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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Paola Abundis
📍 Bogota
Available this week
My favorite design is the Scandinavian one. I think it is a timeless style and which provides a cozy feeling in any space.
Isabel Sanchez
📍 Buenos Aires
Available this week
Minimalism is my preferred style. I strongly believe in the power of synthesis as a lifestyle statement. Working with the minimalism as a design philosophy, allow me to reveal the spaces features while creating very functional yet beautiful spaces. Less is more is my motto. Choosing and combining a few right pieces is the key to an amazing interior atmosphere. Color is the main element of design in my proposals.
Gabriela Guerrero
📍 Panama City, Panama
Available this week
I really like Scandinavian, bohemian, or farmhouse design. Featuring gentle contours, playful accent colors, and a balance of classic and organic materials. A design aesthetic that transports your imagination to French Provence.
Maria Santos
📍 Guayaquil, Ecuador
Available this week
I love using vibrant colors, natural textures, and lightning. In Addition, developing concepts and achieve a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics has always been my designing goal.
Katiusca Mosquera
📍 Charleston, SC
Available this week
I consider my style a mix of Midcentury modern, industrial and minimalistic. I love clean lives, plush fabrics and handcrafted things. I always took the best of all the styles to create a sofisticaded, pure and a place that you can realy enjoy with your family and friends.
Keimesha Grove
📍 Hudson, NY
Available this week
I consider my design styles to be contemporary, modern, and minimal. These styles when both design elements and principles of design create a peaceful, calm, and clean design space. A space that creates function, beauty, and uniqueness is my aim with any space. Though I have specified those design styles, my aim is always to tend to the needs of my clients, leaving them with a space that they will love, enjoy and remain forever happy.
Ana Ximena Alanis Lopez
📍 Guadalajara, Mexico
Available this week
My favorite personal style is Contemporary, but throughout my career, I´ve learned to appreciate all design styles, from classic to minimal, to eclectic. I love a good layout with proper circulation, storage space to be able to keep the space tidy, ventilation, and good lighting. Any space with these characteristics, plus your personal touch will feel like home.
Alexa Escuza
📍 Lima, Peru
Available this week
I really enjoy designing with a variety of styles, I love mixing them up and playing with different elements, colors and textures. But you could say that my favorite design aesthetic is Industrial. I love how its a mix of a modern style with rustic feeling. As a designer, I like to use my creativity to create spaces that are unique and have personality.
Andrea Spitia
📍 Mexico City
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is raw, contemporary with natural material and a lot of natural warm light and keeping it minimal. I enjoy making the client happy with the space we can create together with the ideas they have on their heads and translating them into reality, making the design aesthetic warm and friendly.
Rosa Chacaltana
📍 Lima, Peru
Available this week
I would say that my favorite styles are Mid-century modern, minimal, and Scandinavian. I like to mix different textures and colors in my projects and I'm so excited to start designing for new clients here!!!
AnnaMarie Crozier
📍 Chesterland, OH
Available this week
I love Eclectic Design Styles, the creativity and use of different patterns and colors really makes a room seem lived in yet functional. I love when a room has character and pieces to talk about!
Veronica Tello
📍 Merida, Mexico
Available this week
If I have to choose one, I would say Bohemian and Wabi Sabi, it gives me the chance to use natural fabrics and a lot of greenery which I love!
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