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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Barbara Lobos
Available this week
My favorite aesthetic design is rustic modern. Modern country design is committed to light and white to create an immaculate scenario that reminds us of Nordic houses. Finding the right color palette and combining it with the warmth of the wood and the natural light of the place will give us a comfortable, simple, and natural space.
Camila Jara
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is Scandinavian. I love clean lines in the main pieces to create open spaces and add contrast with more organic accessories and patterns. The color palette is usually in black, whites, and metallics, adding color only when necessary to accentuate certain looks.
Cinthya Susana De Leon Garcia
Available this week
As a designer, my favorite part is selecting the color scheme. Choosing the furniture that best suits the spaces, the curtains, tables, and art, among many others. I can only imagine the smile of my clients.
Mayela Herrera
Available this week
I love modern and contemporary styles but also like experimenting with developing proposals adapted to the user's needs. I believe that every project has its way of being solved, but creativity and simplicity with essential details allow us to develop a timeless and unique project.
Valentina Zamudio Navas
Available this week
I identify with Minimalist, Urban Modern, Scandinavian Decor, and a sort of Feng Shui style.
Andrea Calderon Hernandez
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is a mix of Scandinavian and modern design styles. I love how bold shapes or adding pops of color here and there can give personality to a neutral color palette room while keeping the clean and uncluttered feel.
Paola Victoria Meneses Flores
Available next week
I love too many styles and always like to learn more and put them into practice, but I feel comfortable with Farmhouse, Midcenturymodern, modern and minimalist, because of the meaning of less is more, without leaving aside the beauty in pure elements and the combination of colors that can be achieved in each of these styles, besides being able to put a personal touch, which is what we want to achieve in each project.
Samantha Crowley
Available next week
My favorite design aesthetic is the marriage between pattern and color. Color says so much about a person in a broad sense, but pattern speaks volumes of that individual's personality. You can feel who someone is by the colors they choose to put in their home, and the accents in pattern and textures give you a sense of warmth.
Cynthia Sinodinos
Available next week
My favorite design aesthetics toggle between Midcentury Modern and Modern Traditional. Both of these styles allow for a mix of fun characteristics, colors, and patterns, while staying rooted in neutrals, woods, and a mix of metals. The focus must remain on warmth and comfort in any interior space. I feel that each of these aesthetics holds that idea to be true.
Jovana Escoto Rodriguez
Available next week
Mixture of Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian
Marcela Lopez
Available next week
I love to create unusual and personalized spaces with unexpected details, mixing glam and a clean aesthetic design to create a comfortable, familiar and stylish interior.
Luciano Grippo
Available next week
My favorite aesthetic is Midcentury Modern. I love its mixture of functionality and warmth. It´s also very expressive and versatile, with a wide range of materials, patterns, and colors.
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