5 Industrial Bedrooms That Still Feel Cozy

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on July 27, 2020

To some, industrial style might feel cold, corporate, and unfriendly—exactly the wrong vibes for your serene bedroom retreat. But, this historical design style is so much more than exposed beams, open spaces, and heavy metal finishes. Industrial style can be used as a tool to add character and patina to a room.

Pulling off an industrial bedroom doesn’t mean you need to move into a loft or renovated warehouse. It just means adding in a few touches to give the space a chic and urban look. Here are 5 bedrooms that pull off industrial style and still feel like a calm space to rest your head.

Starting with the dark grey on the walls, this modern and industrial-styled bedroom feels moody, and a touch dramatic. There’s a tailored structure to the room with the wainscotting on the walls, but it’s offset by the dreamy linen curtains that lend a natural feel to the room. 

From there, the furniture in the room plays up both the industrial and modern design. The matte black twin swing arm sconces and metal and leather bench lend themselves to the industrial feel of the space, but by integrating modern elements, like the dark walnut bed frame and faux sheepskin area rug, the bedroom’s design still feels warm and inviting.

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In this bedroom, the modern canopy bed immediately captures all the attention and draws the eye. It simultaneously creates statement impact and sets the foundation for industrial style with the iron frame. 

That’s one of the benefits of industrial design, it’s utilitarian, or almost factory-feel means that most items serve a purpose. The warehouse vibe is reinforced with the metal legs of the structured side tables and metal and wood mounted bookcase.

And of course, architectural features like exposed brick and garage style windows help bring to life the industrial style. To keep things from feeling too cold and mechanical, the designer layers in lots of textiles, from a wool rug, to luxe velvet bedding, and plenty of pillows.

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This bedroom merges mid-century modern design with industrial touches to create a simple sleeping space with contemporary flair. The striking classic blue hue on the wall is both trendy and timeless, setting the backdrop for a more minimalist black, white, and wood palette. 

While the 12-blub Sputnik chandelier is decidedly mid-century modern, the black metal finish feels industrial. The finish mirrors the pair of industrial table lamps framing the bed. Industrial lamps are a sleek touch that can feel sophisticated when added to nearly any room—their minimal designs pair well with other style influences.

Topping the room off, literally, is the dark metal canopy bed that matches the other industrial finishes.

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Painting your bedroom walls black might sound downright spooky, but with the right blend of industrial and rustic style, this room feels timeless and even cozy. 

It starts with the rustic wood and bronze bed frame, bringing the outdoors in with natural materials. Paired with another set of swing arm sconces and the dark color scheme, the room feels slightly industrial. The shiplap bold ceiling and antique brass and glass light draws the eyes upward, making the ceilings feel more interesting—like exposed ductwork does in a warehouse setting.

This bedroom brings the drama with black statement walls and no fuss simplicity of industrial style lets the choice shine. 

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This bedroom’s combination of industrial and rustic touches creates a refreshingly dynamic space. The reclaimed wood bed frame and touches of natural-finish wood, like the acacia wood mirror and bench, tie the rustic vibes of the space together. The cotton coverlet and shams on the bed add some additional texture to the room’s rustic neutral palette. Instead of going full-on farmhouse, the bedroom’s design incorporates contrasting industrial finishes in the space. 

The rust black tripod lamps framing the bed feel decidedly industrial, as do the metal legs of the bench and iron frame nightstands

Rustic and industrial styles have long had a harmonizing relationship as they both lean into a raw and unfinished aesthetic. Working together, the colder accents like steel and iron are softened with organic wood accents to create a more welcoming environment.

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Industrial style doesn’t have to feel fresh out of the factory. By incorporating the right textures and accents, your industrial styled bedroom can be the perfect escape from a hectic day. 

Words by Emma Diehl