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Published on July 13, 2021

Places, everyone, places! 

Or should we say, “spaces?” Because we’re about to put the “house” in “house party” with a toast to award-winning room designs. The kind of room designs that demand attention and command respect. 

This Best in Room Designs installment of the 2021 Havenly Design Awards also spotlights the massive talent that helps Havenly customers realize their design dreams every.single.day. 

Keep reading to discover: 

  • A huge range of styles, from coastal to glam to farmhouse
  • Examples of clever spatial planning: The scale of furniture really matches each space, so everything feels comfortable, functional and intentional
  • Statement wallpaper (more on that in a minute)!

As voted on by our coast-to-coast squad of Havenly designers, these rooms — most of which were created for real Havenly clients and homes — rose to the top because they’re tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the people who will enjoy them, says Melissa Wagner, Creative & Design at Havenly: “They’re thoughtfully curated with the right product mix across a number of brands, rather than just using one retailer to source everything — which can lead to the uninspiring showroom copycat.”

We’ve already revealed our Best in Furniture winners (still swooning over Best Daybed, by the way), and coming soon, we’ll spill all on Best in Dream Designer Home, Most Pinworthy Room and Content Creator of the Year.

And now, the envelope, please. The Havenly Design Awards for Best in Room Designs go to…

Best Living Room: Classic Coastal Chic

Havenly Design Awards Best in Living Room

A honeycomb chandelier and ovoid wood table set the stage for this airy space just waiting to welcome you home with a neck massage and a chilled glass of rose (or at least their design equivalent). Like Lorde’s album, this light-filled room is solar-powered. Can you kick it here? Yeah, you can. 

Havenly Design Awards Best in Living room Runner Up

Runner-Up: A Modern, Eclectic Living Room — A contemporary blue sofa, tan leather chairs and gold tables bring all the glam, and then some.

Havenly Design Awards Featured Living Rooms

Finalist: Mid-Century Ease / Finalist: Boho Chic / Finalist: Scandi Symmetry

Best Bedroom: Boho Sanctuary

Havenly Design Awards Best in Bedroom

This serene retreat is brought to you by a neutral palette, natural materials and subtle bohemian influences. We love the interplay of patterns and textures in the nightstands, woven poufs, dresser and pillows (leather, chenille and Mongolian sheepskin for the win). And, ahem, our Best Daybed winner plays a supporting role. 

Havenly Design Awards Best Bedroom Runner Up

Runner-Up: A Glam, Industrial Bedroom — For a dramatic space that’s not too hard, not too soft, but just right.

Havenly Design Awards Featured Bedrooms

Finalist: New Classic Modern / Finalist: Modern Minimalism / Finalist: Sleek and Luxe

Best Dining Room: Eclectic Luxe with a Global Touch

Havenly Design Awards Best Dining Room

Palm print wallpaper plays off a vintage-inspired rug. Organic materials mix with refined finishes. Global touches punctuate a jewel-toned palette. Says designer Melissa Wagner of her winning design: “With the dramatic windows and connection to the outside, I wanted to keep this design understated, but certainly not boring. The fluted jade side chairs and elegantly whimsical wallpaper balance the collection of black and sandy tones for something interesting and eclectic.” 

Havenly Design Awards Best Dining Runner Up

Runner-Up: A Modern, Classic, Traditional Dining Room — Now serving understated sophistication with a side of “Where’d you get that chandelier?” 

Havenly Design Awards Featured Dining Rooms

Finalist: Scandinavian Classic / Finalist: Mid-Century Masculine / Finalist: Refined Traditional Nook

Best Playroom: Playful Glam

Havenly Design Awards Best Playroom

“When in doubt, dance it out,” reads the framed print on the dramatically dotted wall of this spirited room. This fun space gets its groove on with details like a watercolor-print rug, a flower-burst chandelier, acrylic nesting tables and blush velvet ottomans. This lucky kiddo is going to grow up with big design and styling dreams.

But back to that wallpaper… 

Eight of the 11 Best in Room Design winners feature a statement wallpaper. The three that don’t still include an accent paint color or have a dramatic wall of windows where the scenery makes the statement.

If you’ve got commitment issues when it comes to statement wallpaper, we have one thing to say to you: Welcome to the world of peel-and-stick wallpaper

“It’s non-committal, doesn’t require a professional to install, and is cost-effective so you won’t feel silly swapping it out every year if you’re into frequent change,” Melissa says. 

Other options: Peel-and-stick wall decals. A custom-painted mural. Oversized, abstract, painted canvases. Or a wall painted in a single bold color

Havenly Design Awards Best Playroom Runner Up

Runner-Up: A Chic and Whimsical Playroom — Playful patterns, a statement teepee and a  convertible sofa bed to accommodate the small army of BFFs awaiting their sleepover invite.

Havenly Design Awards Featured Playrooms

Finalist: Sophisticated Femme / Finalist: Floral Tea-Time / Finalist: Scandinavian Simplicity

Best Nursery: Modern Safari

Havenly Design Awards Best Nursery

Designer Matthew Culbreth created this nursery to serve as a relaxing space for baby and parents now… and to seamlessly transition to a bedroom for a young child later. 

“My favorite moment from this design is the jungle mural,” Matthew says. “It brings in the perfect amount of whimsy to the space and will be sure to feel timeless and sophisticated once the room transitions.” 

