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If you’re seeking a fresh source of inspiration to spruce up your space, look no further than your own TV screen. Movies and shows are a rich source of ideas—creative film sets can tickle your imagination, sparking ideas for a unique home update. In fact, many of our designers find their greatest source of inspiration lies outside of work hours while they’re winding down with a bowl of popcorn in hand. 

So next time you sit down to Netflix and chill, keep an eye on what’s happening behind your favorite actors (though of course, we don’t fault you for swooning over Bridgerton’s dreamy duke.) Here are a few of our favorite classic flicks to get you inspired—and tips to make the look your own.

Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

When it comes to over-the-top glitz and glam, The Great Gatsby takes the cake. Everything in this film seems to sparkle and radiate with sequins and champagne bottle-popping, transporting us right back to the Roaring 20’s. Gatsby’s East Egg mansion is practically palatial, outfitted in a leveled-up art deco style replete with an excess of florals, champagne and gold tones, crystal, and confetti. While it may be a bit lavish for the everyday home (unless you want to feel like you’re living in a theme party—no judgement!), this film is jam-packed with party vibes and chic, upscale decadence of the 1920s. 

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Bring the flapper-era feel to your home with an influx of luxe. Think velvet and cashmere textiles, with brass finishes or gold accents scattered about your home. A plush velvet armchair or sofa is a perfect starting point. Hang sparkling crystal chandelier light fixtures or a pair of gilded lamps on your end tables, add a marble bust to your bookshelf, and display crystal glassware. Go big, and don’t hold back—because we all deserve a little party in our everyday.

Nancy Meyers' The Holiday

The Holiday Modern Kitchen

Though drastic contrasts to one another, Iris’ quaint cottage-style kitchen and Amanda’s sleek, California-cool kitchen in The Holiday not only make a great space for cooking—they practically define the stark differences in personality between these two characters. It also begs us to ask ourselves, am I an Iris? Or an Amanda? While some of us will gravitate toward the warm woods, exposed beams, and eclectic textile patterns of the cozy cottage kitchen, others will find solace in the high-contrast clean lines of a spacious, light-filled Hollywood home. 

The Holiday Country Kitchen

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Iris’ cottage is the definition of cozy. Create your own intimate enclave with accent lighting and vintage touches. Integrate table lamps with low-watt bulbs, display your china and the things you use most, like the tea kettle, crock of cooking utensils, and tin of tea bags. Sprinkle in ceramic pitchers and small potted plants to complete the look. For Amanda’s sleek Hollywood kitchen, simplicity is key. Clear your kitchen counters save for the necessities that double as decor: glass bottles of wine, water, and olive oil make for a neat arrangement stoveside, wooden bowls of fresh citrus and veggies, and fresh herbs in the window sill- for that Christmas fettuccine, of course!

Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums

Classic for a kitschy Wes Anderson film, our designers are drawn to the color palette and distinct, collected decor pieces in The Royal Tenenbaums. This film is soulful and moody, filled with deep shades of pinks and reds partnered with dark mahogany furniture and trim. Havenly designer Melissa Wagner’s favorite details include the excessive and unconventional use of floor and table lamps and the dramatic and ornate patterns covering seemingly every piece of upholstery. There’s also a thoughtfulness of vertical design, with walls featuring wild zebra wallpaper, floor-to-ceiling installations of drawn portraits, wood paneling, or Eli Cash’s (Owen Wilson’s character) disturbing oversized canvases. 

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Bring large scale patterns into your space with wallpaper, upholstery, rugs and artwork. Don’t be afraid to break the laws of color and pair heavily saturated hues together—bold pinks, mustards, crimsons, and teals can all play nicely together for a space like this. Forego lighter metals such as nickel and chrome, opting for darker finishes like iron and aged brass for a more dramatic look. Above all, be sure to light it up with ornamental and antique light fixtures scattered about.

Mike Nichols' The Graduate

the graduate

White on white on white—it’s a vibe transcending time and trends. Whether we’re pulling inspiration from Mrs. Robinson’s home, The Taft Hotel room where the iconic hosiery scene happens, or the kitchen in Ben’s home where he contemplates the dread of modeling his SCUBA suit, the foundation of this film is firmly planted on white. On white. Mrs. Robinson’s home in particular reflects the glamorous side of 60s decor with black floors, white walls and doors, crystal light fixtures, wall-to-wall windows topped with black and white awnings, and iconic black and white mid-century furniture. Luxurious elements of leather, fur, marble, and crystal marry perfectly in this enviable home.

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Revive the scene by going luxe—but don’t overdo it. Instead, pull in staple 60s leather seating, faux fur throws, swagged crystal pendants, and curious table lamps. Try color blocking your space with black and white. Paint a black accent wall in a room of stark white, pop some black framed abstract art on the walls, and drape a faux fur blanket and velvet pillows on a black tufted leather sofa. Add a few more glitzy details like stocking your bar cart with ornate liquor bottles, and you’re set!


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Words by Avery Johnson