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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Abi Lopez
Available next week
I love mixing decorative styles, it allows reaching a particular and personalized design. I rarely adhere to a style in its pure state when designing a space.  Just as people have different facets and characteristics that make their personalities unique, so do spaces.
Robyn Pleggenkuhle
Available in 2 weeks
No matter the specific aesthetic, I love marrying form and function in an attempt to create spaces that feel elegant, enlivened, easy and engaging. I enjoy partnering with my clients to pull together different style inspirations with the needs of their space to create a look and feel that's all their own.
Katherin De Turris
Available in 2 weeks
I prefer the mid-century modern style. Its functionality, simple shapes, clean lines, and use of natural elements gives the space great versatility and naturality.
Nicole Mena
Available in 2 weeks
There's nothing better than a cozy inviting space that feels like home! My favorite design aesthetic is bohemian because of the lines, patterns, textiles, and that pop of green with plants that gives the room authenticity and life. I also like modern and contemporary styles.
Danahe Ziehl
Available in 2 weeks
I would describe my style as eclectic; I like combining different designs into one cohesive whole. When it comes to styling, I prefer modern spaces with pieces that give the nod to the vintage era; I like layering the clean lines of modern furniture with traditional elements to give an eclectic spin. I love playing with neutrals but also a pop of color.
Meredith Luttrell
Available in 2 weeks
I genuinely like a lot of different design styles! I love designing spaces that incorporate both contemporary and traditional elements, have clean lines but also a good dose of texture. I like to start with simple and timeless foundational furniture pieces and then layer in art, textiles, and accessories that really give a space it’s polish and style.
Ana Matamoros
Available in 2 weeks
I love modern style because it provides a warm and clean look, specially when its paired with timeless pieces of furniture. In today's hectic world, having a calm oasis to come home to is priceless. I believe that our spaces should not only look good, but they should also have great energy, that's why I use Feng Shui principles when designing a home.
Victor Calzada
Available in 2 weeks
I love using color, pattern, and texture in my designs. I prefer bright colors, bold and subtle patterns, and touchable textures. These elements bring life and personality to any space, creating a delightful experience.
Erin West
Available in 3 weeks
I love starting with timelessly designed pieces and mixing in more personal style, whether that is contemporary, rustic, or coastal, to create an eclectic spin on a classic style that is unique without being trendy.
Marisol Lazcano
Available in 3 weeks
Aesthetics, mood boards, palettes and themes are just a few of my favorite things! From boho chic to glitz and glam, I love any interior that is inviting, warm and flows! A home must be personal and a true reflection of our individuality. I love seeing how personal styles are reflected in the spaces we spent the most time in.
Amber Stout
Available in 3 weeks
I love a very vibrant, eclectic space, with plenty of color, texture, and fun pattern. When you walk into your space I want you to feel at home. I love to mix and match design types and vibes for a truly unique space.
Yarin Miranda
Available in 3 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is a mix between contemporary and modern. I love the way shapes interact with color and light and how with a few items the space transforms into a cozy yet inspiring place to be in. The way a piece of furniture or a decorative piece can be perceived as a sculpture and still be useful in the day to day life is the best part for me. When the space combines form and function to create spaces that interact with all the senses.
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