9 Designer-Approved Living Room Rug Ideas For Peak Coziness

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on August 2, 2022

Second only to bedrooms, living rooms are arguably the most calming space in any given home. They exist purely for comfort, relaxation, and entertainment, from the ambient lighting and calming color palette to the plush furniture and the coziest living room rug ideas.

Whether you opt for a serene jute beauty or a traditional medallion rug sourced from your local antique store, your living room rug often sets the aesthetic and atmospheric tone. It’s truly the foundational element.

If you’re looking to amp up the coziness factor in your living room or den, start with the basics: a tried-and-true rug swap. Ahead, Havenly designer Kelsey Fischer shares 10 living room rug ideas that will imbue your space with warmth and soul:

1. Embrace High-Low Textures

White living room design with textured rug

Scooping up a rug with some lovely textural variation adds a cozy, unexpected element to a living room. Embrace a high-low pile mixture to heighten the rug pattern, add depth, and create a unique, dynamic feel.

2. Layer a Lambskin

White living room design ideas

When dressing up a small nook, consider a faux sheep or lambskin rug. Not only are these  pieces incredibly cozy, they’re a perfect topper for a neutral jute beauty or traditional medallion rug. Add a lambskin in front of a fireplace or beneath a coffee table for a dramatic spark of texture!

3. Bring In Bright Colors

Graphic gallery wall ideas

If your living room lacks a “wow” moment, look no further than a colorful rug. It will set the tone for the entire color palette (especially when you pick up a few complimentary throw pillows), and lend a unique, personalized touch to your space. Vibrant hues like orange, electric blue, and rusty red look especially good against a clean white backdrop.

4. Go Asymmetric

Modern glam living room design

Awkward floor plans and narrow spaces all but demand an irregular, asymmetric rug moment. Rather than trying to force a standard rectangular piece, consider an oval, abstract, or hide rug to provide texture and warmth while complementing the overall layout.

5. Have Fun with Pattern

bohemian interior design

Adding dimension and coziness to a space can be easily achieved with a fun, patterned rug. If your style leans playful and bohemian already, lean into that aesthetic even further with a touch of pattern on the floor. Just be sure to balance out the dynamic look with a tight color palette!

6. Layer It Up

Keltie Knight home tour

Honestly, what’s more cozy than layered rugs in a living space? If you have a large footprint to fill, consider layering a few tonal rugs over top of one another for a dynamic, texture-rich look. Embrace different angles and patterns for even more depth and visual interest.

7. Consider High-Pile

Small apartment design ideas

In the world of rugs, there’s nothing more cozy than a thick, high-pile rug. This is a surefire way to add comfort and coziness to your living space in one fell swoop (just steer clear of full-on shag carpeting).

8. Lean Into Vintage

Whimsical interior design

To imbue your space with a sense of history and character, you can’t beat a vintage rug. Whether sourced from Etsy or your local thrift shop, vintage rugs boast classic motifs and a perfectly worn-in feel that’s sure to warm up your living room.

9. Choose a Moody Tone

Painted trim ideas

If you’re looking to make an immediate impact with your design choices, a rich, moody color palette always fits the bill. Consider a bold navy, evergreen, or charcoal rug to infuse your living space with instant warmth, charm, and coziness. Carry the hue through to your trim for additional style points!

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Words by Kelsey Clark