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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Alejandra Ruiz
Available next week
I´m sure that the style can be changed over the years. So for now I consider that my favorite design aesthetic is bohemian. But what I love the most is creating the energy of the house, that feeling of belonging, A place where you feel comfortable and at peace. It is super important to introduce natural elements and textures to the space to create that feeling.
Carolina Herrera
Available next week
I truly enjoy all design styles! But I love how the mix of colors and patterns in eclectic styles gives a bold character to the space, the use of greenery and natural textiles in Bohemian, and the unique pieces of furniture in Midcentury design.
Sam Macleod
Available next week
I love designing spaces that are timeless with modern touches. It's always important to me to blend old with new, curating pieces that are personalized to each client. The projects I design are always focused on being beautiful, comfortable, and functional.
Hollie Choules
Available in 2 weeks
I love all types of design styles and I believe the best-designed spaces do more than shout "I am XYZ aesthetic!" at those who enter. But if pressed I would admit that my own home is a farmhouse leaning eclectic style and that childhood in the mountains endeared the rustic style to my heart.
Jaime Robinson
Available in 2 weeks
Midcentury Modern & Farmhouse are my favorite design aesthetic. I love the simple design and clean lines mixed with the history of found items. I like to have fun with some Bohemian colors & Global vibes to show where you've been and have your home tell your story.
Mirella Solari
Available in 2 weeks
I think that functionality it's the base of every design so I love to make sure that this first step it's the most important. After that, I like to use my knowledge to orient my clients keeping their own aesthetic so the result it's exactly what they have been looking for. Personally, I love to have clean lines as bases and then add items that bring color, and happiness and that mean something to the final user and light up the room.
Deyanira Solis
Available in 2 weeks
I really like cozy and modern designs like Midcentury Modern style but at the same, I like to match colors and create fun spaces. Eclectic designs make a place unique and wonderful too.
Erin Kragel
Available in 2 weeks
I prefer a lived-in, intimate, and cozy aesthetic. Also, I'm an outdoorsy girl, so I love to create designs that are influenced by the outdoors using earth tones and lots of organic natural elements like woods, stone, and plants balanced with lots of natural lighting and white walls to open up the space paired with contrasting black accents.
Faith Ize-Iyamu
Available in 2 weeks
I love a lot of interior design aesthetic, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be glam.
Maria Camila Monroy
Available in 2 weeks
Color is my favorite design aesthetic as it has the power to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and create unique moods. When working with color, I think beyond just bold shades and explore the entire spectrum, including neutral tones and monochromatic schemes. To me, color is a language that communicates with clients and evokes certain emotions and feelings. It allows me to express my creativity and make each design unique, making color a vital aspect of my design philosophy.
Sofia Amador Perez
Available in 2 weeks
I find that spaces that can bring harmony to our lives are what make us feel at home. I´m always using natural materials and looking for ways to bring natural light to spaces to create that homey feel! I strive to always find the balance between form and function and to make sure you can always feel comfortable in your space.
Alejandro Bravo
Available in 3 weeks
Modern tendencies are usually what I prefer for any variety of space. I love entering a room and feeling right away the elegance of any modern aesthetic, without taking away its practicality and coziness!
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