A self-described “sucker for animal print,” Matthew chose a hand-tufted wool rug to ground the space “with a stunning pattern that resembles some strange area where dalmation meets cheetah.”

Havenly Design Awards Best Nursery Runner Up

Runner-Up: A Boho Neutral Nursery — This neutral space is anything but dull. Bonus: Our Runner-Up for Best Ottoman makes a cameo appearance.

Havenly Design Awards Featured Nurseries

Finalist: Gender Neutral Nautical / Finalist: Floral Minimalist / Finalist: Boho Safari

Best Home Office: Vibrant WFH Showstopper

Havenly Design Awards Best Office

This office project allowed me to play with textures, colors and materials that helped me to highlight the unique detail of each statement piece,” says winning designer Nicole Thames.

The leather chair and burlwood desk add warmth to the room, while the vintage rug and greenery goodness add a boho element. The curated artwork puts it over the top. You know those folks who blur their Zoom backgrounds? The person who runs this office never feels the need.

Havenly Design Awards Best Office Runner Up

Runner-Up: An Eclectic Bohemian Home Office — For the worker who values a posh, professional setting that makes them never want to craft an OOO email again.

Havenly Design Awards Featured Offices

Finalist: French Study / Finalist: Executive’s Library / Finalist: Modern Luxe

Best Patio: Boheme Backyard Cabana

Havenly Design Awards Best Patio

A black-and-cream palette is the perfect minimalist complement to the patio’s lush landscaping, while plenty of comfortable seating allows for conversations about the beauty of said landscaping. Or for discussions on Bennifer and #FreeBritney, if that’s more your style. 

Havenly Design Awards Best Patio Runner Up

Runner-Up: A Seriously Chic Outdoor Space — For an intoxicating Dark & Stormy vibe on even the sunniest of days.

Havenly Design Awards Featured Patios

Finalist: Cali-Cool Happy Hour / Finalist: Family Friendly Brunch / Finalist: Poolside Hangout

Best Entryway: Sleek & Chic

Havenly Design Awards Best Entry

Designing this entryway required a balancing act, says winning designer Stacey Harwood. 

“This client favors dark colors, alongside lots of black, distressed wood tones,” Stacey says. “So we kept the walls white as a bright canvas and used those rich colors in the rug, textiles, and artwork to add some life to the space. We also brought in a big, bold light fixture to draw the eye up to her wood-finished ceiling.” 

The result: The kind of grand entrance that makes you want to leave the house, walk around the block and come back in just to experience the magic all over again. 

Havenly Design Awards Best Entryway Runner Up

Runner-Up: A Modern, Rustic Entryway — The secret to the style of this indoor space? Tables and rugs designed for outdoor use.

Havenly Design Awards Featured Entryways

Finalist: Boho Walkway / Finalist: Luxe Final Check / Finalist: Minimalistic Greeting

Best Small Space: Downtown Cool

Havenly Design Awards Best Small Space

The owner of this apartment asked Havenly to give her small space a big boost of style. With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking downtown Chicago, the studio needed a design as compelling as the view. Enter eye-catching abstract wallpaper, a trending boucle loveseat and pops of sapphire and wasabi tones. Starts Zillowing downtown Chicago real estate…

Havenly Design Awards Best Small Space Runner Up

Runner-Up: A Scandinavian, Midcentury Modern Living Room — With a hide throw, navy velvet sofa, Sputnik chandelier and bold gallery wall, this design packs major playfulness into minimal square footage.

Havenly Design Awards Featured Small Spaces

Finalist: Famhouse Modern Studio / Finalist: Urban Loft / Finalist: Luxe High-Rise

Best Open Concept Space: Monochrome Modern Gallery

Havenly Design Awards Best Open Concept

Accepting the award for Best Open Concept Space is designer Levi Austin: “My favorite design feature in this room has to be how the dramatic two-story fireplace balances with the functional aspects of space — from the open living and dining areas to the stylish waiting area beneath the stairs!” We’ll wait right here for our invitation to tour this amazing home in person.

Havenly Design Awards Best Open Concept Runner Up

Runner-Up: A Classic, Eclectic Space — For creating what will become the undisputed gathering place for game nights, whether college football or Cards Against Humanity.

Havenly Design Awards Featured Open Concepts

Finalist: Grande Farmhouse / Finalist: Pacific Natural Retreat / Finalist: Modern Global Get-Away

Best Unique Space: A Bohemian Children’s Room

Havenly Design Awards Best Unique Space

Lions and zebras and elephants, oh my — poking their heads out of an artificial living wall! This whimsical room has kids bunking with a leafy wall mural, ottomans that look like logs, driftwood lamps and a swinging chair. If Tarzan and Jane had a baby, this is what the jungle lad’s or gal’s room would look like. 

Havenly Design Awards Best Unique Space Runner Up

Runner-Up: The Wolf Den — This rustic, yet refined, cabin brings all the Colorado Mountain vibes and spirit (complete with a fully stocked bar). We designed it as home base for Denver’s own celeb wolf, Loki the Wolfdog, and his adventure-seeking pack.

Havenly Design Awards Featured Unique Designs

Finalist: Cats Only / Finalist: Moroccan Serenity / Finalist: Boho Luxe Lounge


You deserve to take home all the awards for your own space. Your path to the red carpet look starts with our design quiz.

Words by Staci Sturrock