Find your style

This week’s designer tip comes from our gifted designer and style-expert, Jennifer. Jennifer is a designer from the Boston area. After graduating from Endicott College with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, she gained experience in corporate, educational, and high-end residential design, working in both large and small firms in the city. Jennifer’s design style is eclectic and quirky, allowing for a variety of clients and always injecting a little fun into every project.

Here is Jennifer’s design tip of the week:

havenly-designer-tip-of-the-week-2“Whenever I start a new project, I always begin with the floor plan. This simple drawing serves as your jumping off point and reference sheet throughout your entire project. It can help you to understand what pieces you need, what can fit in your space, and even help you to organize your budget. All you need is a tape measure, graph paper, and a pencil. Personally, I like to draw it out, but of course there are also lots of simple computer programs and apps available as well. Start by measuring the overall width and length of your room, making sure to note the size and locations of any doors, windows, or unique architectural features. Draw this out on your graph paper and note the dimensions. Once you have this, you can begin to play with the furniture layout, keeping in mind any existing pieces you want to keep and any specific needs you may have (space for a desk, lots of book storage, seating for six, etc). Be sure to note the dimensions of the larger furniture pieces and draw in any existing pieces to scale. Once you have your plan, you can also use it to generate a budget list. It’s a good idea to snap a quick picture on your phone. That way you can refer to it when you’re out shopping, ensuring that you’re buying the right size piece at the right price.”

Thank you, Jennifer! We are so appreciative of your talent and advice! Stay tuned for more insights from our designers, debuting every Thursday!

Happy decorating,