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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Kendall Greene
Available in 2 weeks
In my design aesthetic, I love mixing materials, building color on neutrals, including unique furniture, modern accents, lots of plants, and creating an overall experimental design within the space.
Sarah Charbonneau
Available in 2 weeks
My favorite design aesthetics range from coastal to modern farmhouse, bohemian, eclectic chic, minimalism, and Wabi-Sabi. I like mixing styles across genres, combining antiques and modern pieces, and creating texture blends using linen, rattan, rustic wood, and ceramics. I have as much fun designing white minimalist interiors as I do creating bohemian decors with patterns, flowers, and vibrant colors.
Claudia Asaad
Available in 2 weeks
Modern Contemporary & Industrial
Tyara Olden
Available in 2 weeks
My design aesthetic is transitional it is a style that is ever-changing as time and style evolve. I enjoy a neutral palette with earth-tone accents. My favorite accessories are geographically themed or inspired. I always go for a cozy space with big pillows and comfy blankets. These are just a few things that feel like home to me. What feels like home to you?
Colleen Callahan
Available in 2 weeks
I really enjoy bring harmony and balance to a space. Pulling in different colors, shapes, and pattern from the rest of the home to create a harmonious design is the sign of a complete home.
Crystal Duarte
Available in 2 weeks
I love clean cut, smart design so I gravitate towards Scandinavian and Midcentury Modern. Then, I like giving those crisp lines some splashes of color and texture with a bit of global and eclectic pieces so we can reflect peoples character and lifestyle. I also love to explore and experiment with color palettes and patterns.
Megan Victor
Available in 2 weeks
I enjoy traditional design elements with an eclectic spin or vintage touches. I love creating spaces that are lived in and give you a relaxed feeling.
Sarah Selle
Available in 2 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is one that involves both color and pattern, allowing style to play across a canvas and boldly represent the homeowner. I love all things modern but jump at the chance to explore new horizons.
Emily Barry
Available in 2 weeks
My favourite design aesthetic is transitional because I love to mix and match pieces, patterns, and textures while still keeping the space classy and balanced.
Rebecca Liston
Available in 2 weeks
Scandinavian Natural sings to me. Its minimalistic shapes, neutral hues and incredible accent pieces really make a room look chic and comfortable.
Alycia Towler
Available in 2 weeks
Definitely eclectic, I love mixing patterns and textures. Bright, saturated colors mixed with natural elements like bamboo and rattan can really give a room character and make it comfortable.
Hadasa Noguera
Available in 2 weeks
Mid-Century is my favorite design aesthetics because it is never off fashion and its clean lines, warm color pallet and versatility allows to solve almost all design issues producing cozy space that almost every person likes.
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