Designer Q&A: Annie and Yoseika on Fall

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on September 10, 2019

If our homes are meant to be a reflection of our lives, it only makes sense that we’d update them when seasons change. Havenly designers Annie Mueller and Yoseika Castillo share how to do just that. Read up on how they design for clients and their personal preferences.

Yoseika:  Cooler months are a great time to grow closer to loved ones, and interior design makes this possible without having to spend too much. I’m all about cozy textures. You can create the hygge effect by swapping in throw blankets and pillows, lighting a few candles, and pouring yourself a hot drink

Annie:  Agreed! Fall is all about amping up your “cozy factor.” Think of it in terms of styling your space rather than completely redesigning it. Cooler weather allows you to play with patterns and interesting textures that you otherwise couldn’t. This year, try layering a new rug

Because family gatherings are especially important during fall and winter months, I try to help my clients incorporate decorative elements in a way that uniquely captures their interpretation of the season. For some, this means going all out on decor. And for others, it’s a few decorations here and there. 

Yellow Square Throw Pillow from Burrow

Annie:  When most people think of fall, changing leaves and brisk weather come to mind, but so much of the U.S. doesn’t experience this–I know first-hand living in south Texas. Heavy fabrics and plush layers are lovely but don’t always make sense. 

For clients who favor contemporary interior design, I recommend experimenting with finishes. Mixing metals translates to a fabulous glam vibe, which is a perfect reflection of the changing season. Blush tones and greens also work during the holidays, and they’re great for those who don’t gravitate toward the traditional fall color palettes. 

Yoseika:  No matter where you are, you can add a fall element by introducing orange, yellow, dark green, or even brown hues. If you aim to create a pure coastal hygge vibe, look to white pumpkins, dry woods, and candles, and fairy lights since they aren’t as hot as cotton.

Yoseika:  Since I’m obsessed with fall, I start as soon as the weather turns somewhat chilly, which for me is late August. If like Annie, you live somewhere warmer, mid-September to early October should be fine.

Annie:  I’m always on the hunt for new pieces. I tell my clients to keep their eyes peeled for festive items they love–especially when sellers run sales. However, I don’t like to put my finds on display until late September.

I always start by decorating the front of my house. It’s a great way to transition from summer to fall slowly.  Outdoor wreaths are a great way to add flair without much commitment. 

22” Autumn Harvest Wheat Grass and Grapevine Thanksgiving Fall Wreath from Home Depot

Annie:  I have some great seasonal decor that I pair with plants to make my home festive and welcoming. I buy quality pieces so I can reuse them year after year. I have some great staple pillows and throws for my living room. I tend to bring these out closer to Christmas.

Yoseika:  I start by adding fresh yellow shades in the form of throw pillows or a wreath. As the weather gets cooler, I intersperse orange shades with dry leaves or in-season pumpkins. I also start exchanging my bright faux florals and fresh palms for dried cotton stems. Eventually, I’ll get a new doormat and some dark material lanterns. 

Holly Doormat from McGee & Co.

Yoseika:  Buffalo check and tartan are going to be everywhere, just like it was last year! I’ve seen a lot of wine colors as well, which perfectly complement oranges and raw materials. I also think we’re going to have a lot of white pumpkins.

Annie:  I think the big trend for fall is cane furniture. It was all over market this summer and has appeared in seller’s new fall lines. I’m excited to see more of it! Cane adds tons of rich texture. It’s a great way to amp up that cozy factor. 

Buffalo Check Plaid Throw from Pottery Barn

Annie:  I’m all about taking risks and making bold design choices. I’d never explicitly state a “design no-no” as every space is different. Earlier I suggested mixing metals. While many people aren’t on board with this, I’m all for it. 

Yoseika:  I would say you shouldn’t rely on the same fragrance you use in other months. Spice it up with cinnamon, pumpkin, cashmere, cotton, or apple. Yes, I love them all. If something new interests you, don’t be afraid of switching things up!

Yoseika:  Yes, duh. 

Annie:  Yay! All the way. However, a little goes a long way for me. I’m a black coffee kind of gal, so a PSL is a very sweet treat! While we’re on the topic…I love everything pumpkin. It’s one of my favorite flavors.

Words by Erika Torvik