4 Ways to Create a Beautiful Contemporary Bedroom Design

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on July 13, 2020

If you’re looking for a bedroom refresh that makes a dated room feel recent, look no further than contemporary design. Sometimes incorrectly interchanged with “modern,” contemporary leans more into today’s styles and trends, while modern is founded in iconically designed clean lines and simplicity. A contemporary redesign of your bedroom can mean playing with current styles and trends, making it feel now while pulling from other styles and influences. From modern to traditional and art deco, you can mix and match to create a whole new vibe that feels very “of the moment.” 

So, what does contemporary mean today for your bedroom? Check out these refreshing bedroom designs for inspiration.

From the vibrant color scheme to playful printed wallpaper, this room radiates contemporary design. One element of its contemporary personality comes from the focus on form. 

Today’s contemporary design prioritizes both the form and functionality of objects. Not only do things in the room have to have a function, but they also have to look good doing it. 

Contemporary design juxtaposes gentle curves alongside more severe angles, which are both on display in the bedroom above. The striking honey gold chandelier catches the eye with its retro aesthetic, which contrasts well with the subtle curve of the ivory velvet office chair. Both play off of the organic shape of the matching green glass lamps on the bedside tables. 

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This bold luxe bedroom is the height of contemporary glam. Seamlessly combining a variety of in-vogue design details, this bedroom feels both timeless and on-trend.

The bold wallpaper plays with the contrast of black and white across the room, repeated again in trendy patterned accent pillows and simple, yet elegant bedding. The black and white palette has a timeless feel to it, but the use of contemporary materials makes the bedroom feel fresh. The brass and faux fur benches pop, along with the nouveau mirror, and brass and concrete bedside tables

By incorporating the right patterns and materials, what could feel dated actual feels fresh and contemporary.

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Take a cue from the great outdoors and bring natural elements into your contemporary bedroom design. The organic wood headboard is the star of this room, pulling the eye to the center of the room. Subtler elements, like the American walnut side table, and matching hardwood trellis nightstands and dresser, bring the outside in, without feeling like you’re camping out in your bedroom. The structured lacquered desk and bookshelf lend a modern feel to the room that offsets and balances the natural materials featured.

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Similarly, this eclectic yet contemporary bedroom contrasts its vibrant trendy wallpaper by incorporating natural elements into the decor. The whitewashed acacia wood nightstand and oak bed frame add a softer touch alongside the more bold details of the room.    

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Yes, contemporary design includes natural elements, but it’s also industrial materials like glass and metal. The deep, “Classic Blue” wall is having a comeback, and using it as an accent wall is a current design fave. If you want to refresh your bedroom and make it feel more of the moment, consider throwing on a dark blue shade to your accent wall. The classic blue is both timeless and modern, lending to the room’s contemporary feel with the striking iron four-poster bed as well as the metal and leather bench.

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A room doesn’t have to feature heavy metals to be contemporary. This bedroom’s focal point is clearly the modern glass chandelier hanging in the center of the room. The sharp geometry is mirrored in the statement wallpaper, a simple but striking pattern that’s very “on point” for the contemporary bedroom. It’s balanced out by the classic glam dresser and matching set of lacquered bedside tables.

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Contemporary design can be a perfect fit for a bedroom when you’re looking to play with multiple design elements. From contrasting forms to materials and light versus dark, contemporary is a playground of current trends that also gives voice to those design styles that came before it. 

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Words by Emma Diehl