This Fashion Influencer’s 1925 Florida Home Is Peak Dopamine Decorating

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on March 15, 2024

Blair Eadie’s never been one to shy away from a challenge. The fashion influencer started her passion project, Atlantic-Pacific, to catalog her West-Coast-meets-East-Coast style. In the decade since its inception, she’s expanded the scope of her quirky, colorful aesthetic by partnering with global brands and even creating her own line with Nordstrom. 

One thing she hadn’t conquered? Interior design. After 18 months of renovations on her 1925 coastal Florida home, Blair was ready to bring her vision to life. She wanted to stay true to her personal style, so she looked to Havenly to make her design daydreams a reality.

Setting the Stage

Blair found it challenging to seamlessly integrate the classic design of her home with the modern updates from the renovations. “We wanted to achieve something colorful and fun, yet sophisticated,” Blair explains. That meant combining the spirit of a warm-weather coastal space with classic pieces that weren’t too trendy. Seeing as Blair spent years in Brooklyn, New York, she wasn’t ready to part with east coast-influenced style. Plus, she “didn’t want the house to feel too obviously Florida.”

With a newly renovated blank slate, Blair was ready to begin. The only hang-up? After a lifetime living in small square-footage spaces, Blair wasn’t sure how to fill out a spacious home. That’s where her Havenly designer, Shelby, came in. To bring her vision for the living and dining room to life, Blair provided a “mood board, inspiration, and a few of our favorite pieces and designers.”

“Shelby hit the ground running and presented different options for us to review. We also took a fun style quiz and discussed some of our favorite retailers, designers, and brands,” Blair recalls. With an idea in mind, the design was underway.

Crafting the Design

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Blair was prepared for a delayed and drawn-out process of waiting on emails, images, and samples. “We thought that we may have to wait a while for feedback on ideas, but everything happened quite quickly,” Blair explains. She was able to provide real-time feedback to her designer through Havenly’s online chat platform, so they remained in sync throughout the entire process. Shelby presented multiple options for each piece of decor and furniture, giving Blair the final say.

Blair knew she wanted bright, vibrant designs with modern elements, but she didn’t know how to work the dimensions of the space to her advantage. Bringing a designer on board provided a helpful framework and much-needed clarity. “Seeing everything come together piece by piece was such a thrill! We were so eagerly waiting for everything to arrive so we could map it back to the design.”

Bringing it to Life

After Shelby understood Blair’s taste and received feedback on the initial ideas for the spaces, Shelby shared more concrete concepts of the designs with Blair so she could fine-tune the details. Blair loved the overall style and palette but wanted a bit more color as well as a few more options for specific pieces. 

In addition to buying new furniture for her home, Blair also wanted to incorporate items she already owned (and loved) into the final design. A vintage Danish credenza and an original Pooja Pittie piece, in particular, were elements Blair wanted to feature. “Shelby knew we wanted these pieces to live in the space, and she did an excellent job incorporating them as well as finding amazing pieces to complement and highlight them.”  

From there, the Havenly team created 3D renderings of the designs to ensure Blair was completely in love with each one before she committed to ordering the items on her designer-curated shopping list.

The Final Look

The home’s final design reflects Blair’s signature fashion sense–“colorful, eclectic, not afraid to take risks or make mistakes.” The welcoming Florida home serves as a personal reminder to Blair not to take everything so seriously.

Part of what makes this home so fun is the open layout. It’s ideal for entertaining Blair’s many guests who come to enjoy the warm weather. Elements like the bench in the dining room provide ample seating for large get-togethers. Initially, Blair didn’t consider a bench but found it really suits the space. “Our dining room and living spaces are connected and quite long in length–almost 60 feet! The low fabric benches fill in the gaps nicely and provide color, and seating, of course!”

Another of Blair’s favorites is the CB2 dining table. Blair was worried she wouldn’t be able to find anything she loved that didn’t get dwarfed by the expansive room. But, everything from its shape to its color and the material perfectly fit Blair’s vision. 

At first, Blair didn’t think she could have it all. If she designed the spaces purely to suit her taste, she worried she’d lose sight of her home’s unique architecture. And if her design decisions were made strictly to complement the home, it might mean sacrificing her style values.

With Havenly’s help, she didn’t have to choose. This fun and fresh Florida home reflects the personal aesthetic of its owner and honors its architectural history. “We absolutely love it. Our space is calm, colorful, and open. The unique layout of the house and the design converged so beautifully!”

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Words by Emma Diehl