25 Designer-Curated Earth Tone Color Palettes That Will Cozy Up Your Home

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on May 28, 2024

We’ll always love a high contrast black-and-white moment or a fun tropical color palette, but there’s something incredibly timeless about earth tones. From warm brown to serene sage, these calming hues lend a laid-back, cozy feel to any space. Plus, thanks to design trends like organic modern and all brown everything, earthy color schemes are taking center-stage once again.

“Earth tones are a go-to when I’m looking to create a calm, comforting, and warm atmosphere,” says Havenly lead designer Toussaint Derby. “They all contain some brown pigment, which explains their muted appearance and cocooning effect on a space.” 

Ahead, Toussaint shares her favorite earth-toned color palettes, plus her number-one tip for pulling off earth tones in a space: texture! “To add depth and contrast to grounded earth tones, texture is essential,” she adds. “Layer in varied materials like leather, rattan, jute, shearling, faux fur, linen, and beyond.”

1. Earth Tone Color Palette: Camel, Brown & Ivory

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

For an earth tone color palette that leans neutral and a bit minimalist, play with shades of brown, light beige, rich camel, and a hint of black for a little edge. This earth toned approach leans modern and contemporary, and looks beautiful with fresh house plants for a little pop of natural color.

2. Earth Tone Color Palette: Soft Blue, Brass & Walnut

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

Brown, blue, and brass is a time-honored earth toned color palette that’s as timeless as it is on-trend. Complement the look with crisp ivory and fresh blooms for a hint of green, and you’ll have a space that’s a little traditional, a little coastal, and 100% classic.

3. Earth Tone Color Palette: Evergreen, Dusty Pink & Ochre

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

When in doubt, pair cool, bold evergreen with warm-toned ochre, dusty pink, and crisp off-white for a space that’s perfectly relaxing and balanced. This classic earth tone color palette makes a space feel moody and saturated, without leaning too bold or dark.

4. Earth Tone Color Palette: Navy, Cognac & Beige

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

Looking for a tried-and-true earth tone color palette? Look no further than deep navy blue, cognac leather, and shades of ivory and gray. This color scheme features a classic mix of warm and cool tones to create a layered, cozy space that will never go out of style.

5. Earth Tone Color Palette: Soft Coral, French Blue & Brown

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

Create a serene, calming atmosphere at home with a soft palette of French blue, beige, off-white, and shades of dusty pink. Complement the look with natural wood tones and barely-there patterns for a subtle artful eclectic vibe.

6. Earth Tone Color Palette: Sage, Clay & Ivory

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

Looking to add some warmth and coziness to your home? Look no further than a sage, clay and ivory color palette with soft blue accents. This combination creates a serene, organic environment with a hint of modern elegance. Pair it with brass accents to complement the sage green.

7. Earth Tone Color Palette: Crimson, Cognac & White

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

If you’re looking to shake things up a bit, why not consider a crimson, cognac and white color palette? This combination of rich reds, warm browns, and crisp whites will give your space a bold and luxurious feel that’s sure to impress. The rich tones add depth and texture, while the crispness of the white lends eye-catching contrast.

8. Earth Tone Color Palette: Forest Brown, Black & Olive

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

If you’re looking to bring a little bit of the outdoors in, then a forest brown, black, and olive green color palette is the perfect solution. These natural hues work together beautifully to create a laid back and inviting atmosphere. The brown, taupe, and olive add warmth and depth, while the black provides contrast and sophistication.

9. Earth Tone Color Palette: Soft Neutrals & Dusty Mauve

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

This combination of classic neutrals and soft pops of color come together to create a space that feels layered and cozy. The white and beige act as a neutral base, while the taupe and dusty mauve add warmth and depth to the overall look. The finished look is minimal and sophisticated, with a hint of warm personality.

10. Earth Tone Color Palette: Cognac, Ivory & Terracotta

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

This mid-century modern-inspired color palette strikes the perfect balance between cozy and refined. The cognac leather and terracotta lean warm and retro, while the black, taupe, and ivory add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

11. Earth Tone Color Palette: Rust, White & Pops of Lime

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

This unique blend of warm earth tones and cool pops of color creates a dynamic, inviting, and eclectic atmosphere. The brick red and rust hues add depth and richness, while the lime green and dusty pink introduce a playful, whimsical vibe. Topped with turquoise throw pillows, this interior is eye-catching and unexpected.

12. Earth Tone Color Palette: Lemon, Marigold & Neutrals

This sunny lemon, marigold, ivory, and tan palette emits warmth and comfort. The citrine accents infuse the space with vitality and enthusiasm, while the ivory and tan lean grounding and minimalist. Finished with fresh greenery, it’s organic modern perfection.

