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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Hannah Rousselle
Available this week
I have a difficult time choosing a favorite design aesthetic because I love so many different design types. I love bold colors and wallpapers, but also love neutral colors and calming patterns.
Ana Ambriz
Available this week
I love getting to know people and translating their personalities into spaces, and to achieve I believe that taking elements from different styles is the key. Mine would be organic but modern, with lots of plants and a touch of eclectic colors.
Nora Newbigging
Available this week
I am most drawn to neutral and natural palettes with pops of colors. I bring an international, modernistic, wabi-sabi aesthetic to home design. I am inspired by minimalistic designs that are highly functional and provide a peaceful and cozy home environment.
Christopher Hernandez
Available this week
Hi, I’m Christopher, a designer from Mexico, and I would love to have the opportunity to design any space for you. Getting to know you is very important to me because it’s essential to know about your lifestyle and your needs, so I can provide the best design. I believe you should love your rooms and everything in them.
Amanda Morgan
Available this week
I lean toward a mix of modern and rustic design, a perfect pairing of old and new. Clean lines, comfortable furniture, a home filled with things you love.
Michelle Valentina Escobar
Available this week
When it comes to Michelle's signature aesthetic, it could be defined as a beautifully balanced mix between refreshingly Scandinavian, Eclectic, and Modern sophistication, because it allows her to play with contrasts and different fabrics while accentuating texture overlapping. Her main objective is to give a unique experience to every single person that takes part in her designs, by centering around functionality and organic elements.
Lauren Brantley
Available this week
I love to combine the new and the old in design. When you choose me as your designer you'll see an influence of what was and what is to come As a designer, I find great joy in combining old and new elements in my creative process. I believe that traditional and contemporary styles can complement each other beautifully, resulting in a truly unique and timeless design. When you choose me as your designer, you can rest assured that my work will reflect a harmonious blend of what has come before and
Mehak Dhawan
Available this week
Eclectic & organic
Lauren Simon
Available this week
I would say my favorite design aesthetic involves combining unexpected colors, textures, and shapes. To me, it's all about creating a curated and lived-in space that reflects the personality of the people living in it. I love walking into a space and immediately knowing something about the people who use it.
Malena Mac Donnell Espil
Available next week
My favorite design aesthetic blends modern farmhouse and classic style, creating timeless spaces that evoke calm. I love designing clean & bright spaces that bring warmth to everyday life, choosing finishes by getting inspired by nature, noble materials, and my client's needs.
Natalia Riccardi
Available next week
I love a mix of Classic, Transitional, Coastal, Rustic, and Farmhouse design aesthetics. I like to bring in some vintage pieces to make rooms feel 'lived in'. I think it's always fun to mix a few styles and make one beautiful space, however always keeping in mind the flow of the entire house. You want your home to feel cohesive and most importantly, your ultimate safe space.
Stacy Drew
Available in 2 weeks
Everything vintage, boho rugs, bauhaus style, MCM architecture. Be sure to check out my Instagram stories for daily design inspo and a glimpse of my style in action.
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