Ideas for Painting to Improve Your Space & Mood

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on April 19, 2020

You’ve baked the sourdough, won Zoom trivia night, got back into yoga, and read a novel a week. Now what? If you’re like us, quarantine has you itching for a project, and let’s face it—we all need something more to work on than just ourselves during these times. 

With how much time we’re spending within our four walls, how we feel when we’re at home matters now more than ever. That’s right—the color schemes of our space hold the power to transform how we feel when we’re in them. 

Grab your paintbrush and a can of Benjamin Moore paint and let’s get to work. Updating your space and changing your mood can be as simple as a swipe of color.

Despite the sentiment of “feeling the blues”, blue is regarded as a calming or relaxing color—hence making it the perfect addition to your bedroom. Keep your space from becoming too moody and dark with bright white and warm, neutral accents such as cream throw pillows, a white comforter, and wooden details.

It is also said that blue promotes productivity. Bring a deep navy accent wall into your home office and watch your to-do list practically check itself off.

Pink is a cheerful color, perfect for a pick-me-up—and it isn’t just for girls’ nurseries anymore. Pink has a sophisticated side and is very versatile. From Peony to Bridal Pink, there is a Benjamin Moore paint shade for everyone. Pair pink with light grays and whites for a bright, airy space, or with black for a moodier, dramatic look.  

Need ideas for painting? Rather than slathering the entire room in bubblegum, pink is best as an accent. Choose one wall, a door, or piece of furniture such as a bedside table to bestow a pop of color upon and watch your smile appear.

If you’re looking for some peace and relaxation, look no further than cream. Cream is a warm and inviting neutral fit for any room in the house, especially the bedroom. 

With a variety of undertones ranging from a whisper of yellow to a twinge of tan, there are more than a few to choose from. Cream colors also pairs neatly with a many other colors, as well, making it a safe and simple change if you get butterflies about switching up your space. 

Sansevieria in an entryway designed by Havenly.

If turquoise was a family member, it would be the funny cousin you can’t help but invite to the party. Bright and whimsical, turquoise can transform any space with a pop of happy. Try accenting your kitchen or other traditionally white rooms in your home with the deep almost-teal of Surf Blue from Benjamin Moore, or think seaside escape with Mexicali Turquoise. This bold color in all its shades plays nicely as an accent on kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs, or even your work desk. 

Along with happiness, turquoise channels sentiments of the ocean, giving you a mental vacation without leaving your house. 

teal kitchen

Let’s face it—you can’t go wrong with white. This is one trend we never see going out of style. White is crisp, clean, and drama-free. It lets the rest of the room speak for it. Too much clutter in your brain? White can leave you feeling clean, calm, and less stressed. White also tends to reflect natural light back through the room, something we desperately need right now to stay well.

Pillows on a couch

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Words by Avery Johnson