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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Jessye Davis
Available this week
When designing, I tend to gravitate to a unique, clean style. This can include mixing different types of styles or going the untraditional approach to make it special in its own way; I love using color while keeping the space look clean such as contemporary. If I was to be honest, I am flexible with designing from any style while also adding uniqueness to it just so that my client can have something original.
Mariana Gutierrez
Available this week
My passion is to create spaces characterized by a clean, functional, and timeless approach that emphasizes practicality, personal style, and understated elegance. I also love adding a pop of color to accentuate some statement furniture.
Hala Saad
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is Bohemian , Scandinavian and Modern. I love creating spaces that feel welcoming, unique and cozy.
Aspen Schug
Available this week
Country chic is my style of living. I prefer the functionality of a country estate to be renovated with modern light fixtures and replace rough-hewn edges with sleek, refined accents to reflect a new spin on the traditional farmhouse style.
Valentina Zamudio Navas
Available this week
I identify with Minimalist, Urban Modern, Scandinavian Decor, and a sort of Feng Shui style.
Karla Parada
Available this week
Mixing bold colors, and textures and incorporating organic elements.
Sofia Medina
Available this week
My style of design is the midcentury modern, it seeks the functionality of its products, but without neglecting the shape, qualities that make this style remain popular more than half a century later
McKenna Johnston
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is a modern farmhouse with natural colors and minimalistic decor and furniture. I love a room that looks cozy and inviting with a lot of natural light and elements.
Carine Campestrini
Available this week
I love using wood to create comfort, cozy fabrics and fibers as natural elements, balanced colors to cause emotions, and plants are always welcome to bring freshness and life to the room. My purpose is to create designs that feel like a real hug and intensify the desire to be at home.
Francina Pagliano
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetics are minimal, modern, and contemporary. Less is more.
Amanda Altelino
Available this week
I love the contemporary style because it allows us to combine different design styles in just one room by using modern and eclectic elements. On the other hand, something in the farmhouse style warms me, with cozy elements that bring peace to daily life.
Maria Restrepo
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is Organic Modern. I love how this style mixes up the clean, smooth, and rounded lines and surfaces accentuated by wooden, concrete, linen, and other textured objects reminiscent of nature.
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