Find your style

If you’re like us, you love a bargain. If you’re like us, you also love a good episode of Fixer Upper. Chip and Jo’s homes are so effortless and comfortable. As the fall approaches and we’re all looking forward to hosting family from out of town for the holidays, it’s just perfect that their Target line Hearth & Hand just released a new collection designed to refresh your powder room. Check out our favorite picks below.

Towel Tray, $13.99

This simple catch-all is the perfect accent for a small bath space or even an entryway. Use it for jewelry, hand towels, or even decorative soaps. Its classic brass and clean lines will look great in any room.

Black and White Bath Towel, $6.99

No one wants to spend a ton of money on a hand towel, so this boho-inspired black and white version is perfect. It has all the style of more expensive options without the price. We love the monochromatic embroidery!

Amber Bath Canister, $5.99

Q-tips, cotton balls, or even makeup find an attractive home in this small jar. We love the warm amber glass, and the utility of having a lid to keep things neat. They’re so affordable you can get a few to line a shelf for an attractive vignette.

Bathroom Towel Bar, $42.99

Everyone wonders what to do with the space above their toilet. This towel bar is the answer! Hang your extra towels within easy reach, and use the shelf to display art, a plant, or even your makeup collection. Form and function!

Vanity Mirror, $17.99

With this versatile portable mirror you can create a vanity station just about anywhere. Place it on top of a dresser with a jewelry holder and a vase of flowers and you’ll have a beautiful and functional accent!

Words by Kate Connors