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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Megan Hannig
Available next week
I enjoy using neutrals found in Classic and Coastal design to create a soft and timeless space, I also love incorporating deep, rich colors and bold prints found in Traditional design.
Mariel Ruiz
Available in 2 weeks
Japandi because it blends two cultures that, despite their great distance, share an important connection: their value of nature.
Janina Da Rosa Pisarski
Available in 2 weeks
I love the aesthetic achieved by blending natural, neutral, and functional materials with vibrant and textured details, resulting in something utterly unique and brimming with personality. I deeply believe that the essence of a great space lies in crafting a design that is functional and wholly reflects the individual who will inhabit it.
Daniela Gonzalez
Available in 2 weeks
My favorite style is Eclectic, because it has a mix of different styles and you can play with colours and shapes to create a master piece. Also my main objetive is always the comfort and cozyness of the space.
Dawn McIntyre
Available in 2 weeks
My style is a mix of clean lines and neutrals, spiced up with playful pops of color. I believe in keeping things versatile and interesting, blending textures to give your space a comfy yet stylish feel. I love tailoring designs to match personalities and taste.
Karina Perez
Available in 2 weeks
I love a neutral tone room because it will always feel timeless and elegant. I think of it like a blank canvas that you can change occasionally, on a low budget; for example, just by adding new throw pillows or by accessorizing your coffee table. I am all about including statement pieces in areas such as the living room; it will help elevate the place and create the feeling that your home is unique. Plants are also a must; they bring so much life!
Danahe Ziehl
Available in 2 weeks
I would describe my style as eclectic; I like combining different designs into one cohesive whole. When it comes to styling, I prefer modern spaces with pieces that give the nod to the vintage era; I like layering the clean lines of modern furniture with traditional elements to give an eclectic spin. I love playing with neutrals but also a pop of color.
Maria LLeras
Available in 2 weeks
I personally like the styles that bring natural elements or references to nature into the space, such as Scandinavian, Farmhouse, and Midcentury Modern.
Ana Matamoros
Available in 2 weeks
I love modern style because it provides a warm and clean look, specially when its paired with timeless pieces of furniture. In today's hectic world, having a calm oasis to come home to is priceless. I believe that our spaces should not only look good, but they should also have great energy, that's why I use Feng Shui principles when designing a home.
Celeste De Filippi
Available in 2 weeks
I mix multiple aesthetics, I don't confine myself when designing. My interventions are inevitably influenced by the architecture and essence of the space itself, as well as the user's tastes and daily dynamics. With all this in mind I focus on creating spaces where the juxtaposition of both parameters generates fresh, unique and non predictable spaces. My musts: clean lines, neutral soft color palette -with pops of color in accent pieces-; noble materials; contemporary furniture&lightning.
Mausam Pathak
Available in 2 weeks
My preferred design style leans towards modern and minimalist, characterized by earthy neutral aesthetics. I approach design with a strong emphasis on simplicity and practicality, believing that design should authentically reflect one's persona.
Begona Alarcon
Available in 2 weeks
I like to create unique and welcoming designs. I believe that mixing different textures, patterns, and finishes helps create unique looks and inviting spaces!
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