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Hallways can go two ways. They can be a space you merely pass through on your way from one room to another. Or they can be a design experience in their own right. 

If you’re looking to give your home’s hallways a little love, consider these four hallway decorating ideas from Heather Goerzen, Havenly Creative & Design. 

Each is designed to maximize style without making your hallway feel claustrophobic.

Gallery Wall Your Hall

One of the best ways to dress up a narrow hallway is with personal photos of your family, travels or special memories. 

“I love using the hallway as a place to spotlight life moments,” Heather says. “It’s more unexpected and intriguing than the usual living room placement of family photographs.”

For a clean, modern look, consider using large, consistent-sized frames with ample white mat space. Or go for the eclectic warmth of mismatched frames. (Find tips for hanging gallery walls here.)

Elevate the scene by adding statement lighting, such as a row of pendants, for a polished aesthetic.

Wallpaper Your Hall

Wallpaper is back, and there are more amazing patterns to choose from than ever. 

The right wallpaper adds boldness or whimsy (or both) to a space, especially a narrow area like a hallway. “It can transform a bland and ordinary hall into something truly special, creating a statement appeal,” Heather says. 

Take the wallpaper floor to ceiling or add wainscoting for an architectural effect. And remember the finishing touch at your feet: a runner in complementary tones to add texture and warmth.

Console Your Hallway

Even in a small hallway, a narrow console adds depth, dimension and visual interest. 

“A console creates a moment for your eyes to land on in an otherwise uninteresting walkway,” Heather says. “You can either position it on the side of the hallway—making sure you find a very narrow console—or anchor it at the end.”  

Complete the vignette with statement artwork, a lamp, vase and sculptural decor pieces.

Check it Out: Hall as Library

Living-room bookshelves overflowing? Put your hallway to work. 

Line one side—or both, if space permits—with bookshelves to create a dynamic effect. “While I love the built-in look, you could easily DIY this space with a store-bought bracket and shelf system,” Heather says.

Another option is to keep your “library” long and low with shelves running along the lower half of your hallway walls. Simply add books to the shelves below and simple styling elements and artwork above.

Just like that, you’ve started a new chapter in the life of your home: a hallway worth spending time in.

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Words by Staci Sturrock