Design Man-ual presents: How to Choose a Rug

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Published on July 2, 2014

When it comes to interior design, I often look for ways to achieve the maximum reward with the minimum amount of effort. Recently, I was looking for easy bachelor pad ideas and I came up with the brilliant plan to purchase a new rug in order to spruce up the place. Simple task, right? Though I came into the rug marketplace as somewhat of a newcomer, I would say that I left as quite the rugs expert. A rugspert, if you will. Here’s some wisdom that I learned throughout my journey:

1. Size matters: Advice I was given generally follows a binary: the rug should either be large enough that it can fit under all of your furniture (that means the dining room table AND the chairs) or small enough that it can highlight a specific section of the room (the bed, coffee table, dresser, etc.). Don’t tread that awkward middle ground with your rug. You have to define the relationship. You don’t want to look at your rug and think “I’m not really sure what we are.” Make a decision!

 Image 1

^What is that, a rug for ants? Too small! (Source: Beyond Drapery)

Image 2

^This rug: just right! (Source: Jeremy Kalin)

2. Material Mishap: Dhurries and sisals and jutes oh my! How do you decide where to swim in this sea of rugs?

Image 3

(Source: In Mod)

Rug choice often comes down to durability. Sisals and natural materials are usually more resilient than other fabrics out there. Which brings me to my third point…

3. Identity Crisis: At first, I found an amazing, white tufted rug. But then, I had to take a step back. If I buy a rug, I want to walk on it. This means that a tufted rug probably isn’t sturdy enough for me. I also know that I am way too lazy to ever take a rug to be cleaned. So, should I buy a white rug?  Hell to the no; it’ll stop being white in about a week.

In the end, I went with a natural brown jute rug. It’s not too flashy, and it has a nice unifying effect on the room. It’s also strong enough to handle heavy foot traffic. So, after a long search, I now have the perfect rug and my place is one step closer to being the ultimate bachelor pad.

– Dave

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