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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Claire Olson
📍 Saint Paul, MN
Available this week
I absolutely love minimalism, but I definitely have an eclectic mix of pieces in my own home!
Mariela Tardan
📍 San Pedro Garza Garcia, NL
Available this week
I love being able to create an environment where the user feels comfortable and awed. My favorite design aesthetic is the one I create with my clients each time we get set on a new project. I feel that a designer should be able to display any kind of design based on the user/client needs, but if you ask, my favorite styles are bold spaces, such as Midcentury Modern, Industrial with pops of color, and Contemporary.
Gabriela Guerrero
📍 Panama City, Panama
Available this week
I really like Scandinavian, bohemian, or farmhouse design. Featuring gentle contours, playful accent colors, and a balance of classic and organic materials. A design aesthetic that transports your imagination to French Provence.
Maria Santos
📍 Guayaquil, Ecuador
Available this week
I love using vibrant colors, natural textures, and lightning. In Addition, developing concepts and achieve a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics has always been my designing goal.
Abigail Espinosa
📍 Lima, Peru
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is a mixture of modern and old but still minimal. It definitely includes a lot of neutral tones, wooden textures, natural fibers, and plants. I love to decor most rooms with vases, candles, and books to achieve a very cozy space.
Kerry Kalu
📍 Salem, MA
Available this week
My ultimate design aesthetic has to be the Spanish casita. It's the perfect blend of warmth, natural textures, and bold color palettes while still remaining timeless and modern.
Katiusca Mosquera
📍 Charleston, SC
Available this week
I consider my style a mix of Midcentury modern, industrial and minimalistic. I love clean lives, plush fabrics and handcrafted things. I always took the best of all the styles to create a sofisticaded, pure and a place that you can realy enjoy with your family and friends.
Keimesha Grove
📍 Hudson, NY
Available this week
I consider my design styles to be contemporary, modern, and minimal. These styles when both design elements and principles of design create a peaceful, calm, and clean design space. A space that creates function, beauty, and uniqueness is my aim with any space. Though I have specified those design styles, my aim is always to tend to the needs of my clients, leaving them with a space that they will love, enjoy and remain forever happy.
Carla Goncalves
📍 Mexico City
Available this week
Clean and Minimalist with lots of Color Pops
Adan Elizondo
📍 san pedro garza garcia
Available this week
Creating interiors with an acute sense of quality and detail. Clean lines, symmetry and balance are a base for creating inviting, serene and pure yet warm spaces. This base is the perfect platform for layering personal objects and unique pieces that complete any space and make it unique to you. I aim for timeless and apparent simplicity and love classic, authentic and raw materials Each project is unique and influenced by context and personality, I enjoy working with people and exploring
Alison Wojciechowski
📍 Redington Beach, FL
Available this week
My favorite design Aesthetic is Coastal with some Farmhouse. I love adding décor and furniture elements that represent the ocean as well as some natural elements such as wood textures and tones. I like to design a space that is light and airy, as well as one that brings the outdoors in.
Tyara Olden
📍 Gable, SC
Available this week
My design aesthetic is transitional it is a style that is ever-changing as time and style evolve. I enjoy a neutral palette with earth-tone accents. My favorite accessories are geographically themed or inspired. I always go for a cozy space with big pillows and comfy blankets. These are just a few things that feel like home to me. What feels like home to you?
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