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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Christopher Hernandez
Available in 3 weeks
Hi, I’m Christopher, a designer from Mexico, and I would love to have the opportunity to design any space for you. Getting to know you is very important to me because it’s essential to know about your lifestyle and your needs, so I can provide the best design. I believe you should love your rooms and everything in them.
Nicole Mena
Available in 3 weeks
There's nothing better than a cozy inviting space that feels like home! My favorite design aesthetic is bohemian because of the lines, patterns, textiles, and that pop of green with plants that gives the room authenticity and life. I also like modern and contemporary styles.
Abi Lopez
Available in 3 weeks
I love mixing decorative styles, it allows reaching a particular and personalized design. I rarely adhere to a style in its pure state when designing a space.  Just as people have different facets and characteristics that make their personalities unique, so do spaces.
Robyn Pleggenkuhle
Available in 4 weeks
No matter the specific aesthetic, I love marrying form and function in an attempt to create spaces that feel elegant, enlivened, easy and engaging. I enjoy partnering with my clients to pull together different style inspirations with the needs of their space to create a look and feel that's all their own.
Stacy Drew
Available in 4 weeks
Everything vintage, boho rugs, bauhaus style, MCM architecture. Be sure to check out my Instagram stories for daily design inspo and a glimpse of my style in action.
Sofia Daniela Ayala De Leon
Available in 4 weeks
Modern sofas, Wood elements, Neutrals for a timeless look, Brass accents, and vintage-inspired items are my favorite combo, with an emphasis on comfort and functionality. I want my clients to feel that sense of peace and joy when they are in their homes.
Sharon Arteaga
Available in 4 weeks
I get a lot of inspiration by the shapes that modern design can offer to a space, I love that feeling of order in the room that we can get with modern furniture... but to be honest I like all styles, I think that each one has particular story to tell us...
Emilee Osiowy
Available in 4 weeks
Good design should have personality, be a reflection of you, and tell a story. That's why I am often drawn to a bohemian/global style. Bohemian designs utilize gorgeous statement pieces sourced from the most interesting places. They transport you back to that amazing place in the world just by being in them.
Athina Solomonoff
Available in 4 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic would be a tie between modern and coastal, generating comfy and welcoming spaces. I love working with neutrals and adding in hints of colour, playing with texture combination and mixed metals.
Zelne Coetzee
Available in 4 weeks
I blend classic and contemporary designs to create timeless, personalized spaces. Influenced by Coastal, Scandinavian, and Bohemian styles, I focus on elegance, comfort, and functionality. My approach is to craft inviting environments that play with contrasts and textures, ensuring each space reflects the client's personality. Whether it's vibrant, spirited designs or sophisticated, vintage elegance, I prioritize lasting, quality furniture that combines style with durability.
Tammy Larkin
Available in 4 weeks
My favourite design aesthetic is Eclectic with lots of mixed colours, patterns, and textures. I love comfortable and inviting spaces that make a house feel like a home.
Ivan Viloria
Available in 4 weeks
My design aesthetic is a mix of a neutral palette with a pop of color, pattern play and soft textures. I love to help people make reality their dream space. It is my philosophy to create spaces as functional and beautiful, reflects clients' personality, and satisfy their needs. I am a committed person about making sure you LOVE the space we are collaborating in.
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