Everything You Need to Know about Fake Plants

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WORDS BY The Havenly Team

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Published on August 9, 2018

We all know plants are super trendy at the moment. If you don’t have a perfectly curated collection of greenery all over your apartment, are you even on instagram? I mean, Apartment Therapy even has an entire separate account devoted to the #plantlife. But, some of us just aren’t blessed with green thumbs. Mine might even be called black….I’ve managed to kill even the hardiest of species. Blame it on immaturity, lack of discipline, or plain bad luck, but I need a new solution.

Enter the fake plant. “Faux” if you’re feeling fancy. Fake greenery has a bad reputation. It conjures up images of nineties-style faux ivy trailing over tuscan-finished walls, collecting a heavy coating of dust. But, plant-mimicking technology has come a long way since then. So, I pulled together all the info you’ll need to create your own fake plant paradise.

Step one to faking your own jungalow is picking a convincing plant. After extensive research, we’re loving the way faux trees and green plants look, but fake flowers still leave a little to be desired. I recommend shopping around in person, so you can feel the leaves and make sure the plastic looks real enough for your space. Here are a few favorites:

  • Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig: This tall beauty from World Market is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but it’s worth it for the quality and impact of this beautiful fig tree!
  • Faux Potted Cactus: Cacti are all the rage but they can be absurdly expensive. This pretend version from Urban outfitters looks legit but won’t die on you. Plus, the pot is minimalist enough to fit with any decor.
  • Artificial Rubber Plant: A rubber plant looks great filling an empty corner and bringing some life to the space! This one won’t turn brown when you forget to water it, though. Nearly Natural makes a ton of great faux species, but this is one of my favorites.

Whatever you choose, look for asymmetrical and imperfect styles…because no real plant is perfect! Some faux plants even have bendable branches so you can create your own totally believable look.

Once you’ve decided on your plant, you’ll want to really sell the charade by choosing a beautiful planter! Don’t leave your plant in its store-provided plastic base. A real planter or basket adds a super convincing feel to any faux plant. You can even add a little bit of topsoil over the base to for extra authenticity.

In terms of long-term care, make sure you dust those leaves! Dusty stems are a dead giveaway, so adding the extra task to your cleaning routine is definitely worth it. Finally, in directly the opposite strategy for real plants, try to keep your faux beauties out of scorching sunlight. That way, the leaves won’t fade over time.

With that, plant-challenged friends, go out and get yourself some greenery. You don’t even have to tell anyone it’s fake.

Words by Kate Connors