How to Style a Bed for Different Seasons

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Published on March 30, 2020

You wouldn’t wear a wool coat in summer or a linen tunic in winter. Your bed is no different.

As the seasons change, bedding should change, too. In spring and summer, lightweight sheets keep us covered but cool. In fall and winter, cozier bedding protects us from the chill. 

You’ll enjoy other health benefits from keeping your bedding fresh and on-trend throughout the year. Of all the rooms in your home, you likely spend the most time in your bedroom, your sanctuary from the world. A welcoming bed can improve the quality of our sleep, according to this psychologist who specializes in sleep disorders. There’s even a budgetary bonus: Seasonally appropriate bedding helps keep the thermostat, and your energy bill, at a comfortable setting.   

If you’re ready to style your bed for different seasons, check out these tips from Shelby Girard, director of design at Havenly.

No matter the season, Shelby suggests breaking down the bedroom into key categories to help designate the types of seasonal changes you’ll need to make. For warmer months, consider fabrics, colors, pillows, and throws, plus your bedside table essentials.

Fabrics: Opt for light, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. A featherweight duvet should adequately top things off. 

Colors: Keep them cool and neutral: whites, creams, the palest of blues or greens.

Pillows: Plump up your style with a mix of throw pillows in different sizes and shapes, some with tassels, fringe or subtle patterns.

Throw: Add a lightweight throw at the foot of your bed to break up your duvet’s solid field of color or pattern. A throw also provides an easy-on, easy-off layer of warmth for sleepers with cold feet. 

Nightstand: Bring the scent of spring indoors with a lavender pillow spray. Lavender, of course, is known for its calming, relaxing properties.

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Now that you understand the core components of a comfortable bedroom arrangement, it’s time to switch them up for the season. That means opting for heavier fabrics and richer colors, among the other tips below.

Fabrics: Swap your lightweight bed sheets for bedding in soft flannel or heat-conserving fleece. Switch your cotton bedcover for a cozy down comforter or duvet with a contrasting trim. 

Colors: Make your bed in darker, richer colors during months with fewer hours of daylight. Jewel tones can be beautiful in winter. 

Pillows: Luxe it up with wool, faux fur and velvet pillows. Remember to arrange pillows by size, with the biggest pillows in back and the smallest in front. 

Throw: Drape a chunky knit blanket across the foot of your bed for a pop of color and additional warmth as needed. 

Nightstand: Set a cozy winter mood with accessories like these flameless flickering birch candles, which lend a woodsy feel and winter glow to your bedroom. 

A restful sleep is essential to being your best, most productive self. With these tips, your space will look and feel great, no matter the season. Goodnight, and sleep tight!

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Words by Staci Sturrock