The 10 Best Navy Blue Paint Colors That Prove This Hue Is the Ultimate Classic

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on September 26, 2023

When you hear the word “neutral,” your mind likely goes to a color palette full of beiges and creams or black and white. But creating a neutral space doesn’t mean you have to swear off color altogether. In fact, we consider using navy blue paint colors one of the best ways to add color, warmth, and visual interest to a room, while still feeling neutral overall.

Of course, there are countless navy blue paint colors to choose from — and the undertone and depth can majorly influence the look of your space. If you want to create an intimate, moody bedroom, for example, you might veer towards a darker, cool-toned navy. For more historic-feeling spaces — think: crown molding and wainscoting — then you might choose a blue that has a touch of a green tinge to it. There’s no one way to pull navy walls in your space. Chances are, the color is even more versatile than you might imagine.

To narrow down your choices of navy paint colors, we’ve pulled together a list of our 10 favorites, which you can use to transform any room of your home. 

Navy Blue Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Polo Blue

Navy blue paint colors

This deep, shadowy shade of navy is a great way to make a room feel instantly refined. We love it as an accent color in a sophisticated bedroom — especially paired with a detailed, complementary wallpaper, like in this space. 

Navy Blue Paint Colors: Farrow & Ball Wine Dark

Navy blue paint colors

There’s something timeless about this rich, true blue — it is, after all, inspired by Homer’s poetry. This hue is a chameleon of a color, looking deep and moody in dim lighting, but bright and refreshing in the daylight. We consider it an ideal choice for a dining room, especially when paired with dark wood accents. 

Navy Blue Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Midnight Hour

Navy blue paint colors

When you want your blue walls to really pop, consider this option from Benjamin Moore, which leans ever-so-slightly towards teal. Although it’s a cool tone, this navy has a rich, velvety look that helps it to make interiors feel instantly more cozy. Consider using it in a breezy, coastal space for a lovely contrast against a more neutral palette, as in this bedroom.

Navy Blue Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Evening Sky

Navy blue paint colors

There’s something striking about this almost-black navy blue. With its plum undertones, this hue is a more lush alternative to a black or charcoal wall — perfect for bringing some contrast to a living or dining room with an accent wall. The depth of this color gives it a cool, contemporary appeal.

Navy Blue Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Bold Blue

Navy blue paint colors

A true navy blue paint color, Benjamin Moore’s Bold Blue has a charming, almost academic feel that makes it a perfect choice for a stately living room or study. We love the idea of using this inky hue to create a deliciously moody interior, like this space; velvet drapes in a slightly darker blue complete the dark and dreamy vibe, while warm leather accents brighten things up just the right amount.

Navy Blue Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Kensington Blue

Navy blue paint colors

Your molding has met its perfect match. Benjamin Moore’s Kensington Blue has a distinctly historic feel that makes it pair well with more traditional architectural features. But that doesn’t mean it skews old fashioned! Instead, we love the idea of pairing this hue with modern accents — like graphic patterns and brass light fixtures — for a cool contrast.

Navy Blue Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Old Navy

Navy blue paint colors

This dark navy — which almost skews slate gray — can give a space an instant sense of refinement. It’s bold, yet very versatile, pairing well with both gray and brown tones. That’s what makes it such a great choice for taking an otherwise neutral space to the next level.

Navy Blue Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Deep Secret

Navy blue paint colors

The right bedroom wall color can help you drift off to sleep each night — at least, that’s what we believe. And Benjamin Moore’s Deep Secret is up to the task! This gray blue is moody without being dramatic, thanks to subtle green tones and a finish that helps it to reflect natural light. With a bedroom like this, you’ll got to bed feeling relaxed and calm, and wake up feeling just as at ease.

Navy Blue Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Navy blue paint colors

A medium-depth navy paint color, Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy has a classic nautical appeal that makes it a charming option for bathroom or a study. It can work just as well all-over your walls or as an accent hue — here, it brings dimension to a home office that’s partially outfitted in a neutral wallpaper. 

Navy Blue Paint Colors: Farrow & Ball Railings

Navy blue paint colors

There’s something so elegant about this navy blue paint color by Farrow & Ball, which is technically black with blue undertones. It’s much softer than a true black and slightly warmer than a charcoal gray. Think of it the way you would a good navy blazer: Refined, classic, and versatile. Paired with white wainscoting, it lends this space a sumptuous feel.

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski