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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Leonora Bustamante
📍 Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico
Available this week
I love to design from an attemporary point of view. I love neutral tones and give it a pop of color, textures and patterns adding accesories, ornaments and decoration, in order to give your space a more versatile and elegance look.
Salvador Torres
📍 Chihuahua, Mexico
Available this week
I like urban and sober spaces, that can be also contemporary and cozy. Use neutral tones and sometimes bright colors to add contrast to the space or design. Using different materials, textures, and elements that helps to make a comfortable and enjoyable space.
Paola Abundis
📍 Bogota
Available this week
My favorite design is the Scandinavian one. I think it is a timeless style and it brings a cozy feeling to any space. In addition, it is a style that is characterized by being simple and minimalist, without having to sacrifice beauty.
Abigail Espinosa
📍 Lima, Peru
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is a mixture of modern and old but still minimal. It definitely includes a lot of neutral tones, wooden textures, natural fibers, and plants. I love to decor most rooms with vases, candles, and books to achieve a very cozy space.
Rosa Chacaltana
📍 Lima, Peru
Available this week
I would say that my favorite styles are Mid-century modern, minimal, and Scandinavian. I like to mix different textures and colors in my projects and I'm so excited to start designing for new clients here!!!
Merry Mathew
📍 Boston, MA
Available this week
As a designer, I love a lot of the different styles, be it Eclectic, Transitional, or even the New England Victorian style. I feel these are just great frameworks that have been established over time. We can always shake it up or mix a few different styles to create a one-of-a-kind space! My favorite design aesthetic is developing a couple of sweeping moves that become the focal point within a space, like an out-of-this-world chandelier or a striking accent wall.
Maria Santos
📍 Guayaquil, Ecuador
Available this week
I love using vibrant colors, natural textures, and lightning. In Addition, developing concepts and achieve a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics has always been my designing goal.
AnnaMarie Crozier
📍 Chesterland, OH
Available this week
I love Eclectic Design Styles, the creativity and use of different patterns and colors really makes a room seem lived in yet functional. I love when a room has character and pieces to talk about!
Desiree Vazquez
📍 Tampa, FL
Available this week
Being a designer lets you explore so many different styles and aesthetics. Over the years, I've developed this knack for minimal boho. I can design anything in any style, but I always come back to natural materials, bright spaces, and minimal clutter. Everything I place has a purpose whether it's purely for composition or balance. Regardless of style, your space should reflect YOU!
Francisco Cea
📍 Santiago, SCL
Available this week
I define myself as fans of the industrial style for its elegant, versatile and characterful lines, along with the clean lines of modern design, do you think we can make your space vibrate? of course! Let's design with a Scandinavian touch and make that space the place of your dreams!
Ingrid Bittencourt Ricca
📍 Texas
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is Midcentury Modern because of its ability to have contrasting and complementary elements that come together seamlessly with vibrant colors, plush materials, and earth tones. I like layering textiles, wood textures, and adding some unique pieces to make the space feel more custom. Midcentury Modern is timeless and can be blended with other styles for a natural, laid-back feel.
Daniela Barbon
📍 San Salvador, El Salvador
Available this week
Perfect balance between colors and textures making each space reflect their own personality
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