Create the Farmhouse Dining Room of Your Dreams

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on December 19, 2019

Dream of hosting friends and families for lavish, yet relaxed dinner parties? Do you want to create a dining room that’s cozy and constantly in use, rather than formal and infrequently visited? 

Farmhouse design can transform a cold or uninviting dining room into the warm and inviting heart of the home. In the tradition of farmhouse living, the dining room is a place for everyone to gather each evening, these days typically from the day at the office or school, to break bread and share a meal. To achieve that energy that makes family gather round at meal-time (and linger long after) try out some decor inspired by the rustic farmhouse look. 

A must-have in the farmhouse dining room is the ever-sturdy harvest table. Whether old or new, this large table will be the focal point of the room’s design. Depending on the size of the table, you’ll likely be able to fit anywhere from 6 to twelve guests at any given meal. 

A table of this size might seem daunting, but adding soft touches such as a bowl laden with fresh fruit, a few pillar candles, or a few bulb vases with simple floral arrangements can make the table appear more inviting.

The classic farmhouse can bring to mind vibrant rooster reds and classic checkered plaids. To give country style an updated look in your dining room, find more sophisticated and subtle prints in dark navy or hunter green. Don’t shy away from mixing classic patterns, as long as they include a few common colors. The checkered entry rug pairs well with the natural fiber navy rug in the dining room above. 

Look for textured navy rugs, or printed seat covers to soften the space, while making it sophisticated.

Farmhouse dining rooms evoke a sense of history, so finding a heritage-inspired lighting fixture can go a long way to serve as a focal point in the room. Don’t shy away from sculptural metal chandeliers–they’ll create a wow factor, as well as provide perfect mood lighting over your table.

Remove cabinet doors and hardware from each shelf to create a more open and cozy vibe in your dining room, or purchase open-shelving from the start to show off favorite knick-knacks or dining ware. 

For a twist on open shelving, select cabinets with glass or transparent panes.

Farmhouse design came from the barebones tradition of farm living, but that doesn’t mean guests have to be uncomfortable in your dining room. Find comfortable seating with a small footprint, so you can pack guests in around the table, without sacrificing space. 

Alternatively, go for a classic wooden bench on one or both long sides of the table for a classic, albeit a little less comfy, harvest table.

Farmhouse design is rich in tradition and can put guests at ease as soon as they walk into the room. Nailing the farmhouse dining room isn’t complicated, and bringing in a few signature touches can perfect the atmosphere.

Try these farmhouse dining room design tips yourself at home or let a professional interior designer do the heavy lifting to bring your vision to life. You can collaborate online with a designer who won’t stop until you love the results. Explore farmhouse interior designers to find your perfect match—regardless of your budget or space. 

Not sure a farmhouse dining room is the right style for you? Take our quiz to discover your perfect interior design inspiration.

Words by Emma Diehl