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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Fendy Castillo
Available next week
I love designing every style, but I prefer contemporary, modern, and mid-century. I like functional, timeless, and stylish interiors. I also love mixing patterns, colors, and textures. I personally think this brings a perfect balance to a room. I am passionate about designing spaces where you can really see the true reflection of every client.
Daniela Morales
Available next week
I think my favorite design aesthetic is a mix of various styles. If you asked me about one in particular, I would say that organic or biophilic modernism is the one that uses the most elements that I like, but there are four more styles that I love and from which I rescue specific elements to create a unique design. I want to highlight my other favorite styles: Contemporary, Industrial, Scandinavian and Minimalism.
Camila Padilla
Available next week
I love finding and combining rustic wood-finish furniture and high-end, sculptural statement items. I create cohesive spaces, using a balanced color palette, inspired by nature, organic shapes, noble materials, and warm, light neutral base tones. I aim to design timeless, bright, clutter-free spaces that spark joy. I consider myself a minimalist; I tend not to fill up every inch of the space, and that's why I love finding unique items to bring in character and personality to living spaces.
Dulce Luna
Available next week
My favorite design aesthetic is Contemporary and Scandinavian. I enjoy creating inspirational and unique spaces, and I love to add a pop of color, textures, or patterns. I know that all spaces have the potential to be both functional and beautiful.
Faith Brungardt
Available next week
I gravitate towards a classic and traditional design aesthetic. I love a space that feels cozy and curated, with layers of textures and different materials.
Hannah Rousselle
Available next week
I have a difficult time choosing a favorite design aesthetic because I love so many different design types. I love bold colors and wallpapers, but also love neutral colors and calming patterns.
Sophia Gomez Amezcua
Available next week
I don't have a favorite design aesthetic, all of the styles are beautiful and unique in their way so I enjoy creating and appreciating the different aesthetics available for a design. I do feel comfortable designing an eclectic space with a rich color palette or going the other way a nice and calm neutral place based on contrast.
Ailen Cremieux
Available next week
I love to design with natural light in mind, as the protagonist. I always seek to achieve the feeling of home and warmth. I believe that there are as many styles as there are people, and there is no one right way to do it. My way of designing is very personalized, the perfect style will be one way or another, depending on the personality of my client. The versatility and creativity to solve this is what I love most about design.
Ana Ambriz
Available next week
I love getting to know people and translating their personalities into spaces, and to achieve I believe that taking elements from different styles is the key. Mine would be organic but modern, with lots of plants and a touch of eclectic colors.
Priscilla Moiseoff
Available next week
Modern Eclectic is my favorite aesthetic however I have an appreciation for all design styles! When done correctly a beautifully designed space can change the mood of those in it, no matter the aesthetic.
Agostina Rapisardi
Available next week
A modern design aesthetic, using natural materials and fabrics to create a comfortable yet stylish environment. Embracing wood, neutral colors, and emphasizing textures such as wool, linen, and cotton. Clean lines and minimalist design bring simplicity and functionality to any space. The use of natural light is also essential, enhancing the existing windows to create an airy feel. This design style is perfect for those seeking a warm and inviting atmosphere that is both chic and practical.
Ivan Viloria
Available next week
My design aesthetic is a mix of a neutral palette with a pop of color, pattern play and soft textures. I love to help people make reality their dream space. It is my philosophy to create spaces as functional and beautiful, reflects clients' personality, and satisfy their needs. I am a committed person about making sure you LOVE the space we are collaborating in.
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