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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Paulina Garza M
Available this week
I love to design spaces that are transitional -- classical with touches of contemporary artworks and pieces. Neutral and timeless with touches of color.
Carla Germano
Available this week
As a designer, I am drawn to a design aesthetic that embodies elegance, contemporary and classic elements, minimalism, and sculptural forms. I believe that a balance of these elements can create a timeless and sophisticated design that is both functional and visually pleasing.
Nicole Mena
Available this week
There's nothing better than a cozy inviting space that feels like home! My favorite design aesthetic is bohemian because of the lines, patterns, textiles, and that pop of green with plants that gives the room authenticity and life. I also like modern and contemporary styles.
Mariana Gutierrez
Available this week
My passion is to create spaces characterized by a clean, functional, and timeless approach that emphasizes practicality, personal style, and understated elegance. I also love adding a pop of color to accentuate some statement furniture.
Valentina Zamudio Navas
Available this week
I identify with Minimalist, Urban Modern, Scandinavian Decor, and a sort of Feng Shui style.
Julio Arco
Available this week
I have a strong preference for design aesthetics that incorporates natural materials and elements such as wood, stone, metal, and glass. I prefer these materials since more than 99% of human history happened while surrounded by nature, which we evolve to react to, not the artificial environment we are used to. That's why I prefer to use natural materials or designs that evoke nature. I also love animals, and I run a pet-friendly interior design blog
Maria Restrepo
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is Organic Modern. I love how this style mixes up the clean, smooth, and rounded lines and surfaces accentuated by wooden, concrete, linen, and other textured objects reminiscent of nature.
Karina Perez
Available this week
I love a neutral tone room because it will always feel timeless and elegant. I think of it like a blank canvas that you can change occasionally, on a low budget; for example, just by adding new throw pillows or by accessorizing your coffee table. I am all about including statement pieces in areas such as the living room; it will help elevate the place and create the feeling that your home is unique. Plants are also a must; they bring so much life!
Carine Campestrini
Available this week
I love using wood to create comfort, cozy fabrics and fibers as natural elements, balanced colors to cause emotions, and plants are always welcome to bring freshness and life to the room. My purpose is to create designs that feel like a real hug and intensify the desire to be at home.
Karla Parada
Available this week
Mixing bold colors, and textures and incorporating organic elements.
Dulce Luna
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is Contemporary and Scandinavian. I enjoy creating inspirational and unique spaces, and I love to add a pop of color, textures, or patterns. I know that all spaces have the potential to be both functional and beautiful.
Hollie Choules
Available this week
I love all types of design styles and I believe the best-designed spaces do more than shout "I am XYZ aesthetic!" at those who enter. But if pressed I would admit that my own home is a farmhouse leaning eclectic style and that childhood in the mountains endeared the rustic style to my heart.
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