The Femme Den: A Ladies Hideaway

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Published on August 23, 2017

Men have the man cave, so why shouldn’t women have their own retreat? A place to have a little you-time and focus on the things that relax and interest you – away from the craziness of the rest of the house. You deserve it, so find a small space in your home and follow our tips below to create your own Femme Den!

Practice The Art Of Zen

Chances are, you could use a little R&R, so include elements that help bring your stress level to zero. Surround yourself with cozy textiles, fluffy pillows and scented candles. Even consider adding a dimmer switch so that you can control the lighting. Maybe you’re settling in for some Headspace and want the room darker, or maybe crocheting is your stress reliever and you need more light. A dimmer switch will help you get the lighting just right.

Look for down-filled pillows. Those will be the softest and most comfortable. Try a faux fur pillow cover and a chunky knit throw. You’ll melt right into your sofa!

Here are our favorite products for creating that zen vibe.


Do You!

In the rest of your home, you’ve likely compromised your style to meet the needs of whomever else lives with you. Maybe it’s your kids or your husband, but your home probably doesn’t completely reflect you and your style. This is your chance! Your Femme Den is all yours, so decorate it the way you want to. The great thing is that you can take a few more risks with the decor than you might with the rest of your house. Try wallpaper, or a bold color on the walls, or a funky lamp that you’ve been eyeing but don’t know where to place.

You want your Femme Den to feel inspirational. Maybe you’ll use it for quiet time, or maybe you’ll embrace creative projects in the space. You could write the next great novel in this room! Whatever it is, create an atmosphere that makes you feel inspired.

Try one of these wallpapers for a ‘WOW’ moment in your Femme Den.


Don’t Forget Function

Where will you set your wine or tea? Where will you store your yarn and crochet needles, or your book collection? Where will you prop your feet up? Consider how you will use the room and make those practical pieces pretty too! Serena and Lily has some functional but cute baskets for storage, and CB2 offers tables that are unique and affordable. Combining form and function in your Femme Den will make it a true retreat.

Hopefully you feel prepared to create your own Femme Den, but our fantastic designers are always here should you need help!

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Happy Decorating

– Kylee