Mid-Mod Meets Eclectic In This Couple’s Vibrant Chicago Home

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Published on March 22, 2016

There’s nothing so romantic as a case of the star-crossed lovers. “I don’t care that his favorite movie is It’s Pat or that he loses his wallet twice a year – we’re in LOVE!” But then things get personal. We don’t mean the reconciliation of political views or bank accounts. Nope. For us, a relationship’s first true test comes when a couple is forced to merge their design styles. Because allowing someone to co-style your home is almost like inviting them to assemble your outfits every morning. It’s serious business!

Naturally, we were thoroughly intrigued when Chicago-based clients Mallory G. and her fiancé came to Havenly seeking design help for their new home. “I knew I wanted a space we could be proud of that would merge both our styles, but that neither of us had the time to devote our attention to decorating our new home.” – Mallory G.

Mallory and her fiancé had plenty of style preferences and inspiration – they just needed a designer’s helping hand when it came to overall decorating ideas, furniture shopping and design execution.

The Design Process


Havenly paired the young couple with designer Amy F. and the fit couldn’t have been better. The first step involved a quick phone call, some measurements and several mood board discussions. After honing in on what was working for Mallory and her husband-to-be, Amy put together a series of design renderings for the couple’s living room and bedroom. For the living room, Mallory’s feedback was clear: “I absolutely love it! Only one change for the entire thing. I would like to switch up the rug under the couch. I’m leaning towards something with a little more color and more traditional/less geometric.”

When it came to the bedroom, Mallory had two requests: Panel curtains to bring softness and color to the room and a nicely rounded mirror. Amy updated the renderings and kept the team rolling steadily toward a final design. It’s exactly this type of collaboration between designer and customer that we love to see!

The Final Design Renderings

One of our favorite aspects about this living room is the way that it effortlessly fuses the warmth of an Eclectic aesthetic with the sophistication of Mid-Century Modern pieces.

Feminine elegance and masculine vibes are often difficult to pair – but in this bedroom, they act as perfectly balanced counterpoints to one another.

Tour The Living Room


Tour The Bedroom


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