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A major life event led to Lauren’s bedroom redo. When she tested positive for BRCA, she knew her treatment would result in lots of recovery time, and visitors. “I was looking around my bedroom and thinking about all the time I was about to have to spend within those four walls,” says Lauren. “Knowing I was going to spend so much time in my room, and also probably wanting to divert my mind and attention of the looming surgery, I wanted to make it a happy space to spend my time despite the reality I was facing.”

With the help of Havenly, Lauren started recreating her home to make it a more welcoming space for both herself and others during a challenging time.  

Starting Small

Turning Lauren’s home into her happy place started small, working on her bedroom first. “I thought if I liked the final product, then I would continue in other rooms in my home that are spaces with heavier traffic,” Lauren explains.

The design of the bedroom was inspired by Lauren and her husband’s tastes, but she also wanted it to feel welcome to others. From receiving guests during her recovery to spending time with her immediate family, the bedroom had to meet several needs and audiences.

The bedroom features both a space for resting and entertaining, with a lively conversation nook in the corner contrasting the tranquil sleeping space. It also combines Lauren’s many style inspirations. “I like modern, maybe more contemporary, clean (although I’m a mess) eclectic, even bohemian, and I also like mid-century modern,” Lauren says. 


With the help of the design style quiz, Lauren and her designer narrowed down a look for the bedroom, combining all her styles to create one cohesive space. They also worked to incorporate Lauren’s existing pieces into the room to stay within her budget. 

Once the room was finished, Lauren felt relief during a stressful time. “I loved having our bedroom complete. I love the colors and the vibe and our family as a whole spends a lot of time in our room, so I think it has been important to have it designed and finished because it is a place we spend so much time in.”

From there, she decided to take her design scheme to the next level. Together with her designer, Lauren conquered the living room and breakfast nook next. 

Nailing Down a Design

As they started to tackle the rest of the home, Lauren found the online design platform easy to manage during a busy time. Doing everything digitally meant doing things on her time, but Lauren was surprised that it actually worked; I think it takes real talent to never step foot into a space and be able to dress it appropriately just based on pictures and measurements.” 

Messaging back and forth, Lauren saw her ideas come to life with the help of her designer.

Before her redesign, Lauren categorized her dining room as a “drag.” The first room visitors lay eye on in the house, the dark and dreary room needed an overhaul. “It drove me nuts because it was the room that couldn’t be hidden and every time anyone came over, there was no hiding it,” Lauren says. 

Leaving the mismatched furniture behind (with the exception of the beloved bar cart and dining table), the dining room was transformed into a welcoming space, setting the tone right when someone walks in the door. Used for entertaining, nice dinner, and holidays, the room has a sophisticated air with a black accent wall, but still reflects the eclectic vibe of Lauren and her husband. The teak root table, in particular, is a favorite feature of the room.   

The mix of styles continues into the breakfast nook, where Lauren joins her family for most meals, and after school homework sessions.

The kitchen became a hub for family gatherings. Lauren credits the lighting and multiple seating arrangements as the key to transforming the room. The gold accents, a favorite of Lauren’s, help draw the home together with touches in each room.   

“When I first began the process I was skeptical of how in the world Annie would use my current things I wanted to keep and add others. She was spot on!” Lauren says.

teal kitchen

Making a House a Home

One word Lauren uses to describe her home’s redesign? “Happy.” Beyond paint samples and furniture arrangements, the transformation has made the house a home “somewhere you can feel safe and happy, comfortable and cozy, more than any other place,” Lauren says. “I am proud to host my friends and family in my new spaces now, whereas before I would have people over and almost make excuses for my unfinished spaces and talk about what I wanted to do with the space.”

Ready to transform your house to home? Get started with Havenly’s design style quiz.

Words by Havenly Staff