Pilar’s Sleek City Pad

Time Several Hours

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on July 5, 2018

For the living room, Pilar wanted to combine her traditional taste with sleek pieces that would please her minimalist husband. Megan began the process with three mood boards that ranged from traditional with darker jewel tones to a more modern design with layers of white and gold. Pilar loved the minimalist feel of the third mood board, giving Megan free reign to create a beautiful, monochromatic design with tons of bold impact.

Megan’s design concepts had different color palettes but both focused on modern, sleek furnishings. Again, Pilar was drawn to the lighter design, a perfect match for the light streaming in through her incredible picture windows.

The final concept brought the glamour Pilar needed, with sleek white chairs and gorgeous gold accents. A statement coffee table rounded out the room with bold, statement-worthy pieces. When it all came together, Pilar’s space brings a sense of calm that doesn’t compete with the apartment’s incredible surroundings. Yet, the dramatic details make a big impact on the eye.

Pilar’s bedroom called for a softer approach than the glamorous living room. But, Megan still wanted to showcase the apartment’s amazing finishes, including a chevron patterned wood floor. Megan’s initial concepts took slightly different approaches: one traditional, one edging toward contemporary, and a third with a more modern feel.

Pilar loved the elegant and sleek look of Megan’s more modern mood board, and the concept Megan provided next took the room in that direction. Megan kept materials neutral to contrast with the jewel-toned blue walls, but layered tons of luxe texture to add depth and softness to the space.


Megan’s final design incorporated a plush headboard, beautifully elegant writing desk, and lots of amazing throw pillows. As the room came together in real life, those pieces created a beautifully restful space perfect for escaping from the hustle and bustle of New York

Pilar’s home is now the perfectly sleek and cohesive space she needed for her busy family. By designing two rooms with the same designer, she was able to easily transition into her new apartment, stylishly and conveniently. Altogether, it’s absolutely an urban paradise.


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Words by Kate Connors