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After a recent trip to a Christmas tree lot, it occurred to me that choosing a tree for your space was just as important as choosing a sofa or a chair! It needs to fit properly into the area you’ve predetermined for it, you need to know the height of the ceilings in order to avoid a Clark Griswold mistake, it should speak to the style of your space, and everybody should love it! Read on for tips to picking the perfect tree.

If Your Style Is Rustic Or Farmhouse…

Since these styles celebrate natural materials, go for an classic full tree like a fir or spruce. Imagine it was plucked from your backyard! Decorate it with other natural materials like a wood garland. Choose ornaments in classic colors and patterns to finish off the look.


If Your Style Is Eclectic…

Have a little fun with your tree and try a white or even a blush pink version. The eclectic style begs for a tree that is a bit less traditional, so choose something that enhances the already great quirkiness of your space. We like styling with a unique color combination like green and pink, but pull a couple of colors from your space’s palette to deck your tree.

Photo via Pinterest


If Your Style Is Minimal Or Scandinavian…

Choose a tree that is taller and thinner (sculptural, clean lines), rather than wider and full. Trees that are more minimal in style like pines go great with spaces that have less stuff. Decorate the tree with natural materials and a neutral color palette. Modern ornaments and decor with clean lines compliment these styles perfectly.

Image via Pinterest

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Words by Kate Connors