13. Earth Tone Color Palette: Charcoal and Chocolate

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

If the idea of a bold terracotta or earthy green seems too far out of your color comfort zone, fear not: there are plenty of subtle, neutral earth tones you can bring into your space. Take the timeless combo of charcoal and chocolate, for example. Varying shades of brown, tan, and cream mixed with grounding charcoal makes for a refined, chic take on the rustic look. It’s a perfectly understated palette that adds undeniable warmth.

14. Earth Tone Color Palette: Evergreen, Winter White & Oxblood

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

Red, green, and white aren’t just for the holidays. These complementary colors work beautifully together no matter the season, especially when paired with grounding tan, warm wood, and luxe brass accents. When working with more bold earth tones, select one primary color (in this case, evergreen) and pepper in complementary accents (like the oxblood bench). 

15. Earth Tone Color Palette: Latte and Spiced Red

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

As you can imagine, coffee-inspired browns, warm cream, and spice rack reds add endless warmth to a space. To pull off this cozy earth toned palette, bring in eye-catching brass and rich wood tones to complement the red, and opt for clean, neutral walls to balance out the look. The end result is sophisticated, yet cozy. 

16. Earth Tone Color Palette: Deep Navy and Terracotta

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

Here is another example of two complementary hues on the color wheel working well together in a space. Here, cool navy blue is the hero color, while the terracotta orange in the bench and area rug adds a hint of warmth. The contrast makes for a dynamic, well-balanced space that still reads earthy.

17. Earth Tone Color Palette: Rust and Mustard

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

This living room is proof that bold, warm earth tone hues, like mustard yellow and rusty red, can still bode well together. To pull this off, remember that a little goes a long way, and be sure to balance out the vibrant colors with plenty of crisp white and ivory. Bring in color with accent furniture and decor, versus wall-to-wall paint or hero furniture.

18. Earth Tone Color Palette: Black, Ivory, and Ochre

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

If you tend to favor a neutral color palette, stick to your preferred black, white, and gray with an earthy color pop, like ochre. This rich, golden earth tone pairs beautifully with gold or brass accents, and easily adds a hint of warmth to an otherwise minimalist aesthetic. Even a few ochre throw pillows and a vase or two will get the job done!  

19. Earth Tone Color Palette: Navy, Off-White, Burnt Orange

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

Burnt orange and deep navy are another foolproof match that take inspiration from the color wheel. Brighten up the bold earth tones with light wood furniture, texture-rich bouclé, hints of brass, and a pop of cool green via live plants. The end result is sophisticated, timeless, and understated.

20. Earth Tone Color Palette: Shades of Sage

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

Sage is one of the most popular earth tones (not to mention our 2021 color of the year), and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it incredibly calming, it essentially functions as a neutral while still adding a hint of color to a space. To add some much-needed contrast, bring in warm wood tones, cognac or brick red accents, and brass hardware for a perfect earthy palette.

21. Earth Tone Color Palette: Navy, Gray, and Pine

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

If you’re looking for rich earth tones that still feel bold, look no further than navy, charcoal gray, and pine green. When paired with warm wood flooring, ambient lighting, and brass touches, this color palette feels like it was tailor-made for a moody at-home library.

22. Earth Tone Color Palette: Olive and Bronze

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

Warm neutrals with yellow undertones paired with cool olive and bronze accents create a sun-filled backdrop that’s stylish and inviting. Add in a hint of warm cognac leather and graphic black and white artwork, and you have a dynamic earth-toned living space fit for Friday nights at home.

23. Earth Tone Color Palette: Brown, Pumpkin, Cream & Leaf Green

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

On paper, this color palette certainly reads a bit bold. But when done right, leaf green, pumpkin orange, and rich gray-brown can pair beautifully together. Here, the charcoal brown is the hero color, while the green and orange are brought in via unexpected ceiling wallpaper. The end result feels surprisingly subtle and unique. 

24. Earth Tone Color Palette: Dusty Blush and Taupe

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

On the softer side of earth tones, dusty blush and warm taupe look particularly elegant together. Consider this tried-and-true color combo if your space leans modern-traditional or classic — it’s subtle, feminine, and refined. Add a hint of drama with a marble coffee table, black throw pillows, and luxe velvet drapes.

25. Earth Tone Color Palette: Emerald, British Tan & Wheat

Earth tones | Earth tone color palette

This earthy color palette has “fall” written all over it. The emerald green keeps things fresh and crisp, while the tan and wheat bring in some grounding warmth. Pair it with bold wallpaper and leather-bound books for a timeless, classic aesthetic. 

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Words by Kelsey Clark