The #1 Interior Design Trend of 2024, According to 4 Interior Designers

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on January 5, 2024

As interior designers, a new year means one thing: trend predictions. We consider it a competitive sport to predict, dissect, and debate which design trends will fade out of the spotlight in the new year, and what will rise up in the next 12-plus months.

Enter: our official 2024 design trend report from the minds of Havenly design insiders and tastemakers Heather Goerzen, Shelby Girard, Danielle Walish, and Kelsey Fischer. From color palettes and upholstery to decorative details, we have thoughts on exactly what will reign supreme in 2024, starting with the number-one encompassing trend: saturation.

“Minimalism’s reign is officially over, and color, pattern, and boldness is taking its place,” says Heather. “While not quite maximalism, per say, traditional design in all its patterned, layered, and charmed glory is taking the design world by storm — particularly when paired with more modern elements for a little contrast.”

Ahead, get the scoop on all things color and saturation in 2024, plus six other design trends to look out for in the new year.

In: Saturated Spaces

Out: Neutral Everything

Interior design trends 2024

From rich blacks and sultry navies to more lively shades of blue, green, and even pink, 2024 is all about color and all-over saturation. We’re observing a refreshing pushback against the ubiquitous all-white aesthetic in the form of monochromatic paint, colorful upholstery, bold rugs, and everything in between. Rooted in the ongoing desire for a cozier, more lived-in feel at home, this trend is bursting with personality, warmth, and character. Embrace the look with painted alcoves, striking wallpapers, deep wood tones, and plenty of evocative upholstery. If ever there was a moment to unleash your love of color, it’s now.

In: Maximalist Pattern Play

Out: Minimalist Decor

Interior design trends 2024

Having languished in the realm of neutrality for what feels like an eternity, we’ve witnessed the rise (and subsequent demise) of farmhouse, mid-century modern, and the all-encompassing minimalism craze. Now, people are craving homes with character, personality, and a bit of oomph–a bold departure from the subdued styling that has held sway for too long.

Enter the renaissance of pattern on pattern on pattern. We’re not just talking about a small print here and there. It’s all about mixing it up – upholstery, textiles, wallpaper, and beyond. From classic stripes to whimsical florals, it’s all about making a statement. Get the look with iconic prints from The Inside (we’re particularly obsessed with the Tigress wallpaper), or anything from the House of Hackney x Anthropologie collection. It’s an exciting new era of design innovation with provocatively layered homes. 

In: Classic Architecture

Out: Boring Boxes

Interior design trends 2024

In 2024, classic architecture will continue to make a proud and powerful comeback. This isn’t just about slapping fancy trim on walls; it’s a rebellion against the tired, bland, and expected (looking at you, shiplap). Wall molding in all its forms — from intricate picture trim to crown details — adds a sense of enduring history and character that’s in a word, timeless. And of course, there’s always magic in mixing influences. Blending a classic architectural backdrop with more modern pieces creates a dynamic aesthetic that’s very design-forward. 

In: Rich Materiality

Out: Basic Elements

Interior design trends 2024

For the last few years, it’s been all about neutral materials, from light-washed oak to calacatta marble. At first, this look felt fresh and exciting — it was both calm and inspired; collected and effortless. However, with such widespread adoption (particularly with new builds), the aesthetic began to feel a little… expected. 

As traditional design continues to take center stage, we’ve seen a trend towards more unique, dramatic, and bold materials. Think richly-veined marbles in a range of striking colors, lush velvets with added dimension, crystal chandeliers for a hint of glamor, dark wood tones that speak to heritage, and unlacquered hardware for a lovely patina. 

In: Performance Fabrics

Out: Fickle Linen Everything

Interior design trends 2024

First, an important note: Linen is timeless and will never be “out.” We love it for its lived-in appeal and casual elegance. But, it can be tricky to keep it in prime condition — particularly if you have pets, kids, roommates, or just like sipping red wine on the sofa. As we move into 2024, we see practicality and style holding equal importance at home, namely in the form of durable performance fabrics that look just as luxe as linen. In particular, we predict that chenille and velvet will begin to outpace bouclé and linen. Both add a lovely textural element to any space, while also being more resilient to spills and stains. So go ahead… pour that glass of red. 

In: Modern Cottage

Out: Modern Farmhouse

Interior design trends 2024

Farmhouse has evolved several times over the years. It began as shabby chic (think florals, ruffles, and distressed white furniture), evolved into the ubiquitous Pottery Barn era, and ended at Modern Farmhouse (thanks in large part to Chip and Joanna Gaines). Now, Modern Cottage — Farmhouse’s refined cousin — is stepping into the spotlight. Blending the character of an English countryside home with the organic, clean-lined beauty of Scandinavian interiors, it’s a more polished, updated look. To get the look, replace the white shiplap, wall clocks, and reclaimed wood word art with dark colors, modern furnishings, and thoughtful vintage details. 

In: Statement Bedrooms

Out: Neutral Sleeping Scenes

Interior design trends 2024

Let’s face it: if there’s one space to take a bit of a design risk, it’s the bedroom. We’re seeing a resurgence of inspired sleeping spaces that are far from “sleepy.” We’re talking bold, moody paint, statement beds with pattern on pattern, more sculptural nightstands with a vintage flair, wallpaper, and captivating details, like eye-catching chandeliers and even marble fireplaces. Don’t mistake this trend for being too intense or chaotic — like everything in life, it’s all about balance. The best bedrooms of 2024 are a perfect blend of distinctive style and visual calm that’s equal parts inspiring and serene. 

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Words by Kelsey Clark