The Non-Cliché Fall Mantel Decor Our Designers Are *Adding to Cart*

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on September 15, 2022

When a new season comes around, the impulse to freshen up your home is perfectly natural. What better way to welcome change than with a few new decorative elements? Now, will fall just around the corner, Havenly’s designers are dreaming about stunning autumnal decor with earth tone hues, natural textures, and graceful silhouettes. But don’t get us wrong—the fall mantel decor they’re obsessing over is far from cliché.

Spooky pumpkins and multicolored leaves are fantastic fall mainstays, but if you want to give your mantel a seasonal refresh in a subtler way, allow us to be your guide. With small decorative touches, you can bring a sense of warmth to your home that’s perfect for this time of year. A few simple, refined touches will transition your mantel moment for cozy season. 

The best fall mantel decor will elevate the overall look of your interior in a budget-friendly manner. Ready to bid summer adieu? See the autumn-inspired decor that Havenly designer Kelsey Fischer is adding to her cart—and consider it for your own mantel.

Fall mantel decor ideas

1. Lusto Glass Hurricane Candle Holders

Fall mantel decor ideas

The smoked, fluted glass of these hurricane lanterns helps candles give off a perfect ambient glow. Its ombre effect and cut glass texture makes it look especially polished—perfect for setting atop a mantel in a pair of two off to one side.

2. Burl Wood Boxes

Fall mantel decor ideas

Not only do these burl wood boxes act as a sneaky storage solution (stash that visually distracting remote control), their burl design adds depth, interest, and warmth to your mantel. We love the look of stacking one on top of the other, perhaps layered in front of a statement piece of art.

3. Decorative Black & Gold Pumpkins

Fall mantel decor ideas

We know pumpkins don’t necessarily fall into the “non-cliche” category, but let’s be real — it’s hard to resist them when it comes to fall decor. Consider saving the real thing for your porch and place one of these elegant faux options on your mantel instead. Their non-traditional black and brass design can pair with just about any interior style. 

4. Violet Match Cloche

Fall mantel decor ideas

Who says your matches are something that have to be tucked away? This cloche is a stylish way to store and display a functional item. Its violet hue also pairs well with traditional autumn hues like rust and deep orange. Pair with tapered candles on your fall mantel for a chic, golden glow (see next tip).

5. Hammond Tapered Candle Holders

Fall mantel decor ideas

You don’t need a special occasion to pull out the “good candlesticks.” These sculptural taper holders are so elegant that they can make your whole space look and feel a little fancier. Pair them with colorful candles (like these beeswax ones).

6. Fluted Glass & Iron Vase

Fall mantel decor ideas

These mixed-material vases have a sweet vintage feel to them, but they can still work in more contemporary spaces. Their classic shape is great for holding autumnal foliage or branches—a perfect display for your fall mantel decor.

7. Bittersweet Faux Branch

Fall mantel decor ideas

This faux branch stem is a great way to add some subtle fall color to your mantel—just pop it in a vase (like the one above) and enjoy its everlasting beauty for this season, and the one to come.

8. Venus Candle

Fall mantel decor ideas

“I love a sculptural candle,” Kelsey says. The ancient Greek-inspired design of this one makes it totally elegant, and even a little mysterious on your fall mantel (talk about spooky chic Halloween decor). We don’t blame you if you decide to leave it unburnt!  

9. Seagrass Wrapped Glass Vase

Fall mantel decor ideas

Decorative items with mixed textures tend to add dimension to a space. This seagrass-wrapped vase is the perfect vessel for an autumnal-hued bouquet on your mantel—but it also looks great on its own. 

10. Rise & Fall Wall Art

Fall mantel decor ideas

Large, abstract pieces of art tend to look great hung above mantels—but you can also style them leaning against the wall, with a few other decorative accents. The fall colors in this artwork will add a sense of warmth to your space.

11. Brass Plated Natural Beads

Fall mantel decor ideas

The rich brass tone and texture of these decorative beads makes them a great addition to a mantel display. “You can layer them over books around a vase or in a bowl on your mantel for a metallic accent that’s perfect for fall,” Kelsey says.

12. Brass Pumpkin

Fall mantel decor ideas

Love a good gourd? This brass-tone pumpkin is great for layering—even with other pumpkin decor! It’s an easy way to add a sophisticated seasonal feel to your fall mantel decor. 

From fall mantel decor ideas to perfecting room flow, our designers are chock-full of expert tips. Start with our style quiz to work with a design pro one-on-one.

Words by Rebecca Deczynki