When it comes to updating your space, nothing has quite the same effect as switching up your paint color. While everyone loves a bold colored wall now and then, neutral paint colors are always a good place to start. How do you choose between white, off white, beige and grey though? We picked our top 10 favorite neutral paint colors from Havenly’s preferred brand of paint, Benjamin Moore, to help you decide!

1. Decorator’s White

Photo by Reu Architects

When you’re looking for a clean and modern look, Decorator’s White is our white paint of choice. It’s a “true” white with no hints of yellow and provides the perfect backdrop for monochromatic rooms as well as a clean white color for trim. For minimalist enthusiasts, look no further than Decorator’s White.

2. Chantilly Lace

Photo by Kate Jackson Design

Chantilly Lace is just a hint softer than Decorator’s White and works well across all styles and rooms. It’s a slightly warmer white, but it still reads clean and crisp, so it avoids looking dated. We love using Chantilly Lace not only on walls and trim, but also cabinetry.

3. Abalone

Photo by San Francisco General Contractors Cardea Building Co.

Greige (gray – beige) colors are so popular because they feel like the perfect neutral paint color. They provide a soft ground for almost every palette and feel neither too cold nor too warm. Abalone is a our favorite lightest greige—From far away, you might think it’s white, but it has just a hint of color to add a little depth to your room.

4. Gray Owl

Photo by Fabulously Vintage

Another greige paint color, Gray Owl pulls in slightly yellower tones and goes on just a little bit darker than Abalone. It also has a slightly more silver tone to it, which makes it a popular choice for more contemporary or transitional spaces. We love this color paired with white tailored wainscoting and trim.

5. Balboa Mist

Photo via Indulgy

Balboa Mist has beige undertones, which makes it feel more traditional and formal. It’s considered a mid-tone greige, which means it gives substantial presence in a room without feeling too overwhelming. This color pairs well with rich mahogany flooring and crisp white trim.

6. Revere Pewter

Photo via Houzz

Revere Pewter is the ultimate greige, and for good reason. It’s a mid-weight color with slightly grayer undertones and it goes with almost every style. Revere Pewter can feel just as contemporary as traditional and is perfect for all rooms of the house, depending on how you style it.

7. Graytint

Photo via Pinterest

On the cooler end of the spectrum, Graytint is a light gray that feels crisp and clean, making it a good candidate for every room in your home. When using cooler grays, be sure to balance out your room with warmer tones in your wood finishes to keep the room from feeling too cold and sterile.

8. Stonington Gray

Photo by Jane Lockhart Interior Design

Going just slightly darker, Stonington Gray is a great neutral paint color choice for a wide range of styles. Pair it with chrome accents and pops of white for a more contemporary look or choose darker wood tones and aged bronze finishes for a more rustic look.

9. Shaker Gray

Photo via Houzz

Looking for something a little darker? Shaker Gray gives you a dramatic look without feeling too overwhelming for a small space. With just a hint of yellow undertone, this gray also feels a little warmer, pairing well with dark woods.

10. Kendall Charcoal

Photo via Dear Lillie Blog

As you probably know, we love a good accent wall, and Kendall Charcoal does a great job of creating a bold look. It provides a similar feel as a soft black wall, without the harshness of a true black. When going this dark, pair it with white wainscoting or a room with large windows to keep the space from feeling too closed in.

Still stumped about which neutral paint color to go with? Chat with a designer for free today and get some expert advice on which color is best for your home!

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