4 Tips To Showing Off Your Curves (Speaking to You, Sofas and Chairs)

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WORDS BY Payton Odom

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Published on August 3, 2021

Wow—we blinked, and it’s already mid-summer. Funny how some moments seem to build forever, while others arrive in a blink…yep, we’re thinking of that time we refreshed our feeds a few months ago and saw a gridlock of straight-outta-disco-era, curvy-to-the-max furniture, artwork and décor pieces from all of our favorite design brands and publications. Curved edges, sculptural shapes, and organic lines have made their way back to the scene, and we won’t be averting our eyes any time soon. While we love classic, versatile pieces that can play nice with several moments and moods, we’re absolutely here for a statement trend, especially one as playful and sophisticated as this one.

If you’ve been coveting these curved masterpieces, you aren’t alone. Read on for a deep dive on the trend as well as plenty of eye-catching inspo, along with thoughts from our design team on how to incorporate all things curvaceous and textural in your space.

Curved White Sofa

The Story Behind the Curves

Like most trends, this curved furniture moment draws inspiration from the past, originally appearing on the scene back in the 70s as the angled and precise forms of Danish modernism and mid-century designers gave way to softer and layered pieces: think sweeping serpentine sofas, arched accent chairs—most likely upholstered in luxe velvets, cozy shearlings, or knotty boucle—along with rounded mirrors and sculptural tables.

We hold a special place in our hearts for this trend because incorporating these pieces into your home ticks all the boxes—curved furniture doubles as art, making a powerful statement that feels original, interesting and even a little avant-garde (…watches Emily in Paris once…). What’s more, curved lines go a long way in offsetting boxy rooms and adding architectural interest, giving off an allure of a more custom space. Finally, it does this all while still keeping things super down-to-earth, cozy and natural, letting the eye linger and inviting you to take a seat and slow down for a bit…and who could say no with these gorgeous pieces in the mix?

From history to modernity, we believe this trend has staying power. And while we’ll never stop encouraging you to trust your gut and take chances with new pieces and styles in your home—after all, that’s the secret ingredient for a space that feels unmistakably you—we’re sharing our pro tips to consider when giving this trend a go.

Green Velvet Curved Chair
Woven Curved Chair

Give it a Textural Twist

We’ve found that nods to the past work really well when paired with a modern element—for example, you might experiment with choosing a throwback, curvy piece (whether vintage or vintage-inspired!) with a modern upholstery choice, such as velvet, shearling, or natural fibers in earthy neutrals. Especially for a toe-dip into these waters, having this mix keeps the vibe firmly anchored to the moment rather than feeling too dated.

Pink Curved Sofa

Play with Color

At the same time, you don’t have to stick to a neutral palette if that’s not where your eye, or space, wants to take things. From mossy green, sienna, rust or even cobalt—selecting a fresh hue can take your new find from conversation-starter to show-stopper. 

You can take this one of two ways—first, let the boldness breathe by offsetting this “louder” piece with softer layers and tones throughout the rest of the room, creating a truly special focal point. On the other hand…

You can also keep your foot on the pedal by going all in on a bold palette that reads more tonal and eclectic.

Boucle Curved Chair
Black Curved Chair

Balance Your Lines

Too many curved moments might put your room at risk of feeling on-the-nose and expected, rather than the artful harmony you’re longing for. Create vignettes that pair organic with architectural, curved with streamlined—think serpentine sofa coupled with an angular, mid-mod coffee table, or a sculptural accent chair next to a contemporary sideboard. It’s this juxtaposition of forms, both rounded and sleek, that leads to a considered space filled with visual intrigue and soul.

Blush Curved Sofa
Curved Furniture

Get a Little Wild

While yes, you can absolutely dabble in this trend with that singular scalloped chair in your more minimalist line-up, or a fluted side table in your modern space, consider this an open invitation to let loose your inner wild child. The way we see it, this trend soars when featured as a voice in the overall chorus of your design vision, rather than the singular high note. So go ahead and blend diverse styles, eras, and design influences alongside your 70s-inspired curved furniture. Such dramatic pieces deserve to be paired with equal creativity. 

Gwyneth Boucle Chair

Rounding It Off

While trends will inevitably ebb and flow, we think that curved lines and organic shapes deserve a perennial place in your design playbook. By adding artistic and architectural oomph to any lineup, these sculptural pieces punch above their weight with an editorial flair to keep your space in-the-know—at the same time, incorporating these looks with these designer-approved guideposts in mind can help avoid falling into trend traps that fall flat in your space. 

To keep the conversation going on how to best show off your (furniture!) curves, be sure to drop a line to a Havenly designer today! You’re one style quiz away from your dream statement space.

Words by Payton Odom