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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Kate Harvey
Available in 3 weeks
My style is all about pulling together natural and organic elements into a very layered and collected look. I believe that memories make the best accessories, so I like to include pieces that are meaningful to my client in each design.
Austin Frost
Available in 3 weeks
I absolutely love anything cozy, inviting, and relaxing! My favorite spaces to design are nurseries, kid's rooms, play rooms, etc! I love creating spaces for them to build their imagination and grow!
Lilia Aguirre
Available in 3 weeks
One of my favorite design aesthetics is a contemporary look with a mix of textures, patterns, neutral colors, statement pieces, and bold accessories. I love adding greenery to any design that makes it feels warmer. I believe that all spaces have the potential to be functional and beautiful.
Stacy Drew
Available in 4 weeks
Everything vintage, boho rugs, bauhaus style, MCM architecture. Be sure to check out my Instagram stories for daily design inspo and a glimpse of my style in action.
Christina Nickerson
Available in 4 weeks
Cozy, Clean, Calming. Something that makes your space comfortable and inviting.
David Cavazos
Available in 4 weeks
I like finishing touches that mix raw materials like wood, concrete, exposed brick, neutral balanced tones, and bold accent colors in a piece with functional furniture, geometrical forms, minimal decor, and natural plants to balance the room.
Claire Sapone
Available in 4 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is transitional. I love blending modern-classic pieces that set the foundation of a space mixed with new styles to create a fresh feel to a room with a grounded base! I appreciate the balance of sleekness and comfort where my love for both old and new come together in harmony.
Sharon Arteaga
Available in 4 weeks
I get a lot of inspiration by the shapes that modern design can offer to a space, I love that feeling of order in the room that we can get with modern furniture... but to be honest I like all styles, I think that each one has particular story to tell us...
Ali Davis
Available in 4 weeks
I would say the eclectic aesthetic is my favorite because it allows me to take from other styles and create something beautiful. Choosing one favorite design aesthetic is hard when interior design is constantly evolving!
Christopher Hernandez
Available in 4 weeks
Hi, I’m Christopher, a designer from Mexico, and I would love to have the opportunity to design any space for you. Getting to know you is very important to me because it’s essential to know about your lifestyle and your needs, so I can provide the best design. I believe you should love your rooms and everything in them.
Jack Hutchens
Available in 4 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is traditional because I love symmetry, patterns, and warm colors. I really like working with warm woods, rich colors, and fabrics that are cozy and welcoming.
Simrin Herrington
Available in 4 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is designing with contrast. Using colors or textures that create contrast within the design make a huge impact on creating the overall feel of a space.
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