How to Create the Coolest Halloween Entryway

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WORDS BY Erica Buehler

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Published on October 11, 2020

Whether you’re more of a subtle Halloween-er or queen of the witch’s cauldron, you can have a ton of fun decking out your entryway for the trick-or-treaters to come (or just to impress/scare your neighbors).

Pumpkins: You’ve seen ‘em, you’ve bought ‘em, you’ve carved ‘em. But there are a ton of other ways to use these Halloween decoration staples. Don’t feel like dealing with the hassle and mess of real pumpkins? Plenty of your favorite stores carry the cutest faux gourds. This Pottery Barn example—as well as these cuties from IKEA—are made to look like real pumpkins but in subtle colors that are great for light touches.

Want a little more glam on your doorstep? Check out these awesome glass and glitter pumpkins to add a bit more sparkle and bang to your Halloween décor. We love these felt pumpkins from Crate & Barrel, too (another great spot for subtle Halloween goodies).


Particularly on-trend this spooky season are decorative “witch’s brooms,” which add some really nice texture to your decorated space. For a funkier and more minimal look, Crate & Barrel offers this set of three witch’s brooms. And we’re absolutely loving these scented brooms from Bed Bath & Beyond. (Want to bring more sweet-smelling witch-vibes inside? Home Depot has smaller versions of these scented brooms in a bunch of scents!)


You do want your trick-or-treaters to see all your hard work, so adding some festive lighting is a must (plus, you want people to know where the good candy is, right?). West Elm has quaint, round LED lights that give off some more pumpkin vibes if you didn’t have quite enough, and Target also has some super cute lighted pumpkins that are perfect for a more delicate Halloween scene.

Outfit your entire porch with Wayfair’s garland string lights, which you can leave up even past October 31st since they’re not Halloween-specific, and feel free to add some decorative lanterns that are also evergreen—meaning you can keep your porch lit and looking lovely all year long. West Elm and IKEA have some of our favorites.

Throw in some faux spider webs, a skeleton here-or-there, and poof! You’ve conjured up a Halloween entryway that will impress the neighborhood and beyond…the grave, that is.


Happy Halloween!

Words by Erica Buehler