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If home is where the heart is, then why go anywhere else for date night? After all, just the two of you, doing exactly what you want, on your own, relaxed time sounds pretty romantic. This Valentine’s Day, swap over-the-top evenings with down-home fun. Whether you get dressed up or not is up to you. 

As we continue to master the art of staying home, Havenly staff designer Brady Burke shares four cute and cozy themes for a Valentine’s date night at home, plus his picks for setting the scene for each one. So, you can cook, dance, play, or escape with a movie, all without going anywhere.

Cooking Couple

Even the most die-hard foodies fall into the routine of lunches with a laptop and quick weeknight dinners. Those who love to cook can refuel their passion by cooking together—just get rid of the rush and the rules, and remember the romance of lingering over dinner. 

To make an evening spent in the kitchen feel special I suggest finding a fun and comforting recipe you and your significant other can make together,” Brady says. “Split a bottle of wine or whatever drink suits your relationship, throw a dish towel over your shoulder, and enjoy an evening of home-cooked food and each other’s company.” 

Simple. As for menu ideas? That might be a new dish, a tried-and-true favorite, or even a recreation of a first-date or honeymoon dinner. 

Cook up a cozy, culinary date night with sleek red wine glasses, a beautiful marble and wood cutting board to elevate any spread, and a refreshed set of pretty-but-practical dish towels.

Music + Mixology

Picture this: you’re huddled together in a dimly lit cocktail bar, and you both look great (remember those days?). You’ll never forget the song that was playing when—you pick the moment—your relationship started to blossom. And now, according to Brady, “nothing says a romantic night in like a signature cocktail and dancing to your favorite record in the living room.” 

Dare we suggest that your living room might out-romance the fancy lounge with the right blend of mood lighting, mixed drinks and the perfect playlist? Brady’s instructions: “Start with a copy of Booze & Vinyl: A Spirited Guide to Great Music & Mixed Drinks. Next, find a record and a cocktail that speak to you, and spend the evening swingin’ around your living room!”

The best part: You can recreate your own super-exclusive cocktail club for two for the price of a couple of rounds of craft cocktails from that dimly lit bar with sculptural glasses, a classic shaker set, and a chic tray.

Game Night

You don’t have to make Valentine’s Day a big deal to celebrate properly—simply turning off the TV and saving yourself the inevitable hour of Netflix indecision can start to make the evening feel like a holiday. Connect over some light-hearted fun (or healthy competition) with cards, trivia, or a board game. 

“A casual game night feels like the perfect way to take some of the stress and formality out of Valentine’s Day,” Brady says. “Create a cozy spot with a few floor pillows and throw blankets around your coffee table, light a candle or two, and test your luck with a little friendly competition.” 

Set the scene for your festive game night with a pair of linen floor pillows, mood-setting modern candlesticks, and a cozy pom-pom throw.

Movie Magic

There’s a reason dinner and a movie is a classic date-night standard. When you decide to do date night at home, you can customize the concept and have your version of the perfect evening in. “A movie marathon is a surefire way to laugh and feel connected with your significant other on Valentine’s Day,” Brady shares. His go-tos: romantic comedies, popcorn and chocolate-covered strawberries “for a sweet ending to a casual night in.” 

No matter which favorites you watch or snacks you stock your spread with, stay focused on the movie—and each other—by putting away your phone. Then, all you have to do is snuggle up and press play. 

Make movie night a bit more stylish with cozy pillows, elevated snack serving bowls, and a set-worthy blanket.

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Words by Kelly O'Reilly