Juli’s Dazzling Denver Home

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WORDS BY Kelly O'Reilly

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Published on May 14, 2021

Spend a few minutes with Denver-based lifestyle blogger Juli Bauer’s site, PaleOMG, and you’ll get an instant sense of her big, bubbly personality. Step into her Denver home post-Havenly makeover, and you’ll see that personality come to life in each colorful, contemporary room.

“We bought a new home and I wanted it to flow and feel bright, and welcoming,” Juli says. Working together with her Havenly designer, Marie Lacote, Juli brought her vibrant vision to life with the perfect balance of energy and elegance in her living room, dining room, bedroom, and office.

A Color Story

With color as the primary inspiration, Juli and Marie didn’t just splash a rainbow of paint and patterns around and overwhelm the space—quite the opposite, in fact. With dark black painted and patterned walls as the backdrop, rich, jewel-toned furniture and a kaleidoscope of objets and accents made the rooms sing.

In the living room, this means color-coordinated books and open shelving with a plethora of plants. The dining room features an oversized contemporary canvas in rich hues that complement the luxe royal blue velvet dining chairs that turn the entire table into a statement. 

After an active day, Juli can sink into her jewel-toned dream of a bed which blends velvets and bright hotel white linens and pops against the geometric black and white wallpaper accent wall. Not afraid to keep the saturated party going, the rug picks up the pinks and blues underfoot to tie the look together. 

Contemporary Dreams

Juli describes her style as “bold with a contemporary twist” and that vibe shines throughout. From the art, fixtures, and graphic patterns to the whole home’s mix of midcentury and deco-inspired furniture silhouettes, the house is filled with a sleek but cheerful attitude. 

Juli and Marie were very much a match made in eclectic-glam heaven, and Marie’s similarly saturated contemporary aesthetic drew Juli in right away. “Marie’s own instagram page was a big part in envisioning a space I could love,” she says. Peppering in Juli’s unique personality, Marie was able to infuse Juli’s Denver space with her Parisian flair.

OMG Office

Perhaps Juli’s adventurous soul comes out most in her enviable office space where she shares her unique personality with the world in paleo recipes and lifestyle musings. Here, her feminine-leaning aesthetic comes out full throttle, with more jewel tones, black-and-white backdrops and rich finishes like brass and marble.

Throw in some fluffy textured seating and impeccably styled bookshelves, and it’s easy to imagine building your own little empire in such an inspiring space. 

Summing it up perfectly, Juli says, “I think our home shows that we are not afraid to be adventurous, and shine bright no matter what each day looks like.”

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Words by Kelly O’Reilly