Keltie’s Cali-Boho Living Room

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on April 3, 2020

Great design is all about thinking outside the box (or four walls in our case). But what about when the room isn’t so square?

When author, LadyGang star, and TV host Keltie Knight found her lush green curved sofa, she knew she’d found a winner, but she needed help tackling the rest of her dimensionally-challenged, semi-circular living room. And after her first successful bedroom redesign with Havenly, Keltie knew just who to call.

This semi-circular space posed a challenge to the traditional living room layout. The luxurious curved green sofa ended up fitting perfectly in the space, and its standout color makes it a focal point.

Keltie’s design style is unique. She describes it as livable California modern with hints of global and boho influences.

The brass dome chandelier she chose adds dimension to the semi-circular room with tall ceilings. The hanging fixture makes a big statement without stealing the show. Oversized pieces like the Dash & Albert rug and the chandelier suit the scale of the room and help anchor the furniture.

boho wall art

When outfitting the room, Keltie needed to factor in her husband’s height. She and her designer wanted to make sure the furniture was comfortable for tall people and stylish, without being overpowering.

The modern Rove Concepts lounger chair struck the balance between roomy and minimal. Because it’s comfy, it makes for the perfect reading chair. “I’ve found that with more time at home, I’m curling up in my living room chairs to sit in the mid-day sunbeams and read or work on my computer,” Keltie says.

Because the living room is off the kitchen, Keltie envisioned a space where guests and family could entertain and hang out while dinner is cooking. “I’ve been spending more time in my kitchen cooking. Since it’s been chilly and raining, I’ve loved lighting the fire and putting on some music at night while I do that” she says.

The room’s pops of color, like orange and coral, are subtle. They add to the warm palette that incorporates wood and leather while black and white artwork juxtaposes the design’s natural elements. The large, abstract art from High Fashion Home plays to the height of the room and adds a modern statement to the space through contrast.

Since the windows are on the smaller side, Keltie and her designer brought the outdoors in with plants. The greenery compliments the statement couch. The picture lights on the walls create a custom feel that further brightens up the living room.

In light of California’s shelter in place order, Keltie’s been spending more of her time at home than ever. Before, with a busy triple-threat schedule, she’d often leave before the sun was up, only to return home when the sun was already down. Working from home, Keltie’s found a new use for her living room in the day-to-day.

While this time hasn’t been easy, Keltie found a silver lining. When she started gutting and renovating her home room by room, she saw each space purely as a project to check off her list.

“I knew I would live in the space, but I wasn’t really focused on how I would ‘live in a room.’ Now that my home is all I see every day, I’m so glad we chose a really calming color palette and a very laid back, comfortable vibe.”

In stressful times, Keltie looks for something to be thankful for. “There were options to choose items that were aesthetically amazing, but not the coziest to live in, so I’m thankful for the choices my designer and I made. In times of stress, being surrounded by things that bring me comfort–soft luxe fabrics, books, smelly candles, art–puts me at ease.”

Design is not only about aesthetics, but also the feeling it evokes. For Keltie, a well-designed home certainly doesn’t fix everything, but it’s helped make her feel better.

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Words by Havenly Staff