sentimental Reasons can evoke in the right space. The warm taupe color is one of our favorite hues to create a feeling of instant relaxation, either in a living space or bedroom.

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski