[From left to right: Photo via My Domaine, photo via Interior Design Article, photo via Allison Smoley (also here)] We’ve all seen the Pinterest posts that stop us dead in our tracks – the most perfectly painted accent wall. A rustic reclaimed wood wall behind a headboard. A dramatic wallpapered wall in a dining room. Totally aspirational … Continue Reading

Now that it’s finally starting to feel a little more like spring around here, is anyone else itching for a spring style refresh–especially a boho refresh? When the weather gets warmer and the sun is out longer, we can’t resist adding in a few boho-inspired accents. Read on for our favorite ways to incorporate boho … Continue Reading

Greenery is essential to completing any room design, but have you ever picked out the perfect plant, only to let it sit in its black, plastic shell for months because you didn’t know what planter will work with it? Us, too. Nobody wants to see their gorgeous fiddle fig tree stuck with an ugly bottom, so … Continue Reading

Wallpaper is having a bit of a renaissance–instead of cringe-worthy faded yellow florals from the seventies, trendy designers are teaming up with wallpaper manufacturers to create capsule collections that feel as stylish as they do timeless. There’s even peel and stick options for renters! Excited about pattern but unsure of where to bring in wallpaper … Continue Reading

Let’s take a moment to talk about houseplants. We’re not going to say that this is the “year of the plant” (even though Pantone’s Color of the Year is ‘Greenery’). It’s not like plants are a new thing. But we will say we’ve been seeing a lot of Saturday afternoon Instagram stories taking place at the … Continue Reading

‘Tis the season for fresh cut roses, boxes of chocolate, and pink.  Lots and lots of pink.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we can bet that you’re getting more than your fill of this seasonal hue, so bringing pink into your home year round might sound like a stretch. If you’re a fan of … Continue Reading

Real talk: have you ever found yourself lost down a Pinterest rabbit hole of immaculately organized homes, wondering how to organize your home in a way that even slightly resembles them? You know the ones — not a piece of clutter in sight, practically no sign of life? Books organized by color, pantries that approach … Continue Reading

The chance to slim and trim our home is our favorite part about the New Year! The most stylish way to achieve this? Draw from minimalist home designs. Although categorized as a style all its own, any interior can take cues from minimalism. Implementing a little minimalism in your home can make a smaller space feel larger … Continue Reading

Are you itching to make an update to your home, but aren’t sure where to begin? Painting a room, or even a single wall, is an easy DIY project to instantly give your home a fresh facelift. But, before you even think of stepping foot in a paint store, there are a few fundamental things … Continue Reading

Between travel, house guests and days off of work and school, the end of the year can take a toll on your daily routine, leaving your home a hot mess. January is the perfect time to organize yourself and your home, and make sure you start the new year off right. To help you figure out … Continue Reading