The 7 Deadly Sins of Dorm Room Decorating

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WORDS BY The Havenly Team

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Published on July 25, 2016

Your 10-by-10 dorm room space shouldn’t be a challenge. Right? Yet every year, a new student falls victim to one of the 7 deadly sins of dorm room decorating. Don’t let it happen to you!

Sin #1: Leaving the bed barren


{A Pinch Of Lovely}

A dorm room’s standard issue twin XL bed doesn’t have to be a curse. In fact, your bed should be your go-to safe haven on campus! Get some patterned bedding, a throw blanket, and a few accent pillows to make your bed your happy place. These are some of our favorite bed styles that can take center stage in any dorm room.

Sin #2: Blank walls



One of the best ways to stylize your dorm room is to spice up your walls. Let your personality show! But make sure you do it right. With lightweight, low-cost frames, you can deck out your dorm walls easily – and with no walls harmed in the process. Simple prints, posters, or friend photo collages are great options to mix and match to make this space your own.

Sin #3: Accepting the flooring for what it is (ugly)


{Apartment Therapy}

Don’t let your dorm room tiles (or laminate…or HEAVENS linoleum) be an eyesore. Soften up a stark dorm room with a chic area rug. This is hands down the best way to add some personality to your space. Go bold with colored patterns or hides or anchor your room with a neutral palette. There’s no way to go wrong!

Sin #4: Plastic storage towers


{The Every Girl}

We get it, dorm rooms are short-term living spaces and should be convenient above all else. But not all storage units are created equal. We know you’ve seen those translucent plastic drawer towers in many a ramshackle bedroom — don’t let that be you. Look to Ikea or Target for stylish alternatives that still fit the budget. These pieces will go a long way to upgrading your dorm room.

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Dorm room sinner? Clean up your decorating act with our curated dorm room packages.

Sin #5: No lamps


{Glitter Guide}

Dorm lighting is usually fluorescent or bust. Fluorescent overhead lights are notoriously harsh on the eyes and also land you in a pickle when it comes to coordinating study schedules with your roommate during finals week. One lamp and voila! Not only is this a chance for a fun desktop accessory, you’ll have granted yourself softer lighting for studying. You’ll have style, you’ll have grace, you’ll have….much better lighting options for your side of the dorm room space.

Sin #6: All work and no play... on the shelves


{Fashionista’s Diary}

School = books. But your bookshelf doesn’t have to be just books! Break up the monotony with some fun accent pieces, unique memorabilia, or mix in some stylish storage pieces. Treat your dorm shelving as a chance to show where fashion meets function.

Sin #7: Not taking advantage of the windows


{April Look}

Especially in a dorm, your window is your sanctuary, your escape. Give your window the attention it deserves with some cascading ferns on the sill, dreamy stained glass plates to catch the sunlight, or flowy drapes to add length and color to your room. A well decorated window makes a great focal point for any room and will be its own breath of fresh air!