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WORDS BY Staci Sturrock

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Published on July 30, 2021

Sit back, relax, and pour yourself a glass of bubbly, because this latest episode of Havenly Design Awards celebrates the home content creators who inspire us, inform us, entertain us and honestly, just make us laugh. 

As a friendly reminder for those of you new to the party, we created the Havenly Design Awards to showcase the best of the best in interior design. 

We’ve already shared the 2021 winners in Furniture and Room Design, and in the coming weeks, we’ll unveil the victors in categories such as:

  • Best Brands and Retailers for Pillows, Rugs, Lighting and more
  • Best Neutral Paint Color, Best Accent Wall Color and Best Statement Wallpaper
  • Best Havenly Client Before & After (cannot wait for this big reveal…)

But today’s Havenlys? They’re devoted to the playful and friendly side of interior design. An accurate reflection of the Havenly brand, says Melissa Wagner, Creative & Design at Havenly.

“We’re a group of fun, funny, dreamy, swoon-y designers who love what we do: creating spaces for our clients that look as good as they feel, and have a great time doing it,” Melissa says. 

The entire Havenly squad, which numbers several hundred designers across the country, voted on contenders. They considered Instagram and TikTok accounts, HGTV and Netflix series, and home profiles in Architectural Digest

“Our designers love fellow designers who have a story — something they can relate to and feel connected to,” Melissa says. “These winners keep it real, and are so open with sharing the why, the emotion, the hilarity and the raw thought behind their decisions and content.” 

OK, let’s cut to the chase. The Havenly Design Awards for Best in Home Inspiration & Entertainment go to…

Content Creator of the Year: Justina Blakeney


The Los Angeles designer behind Jungalow and Jungalow at Target, Justina Blakeney possesses a singular vision: Decorate wild! The spaces she creates are instantly recognizable as hers. Cozy, inviting, colorful, bright and abloom with plant life. 

“Justina is such a bright spot in the design world because she has the beautiful ability to layer color, pattern and texture heavily, but in a way that really WORKS,” Melissa says. “Her spaces are creative and evocative, and almost invite you to just sink in and be yourself.  After the year and half we’ve all had, isn’t all of that just what everyone wants and needs?”

Emily Henderson Best Content Creator
Style By Emily Henderson

Runner-Up: Emily Henderson — For growing her personal blog into a vibrant, connected community of people passionate about design, style and human connection.

Most Swoon-Worthy IG Account: Hill House Vintage


Scroll through the @hillhousevintage feed and escape to a fairy-tale world as seen through the eyes of Paula Sutton, British design and fashion influencer. 

“Her Instagram account is like stepping into a book where everything is beautiful, cute wild animals play at your feet, and your cup of tea is always at the perfect temperature,” Melissa says. “We get lost in a dream. Every. Single. Time.”

Sutton’s upcoming book, “Hill House Living,” is subtitled “The Art of Creating a Joyful Life.” And her Instagram account is certainly a testament to her ability to do so.


Runner-Up: Eyeswoon — For bringing her mantra, “Live Beautiful, Cook Beautiful,” to delicious life, one gracefully curated moment at a time.

Best Dream Designer Home: Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent's NYC Townhome

Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent’s NYC Townhome, Architectural Digest

What do you get with a designer couple? Not surprisingly avant-garde style, artful originality, and one jaw-droppingly gorgeous Manhattan family home. (Not to mention, the most darling family photos.)

“You say ‘Nate & Jeremiah,’ and like a magnet, you instantly lean into an overwhelming feeling of ‘I WANT’,” Melissa says. “Everyone should follow what these two are doing because (a) not only are their designs both striking and filled with warmth, but also (b) their personal style is imitable. You look at their home and it feels completely unique and fresh.”

Book lovers: Check out their double-height, white oak bookcase. And weep with envy.


Runner-Up: Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Home — For turning an ‘80s fixer-upper in wooded Michigan into a modern, dreamy, desert deco escape. Her playful palettes, creative textural mixes, and sculptural forms are everything.

Most Impressive DIY'er: Jenny Komenda


There’s a reason Jenny Komenda won two Havenly Design Awards this year (she also picked up Most Pin-worthy Room — more on that in a bit). 

“Jenny is such a warm ray of sunshine, with or without the amazing design projects she tackles,” Melissa says. “She’s opened her home and life to the masses, and somehow, she manages to take us through her home renovation like we’re her BFF next door.”

