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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Katerina Nunez
Available this week
More than an aesthetic, it's a vibe and that completely depends on my client's personality; what parts of themselves they want to express and how they want to feel in each area of their home.
Arely Carrillo
Available in 2 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is Midcentury Modern because it incorporates natural elements like wood, plants, and light, all those things are known to make people feel good, I love that about interior design in general, someone can feel good by the elements in a space.
Alejandro Bravo
Available in 3 weeks
Modern tendencies are usually what I prefer for any variety of space. I love entering a room and feeling right away the elegance of any modern aesthetic, without taking away its practicality and coziness!
Jimena Michel
Available in 3 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is Bohemian and Midcentury Modern.
Diego Rosales Castillo
Available in 3 weeks
My favorite styles are Modern and contemporary. I believe that we are living in a period where things change so fast. That’s why I like elegant and modern spaces. I like to play with textures, play with colors and make monochromatic designs and I want to make a timeless space that you will love for a while. I´m very opened mind and I can make any other style and I am not afraid of using colors if needed
Karina Ramos Dominguez
Available in 3 weeks
I love to use clean lines and neutral colors, but if the space requires something different I have no problem with adapting to it.
Trenton Jones
Available in 3 weeks
Midcentury Modern and Traditional are tied for my favorite aesthetic(s). I love the complete opposite ends of the design spectrum that each represents; Midcentury Modern leans towards being architecturally bold and graphic, while Traditional has a classic and comfortable sensibility, but both incorporate playful nods to the past.
Candice Stephens
Available in 3 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is modern and eclectic. I live for the mix! I love the juxtaposition of high and low, masculine and feminine, raw and refined. I love color and taking risks!
Mikaela Hunt
Available in 3 weeks
I love all types of design aesthetics, from modern to bohemian, and transitional. I love combining elements from different design aesthetics and creating spaces that include fun colors, beautiful textiles, and of course, a few plants. My goal is to create functional, cozy, and beautiful spaces!
Maria Barajas
Available in 3 weeks
Personally, I love natural lights, pops of color, and textures. Everything that tells a story immediately catches my attention. I would say my style is natural, eclectic, and thrifty. With items collected around the world, mixing different cultures and shapes to create a unique aesthetic for each person.
Daniela Morales
Available in 3 weeks
I think my favorite design aesthetic is a mix of various styles. If you asked me about one in particular, I would say that organic or biophilic modernism is the one that uses the most elements that I like, but there are four more styles that I love and from which I rescue specific elements to create a unique design. I want to highlight my other favorite styles: Contemporary, Industrial, Scandinavian and Minimalism.
Samantha Burgess
Available in 3 weeks
My favorite design is coastal. I love the use of natural color palettes, and materials. It also allows me to be creative in making a functional indoor/outdoor space.
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