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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Dayan Meneses
Available this week
The taste for design changes along with the person who lives it, so I love clean lines while experimenting with colors and textures. Still, I love timeless and functional designs, so I can't resist the balance perfect between beauty and functionality.
Amanda Cooper
Available this week
This is hard question. I like so many design aesthetics. They all make me feel something special. My top few are Industrial, bohemian, rustic, coastal. I love the look of natural, raw wood with black and white. It gives a space a warm inviting feeling. The use of plants, pops of color, jute are always fun to use with a space. Then we have the bright whites with pops of blues, greens to create an open coastal space.
Jessica Radzierez
Available this week
Having experience in a variety of styles, I've learned to like them all. I especially enjoy Modern and Bohemian styles but my personal favorite is Eclectic and being able to combine any pattern and texture and make it feel like home.
Jimena Michel
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is Bohemian and Midcentury Modern.
Ana Arcanjo
Available this week
My favorite styles are Midcentury Modern and Bohemia. As a Brazilian, is very important to bring nature indoors- which is super satisfying to my green soul.
Taylor Gordon
Available this week
My current favorite design aesthetic is a mix between Scandinavian and Midcentury Modern. While I love designing in different styles, there's nothing like coming home to a calming, simplistic space full of neutral tones, natural woods, bursts of greenery, and cozy accents.
Mariana Santacruz
Available this week
I love clean lines, simple geometries, and well-organized space. That's why my favorite design styles are Mid Century Modern, Contemporary, Modern, and Scandinavian.
Sarah Oldroyd
Available this week
How can I choose? I love so many styles, but I would have to say my favorite is midcentury modern with vintage or antique accents. I love that midcentury modern value simplicity and functionality, without compromising beauty. I love a good gold accent, whether it's brought in through frames, mirrors, or vases. You can never go wrong with the muted tones and lots of cozy textures.
Abraham Jose Sanchez Guerra
Available this week
I love the Contemporary and Midcentury Modern styles because I like to use clean, simple lines and honest use of materials. In order to create a beautiful space, that at the same time is practical and functional. The perfect combination between beauty and daily life.
Katie Jensen
Available this week
I love bohemian design aesthetic.
Natalia Pacheco
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetics are mid-century modern, eclectic and contemporary. I love mixing and matching different pieces and styles, especially clean shaped, simple, neutral, functional, and true to their material furniture, and complementing it with colorful decor, different shapes textures, and finishes. The design aesthetic must be chosen according to the space, and make it true to the personality of the owner, as interior design is the extension of ourselves!
Ivan Viloria
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is a mix between Scandinavian, Coastal, and Bohemian, but I am always open to exploring new styles and taking from them the elements that make my designs richer. I love to create spaces that give a relaxed and comfortable feeling. It´s always important not to forget to use the color white to maintain balance in the overall design. I also like to use a pop of color, and mix patterns.
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