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What's Your Dorm Room Style?






Excited for college to kick off but aren't sure what to do about your cramped quarters? We can help! Shop our ready-to-decorate dorm room packages for a space your entire floor will be envious of.

Not sure which package is right for you? Take our dorm room personality quiz to find out! 


The Free Spirit

Free spirits often have the most welcoming and well-designed rooms. Probably because they’re not afraid to break design rules and do what feels right for their individual style. So go on, get your free spirit on!

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The Hipster

Hipsterism isn’t just the creative pursuit of witty banter – it’s a state of mind. And with copper tones and black & white accents, this hipster dorm style embraces that life wholeheartedly.

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The All-American

Honesty, wholesomeness and impeccable style are the all American characteristics that this particular dorm room style abides by.

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The Athlete

This sports-forward dorm decoration package is a perfect fit for the student who has zero time for anything other than training, competing, studying and sleeping.

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The Social Butterfly

This easygoing dorm room style is the perfect setup for a cool, calm and collected space to call your own, which you most likely need if you’re a social butterfly!

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The Rebel

Don’t simply say it, yell it! With galvanized metal edge and brazen throw pillows, this rebel dorm room look truly lets its freak flag fly...

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The Intellectual

The minimalist influences, geometric patterns and natural wood finishes in this dorm room style create the perfect environment for reflecting on life’s biggest questions.

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The Life Of The Party

With layers upon layers of energetic patterns and color, this dorm room look provides the energy that every life of the party needs to refresh their spirits.

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