Nailed it.


Runner-Up: Grillo Designs — For clever renter-friendly projects that will upgrade your space and keep the landlord outta ya face. She comes up with the most impressive and innovative ideas that keep us design drooling.

Best Design Show: Dream Home Makeover

Studio McGee

Seven months into the pandemic, Shea and Syd McGee took Netflix viewers into people’s homes and showed us what is possible in home renovation and decor. 

“Let me say that again — they took us into people’s homes,” Melissa says. “We all needed this. 

“We needed to feel like we were going somewhere, meeting people and not alone. AND, it helped bring inspiration to everyone who was stuck at home looking for ways to freshen up our 24/7 surroundings.”

Best Home Inspiration for Home Town

Runner-Up: Home Town — For the way Ben and Erin Napier lovingly transform multiple homes in one Mississippi municipality.

Best TikTok Home Influencer: Thavy of @anoblestyle

A Noble Style

A Houston-based accountant and design enthusiast, Thavy breaks down home decor tips into simple, easy-to-execute steps. Think projects like how to style a nightstand, a coffee table or a guest bathroom.

“She doesn’t attempt to convince you to transform your entire living room (which can be super-overwhelming), but she breaks down one surface, one moment at a time,” Melissa says. “We can all handle that!”

House of Hipsters

Runner-Up: House of Hipsters — beautiful and savvy design inspo and DIYs alongside the occasional decor shopping spree ride-along. We call shotgun!

Best Home IG Reel: Plantkween


Tom Cruise, eat your “Risky Business” heart out. 

When Brooklyn-based plant lover Christopher Griffin slides into the frame to the first few notes of “Old Time Rock & Roll,” it’s like someone has flung open the curtains and flooded a dark room with sunshine. The pants-free Plant Kween commences watering his plants and spreading gardening wisdom before confessing: 

“There ain’t a lick of water in that watering can, gurl, cuz if there was it’d be all over the place …this be about the 3 e’s … tha energy, tha entertainment, and tha education, dahling 😘❤️”



Runner-Up: Brady Tolbert — For demonstrating three easy ways to style a credenza in less than 15 seconds.

Best Celebrity Home: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Architectural Digest

A crystal chandelier in an “entertainment barn.” A silver throne chair in the primary bathroom. A living room lined with board-form concrete walls and reclaimed-oak floor planks. 

The bucolic Beverly Hills home of actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis is surprising, refreshing, sustainable and, more than anything, thoughtful.

“Every detail just pulls you in further and further,” Melissa says. “From top to bottom, north to south, not a single moment in this home went without careful consideration. I revisit this article MANY times over.”

Architectural Digest

Runner-Up: Troye Sivan — For his mod Melbourne pad that began life as a Victorian-era home. The powder room is painted oxblood and features a blocky, pink-veined marble vanity. All you need to know.

Home Account That Makes Us LOL: Orlando Soria


So many interior design accounts are pretty, but so serious. Maybe a touch too serious. 

Enter Orlando Soria, the “Build Me Up” host whose IG account is built on a solid foundation of self-effacing humor. Orlando keeps it real — and keeps it really, really funny.

“Orlando is just ridiculous, has home problems JUST LIKE US, doesn’t take anything too seriously (or seriously at all), and still has relevant ideas that you can tackle in your own home!” Melissa says. “Plus, he has a puppy that always makes it in his Reels, so…. bonus.”


Runner-Up: Jeff Mindell — For IG Reels like the one where he uses a shop vac to remove a carpet of flower petals from his Los Angeles backyard.

Most Pin-worthy Room: Jenny Komenda’s Kitchen

Best Kitchen Design

Our Most Impressive DIYer is a two-time Havenly winner, nabbing the Most Pinworthy Room Havenly for her dreamy kitchen, a light, bright souffle of varied design ingredients. 

“The way that she mixes materials, palettes, finishes, colors and patterns is just LOVELY. Pure and simple,” Melissa says.


Runner-Up: Leanne Ford’s Guest House Living Room — For turning a 1900s carriage house outside of Pittsburgh into a celebration of cottage style that we wish was available on AirBnB. 

Discover how fun it is to bring your dream home to life. The journey begins with our design quiz.

Words by Staci Sturrock